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Pops off at 9PM, Thursday evening. Doors open at midnight.

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Since the inception of FITTED, every Black Friday has been one of the pinnacles for us year after year. Our idea to open right next to the biggest open-air mall in America was our way of drawing a line in the sand between independent / small business and big business. Our Black Friday festivities have always embraced the theme EleʻEle (black, as in the dark), hence why we open our doors at midnight. This year, to further the thought of David vs. Goliath, we’ve ran with the theme “Ambush In the Night,” our way of showing our fortitude to be able to survive amongst bigger retailers.

This year’s Black Friday, we’re offering two new tees: Our new EleʻEle tee with two spears, the word EleʻEle and the moon on both the back and front. The next tee is our Black Friday themed Ambush In the Night t-shirt. Along with that, we have 5 brand new snapbacks and 1 strapback: ʻAina (with rain camo bill), Aloha (with island camo brim), Brigante (with Thief’s Theme camo print), Mua (with tri-lock digi camo print), EleʻEle snapbacks each with a different camouflaged brim, and a new “H” feather strapback (with eel textured brim and strap). On top of all this, weʻll also be offering an EleʻEle pin back and Kūkaʻilimoku 8GB USB, ready for war. Finally, we’ll be raffling off a free tandem skydive with our friends at Skydive Hawaiʻi, with a purchase of $100 or more.


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Available now.

Aloha kākou!

New release for today, available now both online and in-stores. Black tee with seafoam and salmon Cheehu in the legendary Cheers font, with tonal crown on the back (100% pre-shrunk cotton). We’re also releasing a women’s Glassy 50% polyester, 25% cotton & 25% rayon racerback tanktop.


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Releasing today, Nov. 1st. Please note, the online store will have this up for sale a little after 11. Please bare with us. Mahalo!

Aloha kakou!

One thing that separates Hawaiʻi versus the rest of the US is our way of thinking. The majority of the US tends to never reflect on the past; instead focusing solely on the future. However, we usually tend to use the past to help us in the future, by using the knowledge our ancestors passed down, as well as the mistakes they made. In ancient Hawaiʻi, our way of life sustained a healthy populace of kanaka (Hawaiians), without the advent of modern technology. They survived, lived off the land, and was, for the most part, disease (and dis-ease) free (pre-Western contact of course). In this day and age, even with the advancement in technology, science, engineering and medicine, we deal with hard-hitting matters such as poverty, homelessness, ever increasing drug usage, horrible socioeconomic matters and the almighty “rail issue” that’s always in the headlines these days. Add to the fact that Hawaiʻ’s population has increased dramatically, with a population that tops at 1.3 million. Which is why we’d like to say Imua Kamehameha! Vote Kamehameha for King, 2012!

Although just a “mock campaign”, this pack is a way of gaining the attention of and educating the population that we don’t always need to solely focus on the future to improve ourselves and our ʻaina. We can look to the past for guidance. The pack includes two tank tops (gray and navy blue colorways) that read Vote: Kamehameha 2012 Past For Future with white, navy blue and red. We also have included a black tee with the same campaign in the same colors, a private label snapback with black upper and all white brim, and a pack of bumper stickers. Lastly, we have a tee dubbed The Great Rail Robbery which alludes to the current rail issue that’s a hard hitting topic in local politics, and also a slight nod to the classic Black Uhuru song of the same name. See the video below.



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Releasing Saturday, Oct. 27th.

Aloha kakou!

Here’s the update for Saturday’s release. Four brand new black on black New Era fitteds: Kamehameha, Mua, Slaps Wind and ‘H’ Pride, entirely blacked out. We’re also releasing a new tee called Locals Know printed on a black tee with yellow and white print and yellow FITTED crest on the front. Lastly, a brand new women’s tanktop called Acute on a heather gray body with yellow, teal and orange print. Check it out and see you guys this Saturday!




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Releasing Tuesday, Oct. 23rd.

Aloha kakou!

New release for tomorrow. Brand new graphic tee + UH snapback. Our new tee, dubbed “Angles” features a black and white graphic of multiple triangles that could also represent shark’s teeth, with perfect angles. In the graphic is a small FITTED trilock hit, with a white crown on the back. Also releasing is a UH snapback with camouflage upper and black brim and UH logo, and black snap.