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Aloha Kakou,

Quick Note, We just received the rest of the Home grown Hoodies. So if you didnt get it a couple of weeks ago, Come through we have a limited amount available for purchase now.


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Aloha Kakou

Fist City, Hawaii. To the locals, you already know why our city has been christened with such a haughty nickname. To the outsiders, to put it straight forward, Hawaiians get busy. We’re mindful, peaceful people for the most part as long as you don’t come at us with the screwface. In a cultural text, this was (and can still be) referred to as Ku’i A Lua or “The Art Of Lua Fighting.” Lua meaning “a type of hand-to-hand fighting in which the fighters broke bones.” Weapons were scarcely used in this type of warfare, just straight up 1-on-1 scrapping with a more ferocious fringe, although a much more conventional variety of combat. Ku’i A Lua was also the divine deity (God) who versified, educated and trained the select few who practiced this style of fighting; so you see, this ‘gift of jab’ has been passed down by the Gods.