Aloha, I’m Ezekiel Lau.
I was born November 23, 1993.
My nickname is Zeke.
I’m a regular-foot.
I attend Kamehameha Secondary School.
My hat size is 7 1/4.

My sisters are Sara, Jordan, and Dalen.
My beautiful mom is Daina Lau and my pops is Leonard Lau.

The Old Man
My father played football for the University of Hawai‘i. I’d like to thank my father because he pushes me and gets me to where ever I have to be, whether it’s North Shore at 6:00 a.m. or the airport at 4:00 a.m.

My home break is Kewalos.
My favorite wave in the world is Pipeline.
I ride for Volcom, Dragon, DVS, JS Surfboards, Dakine, Nixon watches, and FITTED.
I won the Open Juniors and Open Men’s divisions at the last NSSA at Sandy Beach.
My gnarliest experience in the water was at Pipe right before dark getting ready to catch my last wave in. It was about 8-to-10 feet, but kinda windy so it was a little harder than it would usually be. I was going for this one wave and I was kinda late getting into the wave, but it was too late to pull back and I just stood up on the top of the lip, then air dropped to the bottom and fell back. I got sucked back over, then I put my hands up to block my head, then ended up getting a pretty deep cut on my hand. I then came up for a breath and my board was broken so I took the next wave on the head, got rag dolled on the reef again, and cut up my legs and feet. I should have gotten stitches on my hand, but I had NSSA Reigonals the next day so I just taped it up and went.

My favorite surfer of all-time is Scotty Boi Quizon.
I listen to hip-hop music.
I read Surfer Magazine.
I love to watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air on TV.
I love the movie Friday.
I’m a Phoenix Suns fan because Steve Nash and Amari Stoudemire just dominate.
When I’m not surfing I’m training.

My career goal is to make it on the WCT and eventually win a world title.

Being a native Hawaiian surfer means that I am Hawaiian and we invented surfing so we just regulate. Haha. In the water I write things like “HAWAIIAN” on the bottom of my board. On land I go to an all Hawaiian school.

Volcom Team Manager and Surfing Coach Dave Riddle because he has brought me to the place I am today.