Thursday, June 19th, 2014 by



Last month, I took a trip to the Philippines. I haven’t been back to the motherland since 2005, so this trip was long overdue. It was great to be able to spend time with family whom I haven’t seen since 2005, see all my nieces and nephews all grown up and I was honored to be a groomsman in my cousins wedding. Wearing a suit in what felt like 100 degree weather was rough tho! Side note..those of you planning to travel to the PI around April/May, don’t! Haha naw, it is just hella hot and humid so prepare yourself. Other than spending time with family, I was invited to the Nike media event for Kobe 9s Philippines edition, went to a PBA game, hooped a little with some of the locals, ┬áchecked out some shops and ate…and ate and ate and ate. Speaking of food, you know I had to get some “street meat,” isaw, which is chicken intestines, smacking! Anyway, I had a great trip and enjoy the pics!