Monday, January 30th, 2012 by

Available in-stores and online now.

New Quintin snapbacks in. Last time we had these, they were gone in a day. These are extremely limited so act accordingly. Details about these caps are below:

The Ludwig Van X QUINTIN “Scout Series” is the newest offering from Ludwig Van and Quintin Co. This time, a cache of decades-old US Military fabrics including WWII-era Army twill, Vietnam-era Mitchell camouflage, and vintage Duck Canvas make this current collaboration one for the ages. The 6-panel cap includes vintage Japanese broadcloth lining, a leather embossed patch, selvage denim stash pocket inside, and light-weight nylon fabric on the under side of the bill. This is a truly looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside!


Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 by

Releasing Saturday, Oct. 29th.

Aloha kakou!

This Saturday’s release is super illy! As the title says, Quālitās (“quality” in Latin). Black t-shirt with the slogan, Premium Quality Goods in white, with the same graphic on the front. We’re also releasing a new Kamehameha: gray upper, black denim brim, red Kamehameha logo and sweatband, and white New Era, crest and crown.


Thursday, April 14th, 2011 by

Releasing Saturday, April 16th

Aloha kakou,

Saturday we unveil our newest addition to our Aloha and denim families. The pack, dubbed Build or Destroy consists of an intricate New Era that we built up from the ground up around a concept that some of you may be familiar with. This Aloha denim New Era is inspired by Levis Strauss & Co. known for their original denim, selvedged denim and raw denim. The denim fit in the raw category and is slightly modeled off the 501s, and features copper eyelets that reflect the copper rivets found on Levis denim. On the actual jeans, these rivets were used to reinforce the points of strain on the denim as well as strengthen the pockets. Also featured on the hat are contrast copper stitching which emulates the copper stitching on the Levis denim. In the jeans context, the copper stitching was used to match the rivets, which became a trademark of theirs in 1942. The Aloha is stitched in white with a red / white crest stitched on the backside.

The t-shirt’s graphic reflects the Build or Destroy concept and features an illustration of steel workers with colors that tie back to the cap.


Thursday, December 3rd, 2009 by

Releasing this Saturday, December 5th.

All Images: Paul Kema /

In support of relief efforts over in America Samoa due to the earthquake-generated tsunami which hit their shores back in September, we’ve put together a Talofa Served Daily pack, akin to our Mabuhay Served Daily pack. As with the previous release, proceeds from this release will go toward relief efforts in America Samoa. If any of you were old enough to remember when Hurricane Iniki hit us, you should know first hand how much blood, sweat & tears it takes to rebuild; even on an island as small as ours. Please kokua and come by and support our Polynesian counterparts.

Along with the Talofa Served Daily pack, which is printed on all black and features the stars from the Samoan flag on the left sleeve. Alongside this t-shirt is a black indigo denim SF Giants New Era; all black indigo denim on the upper with a metallic blue SF logo.