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As with anything in this world, you must take baby steps in order to successfully reach the next incline that life lays ahead of you. In order to build, you first need to lay down a foundation. Without the first layer that should be the foundation, there is absolutely no support structure that allows you to stack the next layer of bricks. The “brick” could be an analogy for construction, building or rebuilding a nation, or building knowledge and wisdom. For instance, when Kamehameha laid out his plans to conquer the islands, it more than certainly didn’t happen overnight. A fleet of canoes were built to transport his selected warriors in order to set out across the miles of oceans between each island, weapons were readied, political boundaries were established, even a heiau was assembled in order for Kamehameha to worship and offer sacrifices to the God of War, “Ku.” Each task represents a brick in the construction of his foundation and overall ambitious plan to unite what we call home today.