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We’d like to first send a big mahalo to everyone for their patience while waiting for their Black Friday purchases to arrive. For those that pre-ordered any or all of the Na Pō Mahina collection at our Black Friday event, we have some great news for you. You’ll be able to pick up your hats on Friday, December 26th, at our warehouse in Kakaʻako. See below for the address, along with the hours of availability. If you cannot make it to the warehouse on Friday, you can stop by all next week starting on Monday within the same hours, as the warehouse will be closed on the weekend.

As a special gift for everyone that purchased the entire four-hat collection, we have saved a limited edition Black Friday poster for you. Hand printed with water-based ink on 11”x14” drawing paper, each poster features artwork from the collection in light gray and charcoal gray, and is individually numbered out of 150. All remaining posters will be handed out on a first come, first served basis at the warehouse to anyone else picking up individual hats.

We also have a limited number of remaining stock in all hats, which we will be selling at the shop and online starting Saturday, December 27th, for those of you that missed out the first time around. Please refer to the original Black Friday blog for the detailed story behind our Na Pō Mahina collection.

Warehouse address:
746 Pohukaina St., Honolulu, HI 96813 (Look for the FITTED tent next to the BJ Penn Gym)

Pick up hours:



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Aloha kākou!

We proudly present to you two special collections that will be releasing on Black Friday this year.



“No ka poʻe kahiko. He mea nui ka pō mahina ia lakou.”

The quote above roughly translates to “For the people of old, the phases of the moon were incredibly special.” For this year’s Black Friday release, we chose to expand on the uncomplicated, yet meaningful lifestyle of our ancestors, and the important role the moon played in their daily lives. Thus, we are naming our collection “Na Pō Mahina” which translates to “The Days of the Moon.”

The Hawaiian month consisted of 30 days, broken up into three 10-day phases, known as “anahulu” that would guide the Hawaiians in their daily life. These anahulu also coincided with the cycle of the moon, which helped them determine the best times for tasks such as planting and fishing. We also took a more macro approach to these anahulu, drawing parallels between the traditional meanings and modern ideology.

Hoʻonui (enlarge), the phase that is represented by a half-moon, was known to the Hawaiians as the best time to plant. We perceive this as the basic concept of starting a new task—the initial seed that gets planted and nurtured.

Nui Poepoe (remain large), the phase that is represented by a full-moon, was the 10-day span where the Hawaiians kept nurturing and caring for their plants, watching it grow. This is the concept of patiently putting in the effort because you see the value in it, and the finish line is in sight.

Ho’ēmi (decrease), the phase that is represented by a crescent moon, was the time to reap the benefits of the harvest, relax, and nourish your body—to live. As the moon decreases, they look forward to the next cycle. To us, this represents the end goal, the celebration and the understanding that it was all worth it.

Although our lives in today’s society may not seem as clear or simple, maybe we could benefit from taking a step back and having a clearer outlook on the continuous cycles and processes within our own lives. The ancient Hawaiians lived simpler and within their means, never doing more than what was needed. We shouldn’t overdo it or overwork ourselves. We all have tasks that need to get done and issues we need to take care of on a daily basis, but we mustn’t forget to take a break, reap the benefits of our hardwork and LIVE.

For this collection, we are releasing four New Era snapbacks, all of which contain 3M reflective material with a half-tone print of the moon’s surface silkscreened on it. The Hoʻonui Mua features a white 3M reflective crown with black front embroidery and cool gray eyelets. The reflective side New Era logo, back crest, and Hoʻonui label feature a brand new high density print technique to fuse them to the crown of the hat. The visor is wrapped in the 3M moon print to represent the half moon. It also features a black snap enclosure with black crown tag. The Nui Poepoe Aloha features the 3M moon print all over the hat, which resembles a full moon. It features high density printed labels around the sides and back, along with black Aloha embroidery, back snap enclosure, and crown tag. The Hoʻēmi Kamehameha features the same material layout as the Mua, except the 3M moon print only covers the outer edge of the visor, meant to represent a crescent moon. The Na Pō Mahina snapback features for the first time ever, Tyvek material on the entire crown and visor. Tyvek a thin durable weather-resistant material, used to protect exposed drywall during construction of new buildings. The undervisor and inner lining feature the 3M moon print. It also features high density printed logos around the hat, this time in black and swapping the name label for the signature crown on the right side. A white snap enclosure is seen on the back. The front logo features all four names of the hats around a constellation shape, as it is the collection hat that ties them all together. (IN-STORE PRE-SALE ONLY)




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Releasing in-store on Black Friday, November 29, 2013. We will open at midnight and we will close when everything is sold.

po pauole

Black Friday has always been an important day for us. We strive to create an event that you—our ‘ohana—will enjoy coming to and leaving from. For us itʻs not just a sale, but a great experience.

Last year we embraced the dark with our ‘Ele‘ele Ambush in the Night collection. This year we wanted to explore the dark a little deeper, through the teachings of our Hawaiian ancestors. While cultures around the world have their own beliefs on the creation of life, ancient Hawaiians used the Kumulipo (creation) chant to tell their story. They believed that the creation of life happened in 16 wā, or eras—the first 8 wā in darkness, and the second 8 wā in light.

The belief that essence preceded existence is the basis of our Black Friday collection, aptly titled “Pō Pau‘ole,” which roughly translates to “never-ending darkness.” It is our respectful nod to the Kumulipo chant and our way of sharing the story of creation with you.

Using five snapbacks as our canvas, we’ve commissioned our good friend Shawn Kaho‘olemanaʻs incredible natural photos to help paint the picture of Pō Pauʻole and creation in an amazing visual narrative.

Shawn is one of our oldest friends here at FITTED. We really respect and love what he is doing now, and to be able to work with him and showcase his amazing work is truly an honor.


We asked him to tell us a little more about himself, and here are his words:

“O aloha mai kakou. O Shawn Kahoʻolemana Naone koʻu inoa a he Hawaiʻi. Noho au i Palehua aka no Aliapaʻakai mai au. My name is Shawn Kahoʻolemana Naone and I am Hawaiian. I live in Makakilo but was raised in Salt Lake. I am a student with two concurrent majors, one in Native Hawaiian Studies and one in Social Work.  I went through many years of life with minimal curiosity on what it meant to be kanaka ʻoiwi (Native Hawaiian), in fact I never realized that I had a kuleana (responsibility) to learn and share what my kupuna had practiced and lived so many hundreds of years ago. I lived with this huikau (confusion) for many years until I discovered the value of my culture, the Hawaiian culture. This huikau I feel is one of the main reasons Native Hawaiians are the leaders in the demographic of the incarcerated, the homeless, the substance abusers, and the diasporic.

“I started to document my journey of what I learned in and out of the classroom, and at the same time I got to share my culture to those who were in the same boat as I. My philosophy on photography is a complex one but then again, aren’t all Hawaiians living in this ever changing modern day and age. The word for picture is kiʻi, but it also means image, picture, statue, tiki, likeness (as in art imitating life or more importantly vice versa), and also it means to fetch, to acquire, and obtain. So it is my paradox as well my opportunity to be pono in my art by taking a picture without actually talking but observing and giving a response to what I see. I try to makawalu others by showing the multiple angles of a certain object, and how it’s juxtaposition affects everything around it and that we are all connected. There are many ways of seeing one thing.”

Below are the five pieces of the Pōpauʻole narrative, using descriptions based on Shawnʻs own writings. Each hat will be on sale for $39.99.




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Pops off at 9PM, Thursday evening. Doors open at midnight.

Click flier for larger image

Since the inception of FITTED, every Black Friday has been one of the pinnacles for us year after year. Our idea to open right next to the biggest open-air mall in America was our way of drawing a line in the sand between independent / small business and big business. Our Black Friday festivities have always embraced the theme EleʻEle (black, as in the dark), hence why we open our doors at midnight. This year, to further the thought of David vs. Goliath, we’ve ran with the theme “Ambush In the Night,” our way of showing our fortitude to be able to survive amongst bigger retailers.

This year’s Black Friday, we’re offering two new tees: Our new EleʻEle tee with two spears, the word EleʻEle and the moon on both the back and front. The next tee is our Black Friday themed Ambush In the Night t-shirt. Along with that, we have 5 brand new snapbacks and 1 strapback: ʻAina (with rain camo bill), Aloha (with island camo brim), Brigante (with Thief’s Theme camo print), Mua (with tri-lock digi camo print), EleʻEle snapbacks each with a different camouflaged brim, and a new “H” feather strapback (with eel textured brim and strap). On top of all this, weʻll also be offering an EleʻEle pin back and Kūkaʻilimoku 8GB USB, ready for war. Finally, we’ll be raffling off a free tandem skydive with our friends at Skydive Hawaiʻi, with a purchase of $100 or more.


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Nov. 24th, Thanksgiving night. Doors at midnight.


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Same deal as last year: Live entertainment, food and beverages, plus tons of great deals. Please note that our parking lot be closed down to provide room for the entertainment tent and everyone else. We’ll be open from midnight until everything is gone! Trust us, it’ll be great and you won’t wanna miss out on it!


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Releasing Thursday midnight

Click photo above for larger size of background image.

Aloha kakou!

Along with our Black Friday Sale, we have a special release lined up for the masses. It’s also an ode to our sometimes forgotten servicemen who are sacrificing their lives across the pond (shout out to KNOWxONE!) with strong military references prominently featured in these pieces. A lot of the pack’s influence comes from the United States Army 24th Infantry Division which formed during WWII and stationed out of Hawai’i. Known previously as the Hawaiian Division. Their insignia was a red, gold and green patch with Hawaiian on the top and a taro leaf in the middle. If you remember about a year back, we ran a similar pack with a similarly interesting story to boot, and if you find that interesting, you should definitely read up on some of these other links; we all know how strong a military presence we have here in the islands. Also, here is a link to a larger sized image of the background we’ve used for the product photos.

The release: An all black zip-up hoody called Striker with tonal graphics on the front and back as well as on the hood itself. The second cap from the top is an all black cap called Subcon, the cap that follows is also all black, dubbed Kumulipo (roughly translated to original or the genesis), the white tee below the two caps is called Out of Many We Are One, and lastly is a gray longsleeve tee with Kill ‘Em With Aloha and yellow taro patches on the left side. To close it off, we also have a special, limited edition Black Friday sticker pack. We hope to see you all this Thursday / Friday, come through and grab some Thanksgiving pupus, drinks and politic with your FITTED ohana.



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Releasing online Black Friday (12 AM Friday morning)

Our online store will be releasing the following pack Friday morning at 12 AM, along with the in-store release. This pack features a Cooperstown Brooklyn Dodgers New Era in red with white stitching. Up next is a white pocket t-shirt called “Third Dimension” which features a black triangle filled with trilocks; on each side are two black thunderbolts with Fitted resting beneath. To cover all that up is an all black hoody with a Hawaiian black flag (tonal) on the backside and a tonal A (in reflective black ink) which stands for Anarchy; which pretty much sums up Black Friday, doesn’t it?





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Releasing in-store Black Friday (12 AM Friday morning)

The in-store release, dubbed Front Lines features an all black Mua New Era, an all black hoody which sees white trilocks running down both sides of the sleeves, while the back features prominent Hawaiian weapons printed in white. Lastly we have a white Survival of the Fitted tee. Included alongside this release, we’re selling limited amounts in official Fitted x Bic pens and lighters. The pens feature Aloha Served Daily and Fitted inscriptions while the lighters features black trilocks on both sides. Both pen and lighters come in one color: yellow.