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If you got some time, watch this.


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Here are a few photos we snapped from our daycation while visiting the Pu’ukohola Heiau National Historic Site on the Big Island of Hawai’i for the 200th Anniversary of King Kamehameha uniting the Hawaiian islands. Hawaiian culture was on full display, with a marching procession up to the Pu’ukohola Heiau, Hawaiian games, including spear throwing (albeit with a broom stick) and ‘ulu maika. After a few spent hours walking around the heiau, we got back in our soccer-mom minivan and checked out some nice sites around Kona, before heading back to the airport and catching our go! flight back to Honolulu.



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Releasing Saturday, June 26th

Aloha kakou!

By now, we all know that the demise of our entire Culture (including language, proper education, traditions and customs & knowledge of the land, heavens and ocean) was met when Hawai’i was “discovered” by James C(r)ook(ed) and his fellow Europeons nearly 232 years ago. From the dreadful diseases introduced to the indigenous, original people to the assimilation of European politics, the English language and monolithic religion, we were at lost to our entire aboriginal culture. Things declined more with the illegal overthrow of our ‘aina, stripped of our original language and arts (hula, straw weaving, fish hook making, etcetera) and as a result, entirely stripped of our knowledge of self. You see, as much as the media and government attempt to depict us as simple-minded, unintelligent savages of the Pacific, we have, and still do, show and prove that our intelligence superceded their intellect. We may have not had the proper tools and material to manifest this knowledge, but what we lacked, we made up for in other ways. Navigating the vast open Pacific by way of the stars in the heavens, currents, wind and offshore birds with just the utilization of passed-down knowledge, word of mouth, our eyes and mind. No technology involved, no weather instruments, telescopes or compasses. There are even (slightly) theoretical anthropological studies, findings / evidence that prove that early Polynesians may have discovered the Americas before Columbus made contact.

With that being said, we must continue to properly educate our Keiki of our culture, keep the Hawaiian language alive and instill the knowledge, wisdom and understanding that our elder ancestors passed down to us. Each one, teach one. Steel sharpens steel.



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Releasing Saturday, December 19th, alongside the Kaholo release.


To go along with the Kaholo release, we’ve put together a t-shirt and a new New Era. The t-shirt is called Culture, printed on charcoal heather gray with a collage of vintage (but the real deal) Hawaiian tattoo patterns, which defines the cultural aspect of the name. Backside features a black crown. The hat, called Kakau, translates to tattoo features an all over pattern of the same tattoo pattern seen on the t-shirt in black nylon with yellow banding around the inside sweatband.




To top it all off, we also printed 100 limited edition posters to commemorate this event…Might not be a big deal to a lot of people but for us…it’s kind of a big deal…WE MADE A SHOE!!!
The poster is a silk screen print on acid free uncoated paper signed and numbered, the poster is 18 x 24 In. (45.72 x 60.96 cm) and is not framed. The artwork on the poster is the print that adorns the shoe. A million thanks to everyone for all the support!




Last but never the least…we also printed up some more stickers for this drop as well, told you it’s a BIG DEAL for us haha…
Check the new “TRI-LOCK” sticker, wrap any object of your choice with this new sticker and BAMMM you got instant FRESH! What’s that you say? “TRI-LOCK” remote or how about a”TRI-LOCK” dog bowl, man you can “TRI-LOCK” whatever you like…get creative, and while you’re at it send us pictures of what ever you “TRI-LOCK” and if it’s cool, funny or just plain weird, we might post it up on the blog…AGAIN…A MILLION MAHALOS TO ALL FOR THE CONSTANT SUPPORT!!!


Special thanks to The Manifest and Soul Signature Tattoo for your help today with the shots!


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Below is a very interesting clip of Ittai Wong & Jamaica Osorio of Youthspeaks Hawaii performing “Kaona” which translates to Hawaiian poetry with a hidden meaning (concealed reference). Speaking on the overthrow of our beloved Queen Lili’uokalani, this is a deep, yet powerful insight on how Hawaiian culture and morals were pretty much stolen from the people. The uniqueness of the video, and what Youthspeaks Hawaii represents is the perseverance of Hawaiian culture, language and arts, all the while presenting this in a form of literature that the youth of today can easily relate to, and be educated upon at the same time. Hawaii Slam Poet’s finest. Hit the jump for the video.

“Our language divides the passing of flowers”



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Pull up a chair & have a seat. Pay close attention. Class is in session. Let’s briefly discuss the Hawaiian Renaissance (also known as the Hawaiian Cultural Renaissance) which was an reawakening or revival, if you will, of our contrasting Hawaiian cultural character and distinctiveness during the early ‘70s. Contemporary Hawaiian music artists such as Gabby “Pops” Pahinui (of Sons Of Hawaii fame) helped play an integral role in this cultural movement / resurgence. With this renaissance, there was a reasserted curiosity and interest in pidgin, Hawaiian language, Hula, Hawaiian studies & traditional Hawaiian arts. Before this enlightening cultural rejuvenation, there was the Merrie Monarch Festival (which they still run to this day) established by George Na’ope. The Merrie Monarch Festival helped resurrect the artistry, history, study and practice of archaic hula. Hit the jump for more (detailed) pics.