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Releasing in-store and online at FittedHawaii.com this Saturday, July 4th (holiday hours: 11am–3pm).
Releasing at select stockists next week.

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Model: Kelsie Megan (@kmwml)

Aloha kākou!

Our Spring/Summer 2015 Delivery continues this Saturday with more items from the Weight of a Picul Collection. In these two seasons, we focus our attention to two of Hawaiʻi’s commodities that have proven to be incredibly important in Hawaiʻi’s socioeconomic growth. ʻIliahi, or Hawaiian sandalwood, dynamically shifted our economy with the introduction of the trade industry. Koa ushered in a new demand for quality materials in modern times, solidifying its place among the world’s finest woods. The name “Weight of a Picul” stems from the Asian unit of measure that was used when trading the sandalwood in the early 1800’s, defined as “the amount a man could carry on his shoulder” and equalled 133 1/3 pounds.

For this collection, we created two separate Real Tree Camouflage patterns based on the rare and endangered ʻIliahi Tree and the fine grain Koa Tree, both of which are endemic to Hawaiʻi. In each pattern we strive to highlight the trees for their distinct beauty and importance in Hawaiʻi’s history.


Koa Tree Camo Nihi 5-Panel Camp
Featuring the Koa Tree Camo on the visor and front panel, along with white mesh on the side panels and black on the top panels. The back shaka and side crown are embroidered in black, while the New Era logo is stitched in black and white. The front Nihi logo is presented as a stitched-on, molded rubber patch. It’s finished off with a black strap and clip enclosure around the back.






Lawaiʻa Tee – Black
This tee’s name means “fisherman/to catch fish” in Hawaiian. The inspiration is clear on the back, which features a full sublimated print of a white fishing net, creating a surreal all-over pattern. The tee itself is a polyester blend fabric that is cut and sewn to our own standard-fit specifications. The front features a clean and simple FITTED crest on the upper left chest.




Fitted Hawaii Fishing & Hunting Lodge Tee – Heather Gray
Created as a nod to traditional fishing/lodge shirts, but with a local twist. On the large back design, you’ll notice the Koʻolau Mountain Range along the top with a fighting mahimahi below the words. A small black and white FITTED crest is seen on the upper left chest area.




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Brand new collaboration between our San Jose bredren Cukui and ourselves and is now available at both our store and Cukui’s location. We’ll let them explain it…

“This Friday, November 19th, we’ll be releasing our second collaboration tee with our extended ohana out in Hawaii, Fitted Hawaii dubbed “Native Sharks”. They will also be releasing an exclusive colorway in Hawai’i. To go along with this T we will also be releasing one of Fitted Hawaii’s newest designs in there ever growing collection: The Nihi. Nihi means to move stealthily, quietly. An example would be when one goes boar hunting in the forests, one must blend in with the surrounding environment and reshape from prey to predator. The cap is dipped in camouflage with a pyramid of purple trilocks on the front, purple New Era hit on the left.”

That’s not all… We also have another T shirt releasing “Tiki Logo T.” To go along with this T we have another Fitted Hawaii cap, the A’o Ikaika chambray Kamehameha, tan upper with a blue brim.”


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Releasing Saturday, Nov. 20th

Aloha kakou!

This Saturday we’re unveiling our aptly dubbed Locally Owned pack with our first zip-up hoody of the bottom of 2010. The hoodies reference a classic and iconic logo from the late 80′s / early 90′s era. If you were a young’n or teenager back then, you were guaranteed to see these logos everywhere. We’ve flipped this into our own design with the FITTED crest on the front and Locally Owned on the backside. Coinciding with this release is a black denim Nihi with red tr-locks, red crest, crown and New Era logo, a white tee dubbed Four Banger which features four Aloha Served Daily logos in orange, green, blue and yellow and black crown on the back. Last but not least, we have a white longsleeve tee with red trilocks on the front chest and FITTED in red running down both sleeves. This is a banger, don’t get caught with the cousin of death!


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Video shot 10 AM on October 22. One shot take baby!

There is an old Hawaiian proverb that reads “He ali’i ka ‘āina; he kauwā ke kanaka” which translates to “The land is a chief, man is it’s servant.” This has always been one of the main maxims in Hawaiian culture and we still embrace this school of thought to this day. Breaking the expression down in simpler terms, it means “Land has no need for man, but man needs the land and works it for a livelihood.” Our approach to all of our designs has always employed this philosophy, and although we don’t always work directly off the land, in a figurative sense, we have. The land that we firmly stand on gave birth to our culture, our history and our traditions – and we’ve always showed a great admiration and respect for this. Every thought that goes into our designs is extensively researched and done in a way that is most respectful and gracious to our ancestors and the culture that they gave rise to, and it’s this reverent consideration that has kept us both humble and established.

We feel there is an urgent need to share, and in some instances, re-educate the keiki, the ʻōpio (youth) and even ourselves in order to preserve a culture that has slowly been stripped away by psychological assimilation, conformity and deceit. For five strong years, we’ve stood up for what we profoundly believe in, searching for the best method to instill na’auao (knowledge) while paying close attention to aesthetics and detail, and we’re quite content with accomplishing these objectives. Nevertheless, without the continued support from you, the devoted customer, we would have never gotten to where we are now, no matter how much blood, sweat and tears we may have poured into the mix. Over five years of maturation, you’ve stood by us and have grown with us which is extremely rare to see in this line of business and this economy. With our deepest gratitude and respect, to put it simply Mahalo Nui Loa!

“When spiders unite, they can tie a lion down…”

5 Year pack includes a black longsleeve tee which reads AlohaHaters on the sleeves, a white tee with 5 kahilis, representing 5 years in business, a white tee with the word Chee-Hu on the front (word to Ted Danson) and three caps that represent the O.G. hats from our first release ever, switched up in newer designs: black Mua with gold embroidery, red Nihi with gold trilocks and a green and orange Aloha New Era. In addition is a special sticker sheet to commemorate the event.



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Releasing Saturday, Sept. 18th

Aloha kakou!

We hope everyone has been enjoying the revamped site and spending quality time on our new online shop. A lot of hard work went into it; special big Mahalos to Chris Kalima at Airspace Workshop for the (re)design and development. Back to the releases. We’re proud to unveil yet another design in our ever growing collection: The Nihi. Nihi means to move stealthily, quietly, example would be when one goes boar hunting in the forests, one must blend in with the surrounding environment and reshape from prey to predator. The cap is dipped in camouflage with a pyramid of purple trilocks on the front, purple New Era hit on the left.

With the t-shirt, we’ve revisited a classic: Ashy To Classy in a light gray, with colors that tie back to the Nihi New Era.