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Aloha Saturday’s fresh catch.


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Hamuras is a local and visitor’s favorite on the saimin circuit. From the front door, open kitchen to the community style seating, this place does not lack your typical hole-in-the-wall attributes, they’re star quality with a dense dosage of authenticity. It starts off from Aunty selecting the bowl to go with what you ordered, then you tell her if you want side-orders of BBQ beef, chicken or shrimp. Nothing is written down which is crazy ’cause I was wondering how she forgot my shrimp order, but she remembered to charge me for it. Haha. As far as taste-bud fulfillment: Super Ono! Side of hot mustard & shoyu for my large special. The fam added some Diamond Head soda. Game over. if you’re ever on Kaua’i and have a chance to find this Lihue staple, you will definitely not be disappointed. “Hamura’s was awarded [2006] the James Beard Award for the most authentic ethnic food in the United States.” (via Trip Advisor)



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The Waikane store has been in business and flourishing for nearly 110 years, and still going strong. A part of their house was actually converted into a store front, which makes it all the more unique, and local. Little spots like this make my mouth water every time I think of it. Driving on the Eastside (Beastside) is a beautiful thing. But to know the spots, one has to grow up around it. You might have passed this 1000 times on the long drive to the North Shore. But if you want some unreal pupu’s (snacks), you gotta stop by and scoop some of their infamous mochiko chicken and sushi (famous in these parts). Add some shrimp fritters, game over! If you’re with the kids, pick up a couple grab bags (liquor store specials), candy, li hing mui or Diamond Head soda (classics).

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