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Aloha! Welcome to a new archival section called Moʻolelo which roughly translates to history, story or record. In this new weekly section we’ll be posting some of our older releases we’ve done in the past. For our premiere post, we reflect on our first sneaker collaboration ever, which we did with Element Skateboards. Originally released on Dec. 19th, 2009, the shoe is Darrell Stanton’s signature model featuring a sublimated nylon canvas print which features vintage Hawaiian pin up girls from way back when, a relic of our past – here to stay in the future. See you next week!


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Releasing Saturday, December 19th




It’s finally here folks. After a few months of teasers which left many scratching their heads, trying to figure out what this was – well here it is. Fitted’s first ever shoe, which we’ve properly titled Kaholo, which means to move fast or progress rapidly which pretty much defines this shoe. In collaboration with Element Skateboards, we designed this shoe from the ground up. Literally. This specific model is Element’s team pro rider Darrell Stanton’s; his second model to be precise. The way this project came about? There’s a deep rooted history between Fitted and Element.

The details of the shoe are as follows: Sublimated nylon canvas print which features vintage Hawaiian pin up girls from way back when, a relic of our past – here to stay in the future. The tongue features a perfect Fitted crest hit, bottom sees a white vulcanized sole and embossed leather heel with a subtle trilock pattern, plus we took extra care in the design of the box, which features a nice, black print of trilocks in different contrasted shades of black, with a yellow carrier that slides in and out for easy storage and a metal hole for proper ventilation. Each shoe comes with 3 different pairs of laces: yellow trilock laces, black laces and white laces, each bearing Fitted tips. These are limited to a supply of 60, so please act quickly!


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This past Saturday FITTED, along with Element Skateboards sponsored a skate contest at A’ala Park. The festivities started at 10 AM and included refreshments 10 whole Red Bulls and a grill fired up serving hot dogs, street meat and lots of Aloha. Overall, there were lots of great skaters who do serious damage on the grip in attendance, but in the end, FITTED team riders “Lil’” Danny Hamaguchi and Tim “Action” Jackson stepped it the f*ck up and took first and third places. Danny snatched up his first place victory with a flawless run of lines including an insane amount of tricks in a row, while Tim seized third with his big and powerful style. Shout out to Danny & Tim! Also, huge props to Aaron McMullen and Alec for the photos. You can email him here for any info.