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Releasing exclusively in-store and online on Kamehameha Day, June 11 at 11am HST.


Aloha kākou!


Kamehameha Day Moʻolelo by Ola Nakaʻahiki

On December 22nd, 1871 Lota Kapuāiwa Kalanimakua Aliʻiōlani Kalanikupuapaʻkalaninui (Kamehameha V) proclaimed June 11th “Kamehameha Day” to honor his grandfather. We now celebrate this day with lei draping ceremonies, floral parades, hula performances and paʻu riders to demonstrate past cultural activities to revere our Chief. The draping ceremony started in 1901 and it culminates annually with long strands of lei adorned around the neck and outreached arms of King Kamehameha I statues.

There are a total of six statues, with the original Thomas R. Gould cast standing proud on the island of Hawaiʻi in Kapaʻau, North Kohala. This statue was originally bound for Oʻahu in the later part of the 1800′s to be erected at ʻIolani Palace, but was lost in transit due to a shipwreck. It was later found and sold back to the islands, but by that time a new cast was already in the works. This second statue now stands at Aliʻiolani Hale on the island of Oʻahu, in Honolulu across the street from ‘Iolani Palace. The third statue was commissioned when Hawaiʻi attained statehood in 1969, and currently resides in a prominent position within Emancipation Hall in Washington DC. The fourth statue stands in Hilo Bay—the second on the island of Hawaiʻi—and was erected in 1997. The fifth statue was designed by the great Herb Kawainui Kanē and stands on the property of the Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa on the island of Maui. The sixth and since-removed statue was located in Las Vegas, Nevada. My guess is it was a marketing strategy to strengthen the “ninth Island” moniker bestowed on the “home away from Home” for many locals as they flock to Vegas for the many lures this desert oasis holds.

Here at FITTED we always revere our past through every product we design, and Kamehameha has always been a constant source of inspiration since the inception of our company. Affectionately referred to by the staff as “the stone that the builders refused, shall be the head corner stone,” popularized by Bob Marley in the song Corner Stone. For us the idea of creating a brand based on the knowledge from our immediate surroundings was an unpopular angle in the early 2000′s. Clothing companies normally relied on a strong urban connection, often referring to big city experiences in places like New York or Los Angeles, and although we’ve traveled to these places in the past, we lacked the perspective of what it was like to actually be born and raised there. So rather than having an inauthentic angle, we embraced the very much authentic perspective of these islands.

In 2004, we started to plan and build the foundation of the company. In 2005 we opened our doors, and in June of 2006 we released the first “head corner stone”—the Kamehameha New Era. Everything has a purpose and our purpose was to create a disruption in the marketplace; to create a platform for content and product that would build the house of FITTED. The original Kamehameha released in gold and red, the colors of royalty. Specifically mentioned on numerous occasions is PMS 116 (yellow/gold), the color of Kamehameha’s ahuʻula. It’s often said that Kamehameha wanted all of his opponents to know who they were battling, so his ahuʻula was made entirely of yellow feathers plucked off the ʻōʻō bird.

We strived to adopt this manaʻo in our own way, hoping to use our unique perspective to stand out among the crowd. Being located on the most remote land mass on the planet makes it extremely difficult to be successful in an industry with a virtually unlimited choice of apparel, on top of a decidedly fragmented marketplace in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Without authentic perspective, quality content, respectful approach to culture, and extreme affinity for history, this would not have been achieved.

Kaʻahumanu, Kamehameha’s most beloved wife, spoke of him in this ʻōlelo noʻeau that we hold in deep regard:

“Pāpale ʻai ʻāina, kuʻu aloha.”
“The head covering over the land, my beloved.”

Mahalo nui loa for all the years of support, and we look forward to serving you for many more!


To celebrate this beloved holiday, we’ve created a brand new FITSTRIKE Kamehameha snapback specifically for a special release on Kamehameha Day. The snapback features a black base with hot pink undervisor, teal top button, and white eyelets and snap enclosure. The front logo is stitched in light orange, while the side New Era logo is teal and the back crest is white and teal. Coinciding with this release is a new Brigante Oversized Side tee featuring a bright print on a heather grey base.









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Releasing in-store and online this Wednesday, June 11th.

Aloha kākou!

To celebrate the Kamehameha Day holiday tomorrow, we’re releasing five limited FITSTRIKE hats at once, all at a special price point for one day only: $34.99. To start off the pack is of course the Kamehameha snapback, featuring a full dark navy base with white embroidery and snap enclosure. Simple and clean—a must-have staple in your collection. Next up is a Slaps Wind snapback featuring a stone base with black uppervisor and woodland camo undervisor. It features gold/white/black Hawaiian flag embroidery with black eyelets and top button. The side New Era logo and back crest are embroidered in gold, while the snap enclosure is finished in white. A clean H Pride snapback is up next, featuring a full dark navy base with gold front embroidery and top button. White embroidery is seen around the side and back, which matches the white snap enclosure. Then we have a Mua snapback, featuring a gray base and black visor. The side New Era logo is black, while the back crest and snap enclosure are white. The front Mua logo is stitched in white along with various shades of green, while a lime green top button finishes the look. Finally we will be releasing an H Pride 59FIFTY, featuring an olive drab base with woodland camo undervisor. The front logo is embroidered in tan, while the side New Era logo and back crest are stitched in hunter orange. A rare white crown is also seen on the side of this FITSTRIKE hat. Only 50 of each hat was produced, and as a reminder, the $34.99 price point will be good for one day only. On Thursday, each hat will go back to its original price point.




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June 11th, in-store and online.


With Kamehameha Day going down tomorrow, we’re offering 20% off EVERYTHING excluding the new release. Online please use discount code: KAMEHAMEHA


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Releasing Saturday, June 8th.




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Tomorrow is the annual celebration of Kamehameha Day; a day of observance in honor of Kamehameha the Great; unequivocally the greatest King of Hawaiʻi nei. Although information about when he was born is very scarce due to the fact that he was birthed surreptitiously, we do have accounts through written and oral history passed down over centuries. We do know, according to stories and first hand accounts that he was born at Kokoiki in Kohala on the Big Island. Alapaʻinui, whom was “the aliʻi nui of the island of Hawaiʻi” at the time was in a way, threatened by the birth of Kamehameha after being warned by a kahuna that Kamehameha would eventually grow up a mighty ruler and in due course, conquer him and his throne. In fear of what would happen to her child, Kekuʻiapoiwa (Kamehameha’s mother) was taken to her cousin, Kahaʻōpulani to a cave in Kohala by the chief, Naeʻole, and blanketed under olonā fibers. This protected Kamehameha from warriors who were ordered to find the child. As a child, he spent the remainder of the next five years in ʻĀwini with Kahaʻōpulani, his foster mother and given the name Paiʻea (hard-shelled crab). The rest, as they say, is HIStory. His Story which includes the lifting of the Naha stone, birthing the idea of the Splintered Paddle Law, the battle of Kepaniwai and of course, the unification of the islands of Hawaiʻi.

The Slaps Wind represents the idea Kamehameha brought forth for the Hawaiian flag, in-part influenced by the British flag presented to Kamehameha by Captain Vancouver, with the eight stripes representing the eight islands. If you’re in town tomorrow morning and are out and about for the Kamehameha Day festivities, make sure to stop by the Ali’i Aimoku Kamehameha Statue where the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi Royal Guards will be posted donned in malo, kīhei and paʻu. “Mea’ai; moa ko’a, kalua pua’a, kalo, rice, rabbit salad, desert of tapioca cake, juice and ice water and coffee will provided.”


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On the back of a King.



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Releasing Monday, June 11th: Kamehameha Day
Photos by: Pai’ea Projects

Aloha kakou!

Mahalo to all who came down and grabbed a Thief’s Theme pack! Monday marks Kamehameha Day, and we have something special lined up for the exalted King Kamehameha: Revisiting our The Pacific Standard tee in an olive drab colorway (the triangle represents the entire Pacific coast, / triangle, with the crown represents Hawaii on the map), along with a red / black Kamehameha snapback. Big up our boy @zekelau!



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Available now. Please check later on during the day for online availability

Aloha kakou!

This t-shirt was supposed to be apart of the Kamehameha Surf Team pack we dropped this past Friday, however due to issues we have no control over, it arrived just a bit late. An ode to the Great King Kamehameha with the well known idiom “Power To the People used in a political context to defend against oppression, an anti-establishment slogan used by the Black Panther Party. In this case, it’s a call to stand up for the Original People of these islands and to continue to stand tall in the path of the World oppressors, aka the bankers, government and politicians. Burn down Babylon!


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Releasing Friday, June 10th. Kamehameha Day. Note: This is our FIRST Kamehameha snapback!

Kamehameha Surf Team Pack
Ezekiel Lau leads the Kamehameha Surf Team and makes history
By Daniel Ikaika Ito/Contrastmagazine.com

Ezekiel “Zeke” Lau literally grew up in a girl’s dorm. The 17-year-old, regular-footed surfer was raised at Kamehameha School’s Alice Knapp Dormitory. His mother, Daina, is a middle school dorm advisor so the Lau family lives up on the hill at the KS Kapālama campus. Although their residence sounds like a teenage boy’s dream, it was actually a lonely place for Zeke as a keiki.

“I was surrounded by girls and learned how to play by myself,” says Zeke about his childhood. “I have three sisters so I grew up with a lot of females, but all around it’s been good: I’ve been around the school and got to know pretty much everything about the school living there.”

Lau will be a senior next Fall at Kamehameha, and despite being a day-student, he is familiar with the nooks, crannies and corridors of Kamehameha like a boarder. He appreciates the pristine view of Honolulu from the slopes of Kapālama– from Zekeʻs balcony itʻs easy to see when his beloved, homebreak Kewalo Basin is firing. Other than the breathtaking scenery, Lau is stoked on Kamehamehaʻs state-of-the-art athletic resources, which helped shape Zeke into the athlete/shredder he is today.

“There is so much [athletic] facilities,” explains Zeke about the campus. “My dad always wanted us to workout and play sports. Thereʻs basketball gyms, soccer fields, weight rooms and the pool so we got to use all those facilities living up there.”

Having easy access to those facilities made training even easier says Zeke. Right now, pound for pound, Lau is probably the most-athelitically fit surfer in the world. Zeke is built like a high school wide receiver, but can punt airs like a featherweight grommet. Growing up on Kamehamehaʻs campus had a hand in Zekeʻs athletic prowess and surf skill, which is why Zeke is so psyched to represent the Hawaiian school in scholastic surfing.

“When I was small I always wanted to surf for the school like football and basketball is a school sport,” says Zeke. “I always wanted to compete in surfing for the school so itʻs nice I get to do that and make a change.

This is only the second year for the newly-formed surfing program at Kamehameha, and Lau is the stud of the squad. For the first time in the school’s 124-year history, two campuses (Kapālama and Maui) will be competing together under one Kamehameha flag. Lau will be leading the high school team and Maui’s Imai DeVault will anchor the middle school team at the 2011 National Scholastic of Surfing Association Championships, which will be held at Dana Point, Calif. from June 16-18.

To commemorate this history-making event, Fitted and Zeke designed the first Kamehameha New Era snapback with a matching long sleeve shirt. The shirt has the Kamehameha motto, I mua, which means to “go forward” in English, down the sleeves. So-Cal is cold from the June Gloom and a long sleeve shirt is the perfect piece to rock between heats.

The Kamehameha New Era snapback is made out of water resistant ripstop material and the color way is also inspired by the school.

“The colors of the hat came from Kamehameha’s blue and white and with the snapback it’s something different that can fit anybody and can take to the beach,” explains Zeke. “The material is waterproof and you can wear it all day on the beach.”

The Kamehameha Surf Team Pack is dropping on Kamehameha Day, Friday June 10. Zeke and the Kamehameha surf team leave for California on June 13, rocking the Fitted freshness and representing Hawai‘i on the mainland.



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Aloha kakou! We’d like to say Mahalo Nui Loa to everyone who came out for our Kamehameha Day sale / ko’ala (BBQ) this past Friday. Despite the muggy, humid weather, a great time was had by all who came through, sun up to sun down. As busy as we are during the normal work day, it’s a great feeling to be able to interact with you all and chop it up on a personal level. Until next time! Mahalo!