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Congrats to our dear friend, Daniel Ito. A real life Van Wilder.

Confessions of a UH Graduate
By Daniel Ikaika Ito/Editor of Contrast Magazine

I wish I could have worn the Fitted’s UH Gray New Era during the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa graduation ceremony at Stan Sheriff Center on Saturday. I would have looked so gangster when UH Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw gave me my diploma and shook my hand like one of the boys . I actually made Chancellor shake my hand homie-style and give me a the one-armed hug. “Bring it in for the real thing, Chancellor,” I said when accepting my bachelor’s of arts in journalism. She played it off well and congratulated me. Yes, of course I tweeted it.

After a brief Kenny Powers’ dance in front of the video camera, I returned to my seat and looked up to the balcony where my parents, brothers and friends were sitting. I then realized that going back to college was the right move to make. Although I never needed my degree to find success as a journalist, I now know that my experience at UH will only benefit myself, family and career.

As I type on the new Apple Macbook I received as graduation gift I’m fully aware that swallowing my pride and burying my nose in the books built more character than I had before and increased my swagger exponentially. If I can juggle freelancing as surf journalist for three publications, working public relations for the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, starting Contrast Magazine and being a full-time student then there is nothing I can’t handle in my work.

So I say to the Class of 2010, “Congrats! Remember to always champion Hawai‘i and hustle like there’s no tomorrow.” And I say to my professors and alma matter, “Thanks for the stress and debt.” Now it’s time to make that paper.


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Releasing tomorrow (May 15th)

Aloha kakou!

Apologies for the late notice on tomorrow’s release. Let’s get straight into it though: White Homegrown tee with a color filling utilizing the colors that surround our beautiful island; backside features a white tonal crown. The cap is an all gray UH custom with a dark gray brim, UH logo and button. Hats are limited to 30 pieces!



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Releasing tomorrow, Tuesday, December 29th.





We hope everyone had a splendid Christmas, drank lots of Ka Lei eggnog with some MD 20/20 mixed in and got all their presents they’ve been waiting for. Myself personally, well, I guess Santa is truly feeling the recession along with everyone else, sans the charcoal industry. All I got was a big bag of Kingsford charcoal. Beats receiving just a few lumps like last year. Even though 2010 is literally right around the corner, it doesn’t mean we’re slowing down at all. No cease-fires, no armistice / peace-treatys signed with time. We still have a couple more releases as we prepare to move into the new year and leave the past at history’s doorstep.

Tomorrow’s release sees a custom UH New Era: purple on the two front panels, black on the remaining four with a white brim, topped off with a white button. We’re predicting that 2010 will see many custom hats sporting a crispy, white brim. The t-shirt sitting parallel to the custom UH is a sea-green shirt we’re calling Legacy. The front left chest features a trilock hit (black, purple, white and teal) with a tagline “Out Of Many, We Are One” in white lettering and HAWAII sitting beneath that. The back design features the same tagline with HAWAII in rotating black, purple, white and yellow forming a triangle around a trilock pattern.


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Releasing tomorrow, December 8th.

For tomorrow’s release, we’re dropping a custom UH cap, a Negro League fitted and a new t-shirt called “Positive ID.” The UH custom is dipped in black wrapping around the entire hat, topped off with a white button. The specific Negro League fitted pays homage to the Birmingham Black Barons out of Alabama, a team that once housed baseball legends Willie Mays, Carl Long and Ted Radcliffe. The team was organized in 1920 and played at Rickwood Field. Lastly is our Positive ID t-shirt which features the letters “FTD” overlapping each other in a multi-color print, with a reflective tri-lock pattern resting to the left of the design.





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In stores now.



We’re releasing another nostalgic graphic in a tank top; this time we went back to our Endangered Species back. Printed in khaki brown with a crest on the left chest and Hawaiian Endangered Species on the back in black. Matching hat is a tan Kamehameha with a black wool brim (green underside), green New Era logo and white Kam and crest logos.


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Releasing Saturday, August 1st.



Quick heads up, we’re releasing a blacked out pack this Saturday. Featuring a t-shirt with a fat tonal, gray Hawaiian flag front and center on the backside and a small Kamehameha graphic on the front right with “Fitted. Aloha Served Daily” encircling it. To go along with this pack is a UH hat with a gray wool underbill, everything else is completely blacked out. The UH hats are limited in numbers.



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Releasing tomorrow, July 18th.



Along with the Rap Reiplinger shirt releasing this Saturday (tomorrow) is a custom UH cap, black on black with the exception of the yellow hit on the underbill. Limited quantities, please act fast!



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This Saturday (April 25th) we’ll be releasing 2 crewneck sweaters along with a crazy custom UH fitted. With the way the atmosphere has been acting, a slight winter weather pattern seems to still be upon us, with winds kicking up some heavy gusts. These should hold you down. Pictured below are our white and black crewneck sweaters with clear-gel trilocks on the front, and a crown in clear-gel on the back. The UH (pictured above) features gray on the front 2 paneling, black on the back four with a teal bill and top button and white eyelets. The UH hats are limited to 30 pieces. Also, please note the white crewnecks are limited in sizes, so please respond accordingly.

Sidebar: For future references, all web exclusives pictured in our online shop will be noted with a watermark graphic of a nene goose in yellow.



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Last year we put out a shirt honoring Duke Kahanamoku whom single-handedly popularized surfing in the modern world. Duke is not only deemed as the Godfather of surfing in Hawaii, but he’s an all around athlete. Duke broke the record for the 200 meter freestyle in the U.S. Olympics in 1912, going on to win a gold medal in the 100 meter freestyle the same year as well as a silver medal with his relay team. In 1920 he scooped up 2 gold medals, one for the 100 meter freestyle and another with the relay team again. Obviously the ocean was where he felt most comfortable at, and according to an acquaintance of Kahanamoku, was “never afraid of anything in the sea.”