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Releasing Saturday, Feb. 9th.


Aloha kākou!

We gave you a brief history on the importance of Kahekili in our last post / release (we still have sizes left btw). Saturday we’ll be releasing our Kahekili tank top: all black with white all over print of Kahekili’s character and an orange crown hit on the back.



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Releasing Saturday, Sept. 8th

The Bitter Water of Battle

The Paiʻea Projects x Fitted Kepaniwai Pack was inspired by one of the most-bitter battles recorded in Hawaiian History. It is said that this was the most pivotal assault for Kamehameha the Great while conquering Maui. In 1790, Kamehameha (aka Paiʻea) led a brutal campaign to take over the Valley Isle while its ruling Mōʻī (King), Kahekili, was conquering O’ahu. As a result, Maui was under the rule of Kahekili’s son, Kalanikūpule, and left vulnerable to invaders. Kamehameha and his peleleu (armada of canoes) landed on the shores of Kahului, Maui with approximately 1200 warriors.



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This past weekend, my team and I played in the 2011 Barrio Fiesta Fil-am Maui Basketball Tournament. The last two tournaments we’re won by us and no team has ever gone for the three peat…until now. It was our teams 3rd championship in a row and my first Maui title with the team. Got’em!


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Releasing Saturday, August 8th.



A few nights ago I was watching a program on Nat Geo that discussed the remarkable unique species of fish and other wildlife that live and flourish in the Northern Hawaiian islands (which stretches approximately 1500 miles from The Big Island up). Having not been touched by human civilization, they discussed how each individual island has its own ecosystem, in turn each island having its own species. No cross breeding. Immaculate and untouched for decades. This just goes to show how our islands yield wildlife that are only found on our islands. Another example is the silversword (sometimes known as greenswords). This species of plant is endemic to Hawai’i because of the climates they need to survive: 4,900 feet above sea level in alpine deserts “indicating an adaption to low-nutrient soils.” The Ka’u (Mauna Loa silversword) can be found in rocky lava flows, bogs and open forests. Because of their limited environment for survival and being susceptible to damage by goats, pigs and other invasive species of animals and plants, they’ve ended up on the endangered species list. “Their shallow root systems are easily crushed in the boggy soil or loose volcanic cinders they grown in.”