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Releasing in-store and online this Saturday, April 19th, 2014.

Aloha kākou!

While most of today’s youth know what the code word “420″ refers to, many aren’t aware of the term’s exact origins. Back in 1971, a group of teens known as the Waldos would frequently meet at 4:20pm near a statue on their high school grounds, up in San Rafael, California. After meeting up, they would head out in search of a secret abandoned cannabis field they heard stories about, but could never find. From there the term grew to be associated with pot-smoking in general. The term gained widespread popularity largely through Grateful Dead fans, also known as Dead Heads, who were linked to the city of San Rafael. Steven Hagar also helped bring the term to the masses as the editor of High Times magazine.

This Saturday, along with the items from Spring D2, we will be releasing several pieces based on the foundation of the term “420.” The men’s tees are limited to only 30 pieces each and the women’s tees are limited to only 18 pieces each. The bucket hat is limited to only 38 pieces. Along with the designs below, we will also feature a men’s logo tee in white on white.

Unique to this release, we will be having a tie-dye station situated outside the shop. For a small additional fee, you may tie-dye any of the white tees. We will be on hand to assist in the dyeing process, with both red and black colors to choose from. This table will only be set up on Saturday, so please stop by on release day if you’d like to tie-dye your IVXX tees.

Mahalo goes out to Kila and Kahoku Productions for putting together the teaser video!

PLEASE NOTE: The white men’s and women’s tees will only be sold in-store. The bucket hat and black tees will be sold online as well as in-store.