Aloha, I’m Matt Chaffin.
I was born September 9, 1989.
My nicknames are Shmatty and Shmitz.
I’m a goofy-foot.
I went to Academy of the Pacific
My hat size is 7 1/2.

I have 4 brothers and 6 sisters; 8 of us are adopted.
My beautiful mom is Rhonda my pops is Mike.

The Old Man
My pops was the CEO of Kaiser so he’s pretty big.

My favorite place to skate near home is this elementary school near by with hella buttery ledges.
My favorite place in the world to skate is probably China. That’s what I hear…
I ride for APB, FITTED, King Stampede, and DVS (flow).
My gnarliest skating experience is slammin’ hard.

My favorite skater of all-time is Torey Pudwill and Vincent Alvarez: they holdin’ it down hard right now.
I listen to just that regular gangsta shit, son.
I read anything with skating in it.
I love to watch Shark Week and Planet Earth box sets.
I’m a Lakers fan because everyone I chill with love dem Lakers.
When I’m not skating I usually play pool or just chillin’ with the homies.

My career goal is to try and turn pro, mang. Make the skating happen…

I represent for Hawai‘i by rocking that FITTED gear all day, son.

There’s a lot of homies I would like to thank. Most of all my parents, sponsors and the homies, for sure. And, God.