Keola Naka'ahiki Rapozo

Keola Naka'ahiki Rapozo
Favorite place in Hawaii?
Any place from mauka to makai as long as the soil is Hawaiian (20.182473,-157.675781)
One thing you can't live without?
My family
What are you doing when you aren't working?
Golfing!! Haha
Favorite FITTED hat?
What inspires you?
Hawaiian Culture / our people / the struggle / music / movies / books / architecture / art / design / technology / my son!!


Sunday, August 19th, 2018

To say you’re born and raised here is a special classification, adversely though the idea of going away to build your resumé and skillset is an all to often trade off. “Go learn the world, but my heart is here” plays at every of life’s toughest intersections. Ok, let’s reel this back from the ledge of seriousness. What I see happening in Hawaiʻi is fantastic. Creatives are finding their way through an alternative path of dream chasing while their wawae remain planted on this ʻaina. Take braddah Sheldon Simeon, the Hilo-born, Maui-living, father, husband, Top Chef, host of an online show, and continent-jumping entrepreneur! That’s what it takes in modern day Hawaiʻi to follow your dreams. With locals like this pursueing what they love and repping Hawaiʻi Ko paeʻaina to the fullest, it’s safe to say that the next generation will have great mentors to look up to!

Mahalo Braddah Sheldon!


Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

Billions in Change

Personally the idea of constant learning motivates me. Most importantly learning about myself and how I can be better for my Family and the people around me. Outside of that I am incredibly inspired by passion. Plain and simple passion for anything rules my thoughts. I cannot imagine my world without it. So I dig and dig and dig and dig, keeping my piko ī open for anything that comes across my antenna. Today a good friend of mine introduced me to Manoj Bharagav’s story. He is the creator of the 5hr energy drink. Now you may think “Oh that guy!” as did I previously. I have seen his story pop up in my daily before but never took the dive to actually learn about what this man is doing. In my head I come up with my own solutions to social change with my limited knowledge, usually referring to our ancestors and the simple technique of an Ahupuʻa. Or other various simple solutions for pre-contact society, again with my limited knowledge. So after taking the dive, I am even more inspired. Here is a guy that is worth 4 billion dollars and is giving away 99% of it for social change. Health / water / energy and even some for free. Although this is such a novel idea and most countries including ours will most likely find ways to sanction this. I think that the mere passion aspect is inspiring, but add the ideas, execution and ultimate goal. I think this could possibly be one of those moments in time were we can then reference (as an ahupuʻaʻa-esque idea) as a seismic shift in dealing with ideas about social change. It’s not political in nature, it’s more outlaw if anything. You can create your own opinion on what the new black is but what needs to be discussed is the need for solutions for real time issues.



Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

I have always said we need to position our self in places that we can snipe from angles. This is one of those angles! Pololei e Janet, Thank you for pushing yourself and creating a career that you continue to change perspectives! One thing to note, Janet clarifies her closing statement of video piece here in her editorial:

“**This has been updated to clarify my intended focus of this editorial, which has been Hollywood and mainstream media. The video piece is titled “Hollywood’s appropriation of Hawaiian culture” which is addressing an entire system that more often than not silences Native voices, rather truly includes Native voices. I am also aware that though I am centering Native Hawaiian/Kanaka Maoli voices, I do not wish to erase the presence of the people *of* Hawaii, who may not be Native, but who have contributed to local Hawaii culture which also embraces the concept of Aloha.”


Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo


Monday, May 4th, 2015

Been enjoying what the Kaplan boys are about since Rod Chmolack first brought them to the warehouse a couple of years ago. These guys carry some serious passion to life when it comes to their brand which is what we love and respect about them. Here is a quick launch video of what makes them who they are! Keep doing what you love boys!! enjoy…

Plate Lunch from Plate Lunch on Vimeo.


Tuesday, June 11th, 2013


Kamehameha day started in 1871 by Lot Kapuāiwa (Kamehameha Ilima), the great grandson of Kamehameha Ekahi; the great warrior who unified our pa’aina under one la’hui, one vision with peace and justice. Every year we have parades full of Paʻu riders, performers, lei, and other ceremonial regalia. Although through the years the parade lost some of its mana, no longer are anyone riding on horses. These days, we travel in other horses like Ford Mustangs and 18 wheeler flatbeds. Still, each and everyone in the parade is beaming with pride because to be apart of this nation of Kanaka is special… extremely special.

I packed up Banks and set up in front of the Kings Guard tent where some friends were taking care of their kuleana and keeping a watchful eye on the statue. Mahalo to ʻIokapo’o and the entire Kingdom of Hawaii Guards for the Aloha!



Thursday, June 6th, 2013

I love most things vintage; the stories and craft of mid-century pieces gets me flowing. Cars, archeticture, furniture, & household items to name a few are things built with the idea of function & form harmoniously weaved together. Watching this video makes me yearn for an open road jaunt in the vintage. For me it’s windows down, sunroof cracked hearing the tires on the road and the exhaust roaring. That’s a great time in my book. I wish we had more roads and longer destinations in the islands, but nevertheless it isn’t too bad to arrive at the beach with a cooler full!


Tuesday, June 4th, 2013


Thursday, May 30th, 2013


Monday, January 21st, 2013



Designer Maximo Riera, the same designer who created this Octopus chair is back once again with another eclectic chair design: The Toad Seat. Created out of tufted matte, this chair is a guaranteed head turner and conversation piece.


Thursday, December 20th, 2012


Read about this painstakingly made chair here.