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Today’s Moʻolelo / #tbt is FITTED Team Rider Kekoa Cazimero’s signature FITTED hat which was released back in May of 2009 as a part of his “Homebreak” pack. The Kaiser High School graduate / valedictorian and Sandy Beach / Bowls alumni had a big part in designing his custom “Aliʻi” Kamehameha New Era FITTED with some help from world renowned photographer Zak Noyle. Caked in black denim, the brim features detailed teal and pink stitching which wraps around the entire brim with a teal Kamehameha logo and underside, white eyelets and topped off with a pink button, crest and crown. The inside of this beauty is lined with satin and features a collage of the surroundings near his favorite homebreak, Sandy’s, including some really dope murals that encompass the walls of the bathroom. (Photos courtesy Zak Noyle).


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Available in-store only, excluding the Pacifica strapback and Cheehuu New Era fitted. Releasing Saturday, Dec. 1st.

Aloha kakou!

Our Holiday delivery one has shipped out to all of our wholesale accounts. Our mainland ʻohana should be able to start purchasing from any of our select authorized stockists. In this release, we’re offering a new Islanders raglan tee, a khaki Cheehuu New Era fitted, Aeron tee, Aloha New Era snapback, Ashy to Classy tee (navy blue), ASD logo longsleeve, Locally owned tee (red), Hukilau (black) crewneck, Pacifica (gray) pullover and Pacifica strapback.



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Releasing Saturday, Sept. 29th.

Aloha kākou!

New release for this Saturday, Sept. 29th: Our Līhau pack which consist of a t-shirt and new New Era FITTED snapback. Līhau in Hawaiian roughly translates to “moist and fresh, as in plants in the dew or rain.” Basic botany tells us that dew is formed on flowers, leaves, grass etc. when the temperature drops below the ambient (surrounding) temperature. This creates condensation in the form of water droplets (or frost in freezing temperatures). Obviously this is an excellent method of retaining moisture in plants during high heat days or droughts. Morning dew also helps us as humans feel reinvigorated in the mornings and is considered in some cultures, including Buddhism and Hinduism as beneficial to the root chakra. In Hawaiʻi, it’s just a beautiful sight to see in the mornings, and, as mentioned above, helps one feel re-energized in order to get the day going off on a positive note. For this pack, we used the līhau inspiration to create a custom snapback and tee. The snap features an all over floral print with a white rope that runs across the front, with a green underbill and yellow sweatband on the inside, and a white snap. The logo tee, all black, features the floral print with white stroke, and white crown.