Thursday, February 18th, 2010 by


Words By: Kaboe Kavapalu

I have been living in Hawaii for a couple years now, and one thing that I miss most about LA is the food, no disrespect to the plethora of culinary offerings that are available here in Hawai’i, it’s just what I grew up eating isn’t present at the moment. So before I get attacked for this statement, let me explain…

Imagine if you, growing up in Hawai’i, moved to the mainland and you realize that finding a good Hawaiian meal, such as Helena’s, is like finding a diamond in the rough; for the most part, the closest thing you are going to get is L&L. This isn’t a bad thing, but it sure isn’t a large serving of pipikaula, some lomi lomi salmon and a large bowl of poi, feel me? Trust me, I love the food in Hawai’i, just missing a couple of things, like a good taco stand, a pupuseria, traditional Jamaican food, and so on. Which brings me to why I am writing this.