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Releasing Saturday, Oct. 5th.

Aloha kākou!
For this Saturdays drop we are releasing a sneak peak into our upcoming Fall line, Navigators of the Unknown. Here at Fitted we love our history and culture. By observing the moon, stars, birds, and ocean swell patterns, our ancestors were able to travel freely through the seas. This graphic is printed with white, olive, and infrared on a black tee that also includes a mil-spec tag. This tee will be limited to 48 pieces sold exclusively in-store and online. Also releasing is a camo Mua New Era snapback with a white visor featuring red stitching. The Mua itself is embroidered in black.










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Available now! Online and in-store.


Aloha kākou!

Just arrived yesterday is our Sons of Aloha black tank top, also a part of our First Wave of Summer. 100% cotton.




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Aloha kākou!

For this week’s Moʻolelo / #tbt we take a few steps back to August of 2011 when we originally released our Island Love tee which took lyrics from Peter Moon Band’s song of the same name. “Juice from the Mango, Milk from the Coconut, Bud from the Cannabis… I can’t smoke enough!” Cue that song up in your iTunes, light up a spliff Backwoods and zone out to some classic, contemporary Hawaiian music.


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Aloha kākou!

For this week’s Moʻolelo / #tbt, we travel back two years ago to 2011 when we released our collaboration with Eighty Four Skate Co. & Vans for a custom built Era Pro. The components of this model consisted of black linen with single stitch embroidering in a multitude of colors as seen on our O.G. black Kala fitted from 2007. For those who may not know, “Kala” in Hawaiian translates to “money,” as in “Money is the root of all evil,” however with this concept and frame of thought, we flipped it into something a little more positive.



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Releasing Saturday, May 11th.


Aloha kākou!

Releasing Saturday is our Protect & Serve tee printed on all black with a tonal Kamehameha logo on the front and the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi Coat of Arms on the back. The significance of the Coat of Arms are the twins Kameʻeiamoku and Kamanawa who were considered Nīʻaupiʻo (a class of High Chiefs), the descendants of a royal brother and sister. Kamanawa stands on the left side of the Coat of Arms, holding a spear, while his brother Kameʻeiamoku is pictured on the right carrying a kahili. The two twins were among the Five Fierce Warriors of Kona, as well as Uncles of Kamehameha. You can learn a little more about the Kahu by visiting our editorial / interview with Uncle Bill (William John Kaihe’ekai Mai’oho) right here.



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Aloha kākou!

This week’s Moʻolelo / #tbt is our Culture Against Man release from 2010. We all know that the demise of our entire Culture (including language, proper education, traditions and customs & knowledge of the land, heavens and ocean) was met when Hawai’i was “discovered” by James C(r)ook(ed) and his fellow Europeons nearly 232 years ago. From the dreadful diseases introduced to the indigenous, original people to the assimilation of European politics, the English language and monolithic religion, we were at lost to our entire aboriginal culture. Things declined more with the illegal overthrow of our ‘aina, stripped of our original language and arts (hula, straw weaving, fish hook making, etcetera) and as a result, entirely stripped of our knowledge of self. You see, as much as the media and government attempt to depict us as simple-minded, unintelligent savages of the Pacific, we have, and still do, show and prove that our intelligence superceded their intellect. We may have not had the proper tools and material to manifest this knowledge, but what we lacked, we made up for in other ways. Navigating the vast open Pacific by way of the stars in the heavens, currents, wind and offshore birds with just the utilization of passed-down knowledge, word of mouth, our eyes and mind. No technology involved, no weather instruments, telescopes or compasses. There are even (slightly) theoretical anthropological studies, findings / evidence that prove that early Polynesians may have discovered the Americas before Columbus made contact.

SPRING 2013 D. 2

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Available Sat, March 30th at 11 AM. Please note that most t-shirts will be released in-store only, with the exception of 3 designs; all caps will be available in-store and online.


Aloha kākou!

This past week with the Team at FITTED, which includes Ezekiel Lau, were invited to Kaipoʻi’s hale where we had a chance to kuʻiʻai with him and Davin. There, we learned about the different varieties of hāloa, as well as how to malama. Hāloa: it feeds us and our ‘ohana, and in turn we Aloha the hāloa; a metaphor for the cycle of life. Itʻs up to us as a society to protect this gift that has been with us for centuries and to keep it in itʻs natural state. “Pupukahi i holomua.” Unite to move forward.


SPRING 2013 D. 1

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Available today at 11 AM. Please note that all t-shirts will be released in-store only; all caps will be available in-store and online. Photos by Aaron Yoshino

The Pacific Standard tee, Pacific Standard 116 Gold Beanie

Aloha kākou!

We’re unveiling and releasing our Spring D. 1 pack today. For our mainland residents, you can either purchase online (caps, beanies only), phone order or purchase from any of our wholesale accounts listed here. Again, please note that all t-shirts will be released in-store only; all caps will be available in-store and online. On to the product… (descriptions are under their respective photos).



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Pops off at 9PM, Thursday evening. Doors open at midnight.

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Since the inception of FITTED, every Black Friday has been one of the pinnacles for us year after year. Our idea to open right next to the biggest open-air mall in America was our way of drawing a line in the sand between independent / small business and big business. Our Black Friday festivities have always embraced the theme EleʻEle (black, as in the dark), hence why we open our doors at midnight. This year, to further the thought of David vs. Goliath, we’ve ran with the theme “Ambush In the Night,” our way of showing our fortitude to be able to survive amongst bigger retailers.

This year’s Black Friday, we’re offering two new tees: Our new EleʻEle tee with two spears, the word EleʻEle and the moon on both the back and front. The next tee is our Black Friday themed Ambush In the Night t-shirt. Along with that, we have 5 brand new snapbacks and 1 strapback: ʻAina (with rain camo bill), Aloha (with island camo brim), Brigante (with Thief’s Theme camo print), Mua (with tri-lock digi camo print), EleʻEle snapbacks each with a different camouflaged brim, and a new “H” feather strapback (with eel textured brim and strap). On top of all this, weʻll also be offering an EleʻEle pin back and Kūkaʻilimoku 8GB USB, ready for war. Finally, we’ll be raffling off a free tandem skydive with our friends at Skydive Hawaiʻi, with a purchase of $100 or more.


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Releasing Tuesday, Oct. 16th.

Aloha kakou!

New release for Tuesday. All black Hoʻomana tee with Islanders printed in white on the front pocket and a graphic of a warrior in white and FITTED Islanders on the back. A throwback of sorts to some of the designs of the late 80s, early 90s. Coinciding with the release is an all black UH New Era snapback white logo and snap.