Thursday, June 18th, 2015 by


Just as each person has their own different religious belief, each one of those unique views is accompanied by some version of heaven. That being said please believe me when I tell you that I have found my own personal eternal paradise on the island of Huahine. This French Polynesian gem is a boater’s dream conjured into an island. Kristen, Capri and I had the ultimate pleasure of spending a leisure filled week on my new favorite place on the planet. We arrived with no itinerary and once again relied on our intuition to show us the way. The island is small and extremely friendly, with only 5,000 people residing full time it allowed us to unplug and get lost in the best possible way. You know my style. Our days were consistently filled with adventure and the steady company of Hinano which I adopted as a second wife for the duration of our stay. Don’t worry Kristen also took a liking to her so we all got along just fine. The remote location makes you feel as free as one could want, and my ladies being the island girls that they are, went it Au Naturel most of the time. Cheers to me. The constant supply of fresh coconut water, wild watermelons and abundance of papio had me seriously contemplating never coming back to reality, scratch that, making a new reality. Becoming a castaway never looked so attractive as it did on the magical island of Huahine! Simple leisure in all its glory. Until next time. Aloha – RM (more…)