Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 by

Releasing Saturday, August 4th. Please note: Due to the printing process, shirts may have abnormal inconsistencies, we cannot guarantee that garment is 100% flawless.

Aloha kakou!

This Saturday we’ll be releasing an all black Escape to Paradise snapback, along with a new black tank top called Niho which roughly translates to “tooth”. The tank top features an all over print of white simplified shark’s teeth / trilocks with white break lines. The tank top also features a purple stitched crest on the front chest and crown on the back. We shot this at Kaniakapupu in Nuʻuanu. During King Kamehameha’s reign, this lush area served as his little sanctuary during the summer, and because it was the King’s own piece of land, it was considered kapu to tread upon. Legend tells that there were once a heiau that stood on the grounds, and it was also this same place that “Pai‘ea himself rested his weary warriors during his conquest of O‘ahu.”


Monday, March 7th, 2011 by

Releasing tomorrow, March 8th

Aloha kakou,

Hope everyone had a great and safe weekend. We’re back to our regularly scheduled releases; tomorrow we have a t-shirt inspired by a certain artist who at one point was serving music Aloha every Friday. Printed on a white tee and featuring those now highly recognizable colors and fonts. Releasing with this is an all black foam Escape To Paradise with a white snap, white Escape To Paradise graphic and white crest hit on the back.


Thursday, October 7th, 2010 by

Just got a message in a bottle from PK.

Ioarana Fitted! Huahine is the shit! Perfect waves, pristine waters
and breathtaking scenery. I’ve been here for two weeks now. No plans,
no time restraints, not a care in the world. Life is simple… and slow.
We wake up, check the waves, have some breakfast,  surf, fish burgers
for lunch, surf again, steak fritz or poison cru for dinner, then
match boxes and hinanos with the boys all night.

The locals are VERY protective of their waves (with good reason) so I
have no surf shots to show how amazing it is here. But as our friend
Teps explains it, “ten waves… ten barrels, twenty waves… twenty
barrels, hundred waves… hundred barrels and thats not including
doubles and triples. Every wave PERFECT man!” Its no wonder why guys
like Tamaroa rip so hard.

We sank our boat yesterday and spent today playing tourist around the
island while the motor dried out. Got a small dose of history and
culture seeing the maraes and fishponds in Maeva. Being here makes me
wonder what Hawaii was like way back in the good ol days. If you never
hear from me again, you’ll know where i’ll be!




Monday, September 6th, 2010 by

Releasing tomorrow, Sept. 7th

Tomorrow, we’re revisiting another classic from the FITTED vaults, Escape to Paradise, a phrase synonymous with classic films and Hawai’i. All black tee with the infamous expression uttered by Al Pacino’s character, Carlito in Carlito’s Way, in purple. Purple crown on the back. Accompanied by a purple Pride with silver ‘H’ and black brim. Stay tuned, as we’ll be making an announcement regarding a few changes to the website and online store, as we’ve been alluding to recently.


Thursday, March 18th, 2010 by

Releasing Saturday, March 20th



Aloha Kakou!

This Saturday’s release is a bit nostalgic, as we’ve revisited two classics from our vaults. First up is our Escape To Paradise which was in one of our first ever releases back in October 2005. The phrase “Escape To Paradise” is from the infamous film Carlito’s Way with Al Pacino, alluding to a dream-like-state scene where Carlito sees a poster that reads the phrase, a scene which shows the poster in vibrant colors while the rest of it is shot in black and white. Instead of a t-shirt, we’re presenting it on an all black foam trucker hat. The front reads Escape To Paradise in white (printed), the right side features the crown and the backside, our crown with a white snap. These are going to be really cheap too, so don’t pass on this! Perfect for the beach / bbq / etc.

The second re-visitation of a classic is our Money In The Bank tee; this time printed on white with the legendary graphic printed on the front (black, green, gold and red) with a crown hit on the back. Limited supplies per the normal.

Also, please don’t forget, this Saturday we’ll be announcing the winner for our raffle contest. You still have a couple days to up your chances of winning!