Posted in ALOHA SERVED DAILY on October 31st, 2018 by Cuzzo


So took this guy out for quick papio troll. Funny story, so we about 15 mins in when I look back and see that the little whipping pole is bent over and pulling drag. That’s a good thing. Holla at my deck hand to “grab the pole and get the fish in the boat!”. He proceeded to get down on his knees and start reeling this fish in from the pole holder like it was a 200lb. marlin or something… I’m cracking the fuck up and tell him, “no… take it out of the pole holder and reel it in standing up”. OK he says then starts cranking the reel the wrong way… loosening the handle to the point where it comes off. Not a good thing. He looks over at me and says “yo your reel is fucked”. I grab the pole and see the mess, oh well gotta do this the old fashioned way. Throw the pole down on the deck and get to hand lining this little guy to the boat. Didn’t lose it. That’s a good thing! Cheers – RM

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