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Posted in ALOHA SERVED DAILY on May 7th, 2014 by JJ Parkz



Aloha all,

Had the pleasure of attending my long time homie, Lendell’s “Just Kickin’ It” Sneaker Garage Sale this past Sunday… Very dope event! I’m pretty happy about the morality amongst the sneaker community here locally. I’ve been seeing a lot of people throw out good deals and help each other lately… Keep it going guys!

PS – Sneaker Pimps x Dunkxchange coming to Hawaii soon! Who’s ready??? …Hit my e-mail if you need a table! Peace!


Asics Gel-Lyte III “Grape”




Best GR GL-III I’ve seen so far this year… Nice colors in all the right places, however, I do really wish they switched that Cordura-like, woven fabric with something else like perforated suede. I like the look of the Cordura, but it always tends to crease real easily.


Reebok Pump Battleground Retro



The images of these have been out for a while now; I was beginning to wonder if they were really ever gonna release them. Anyhow, slated for a May 9th release, I’m sure there’s a few folks who will be all over these! There’s always been something about the way the little bright orange basketball pump sits on that tongue… So iconic. Really diggin’ the white color way but I think these would end up being a hibernator (along with all my other Reebok Pumps) if I were to pick these up. Maybe I’ve been buying pumps specifically for nostalgic purposes? …who knows?!


Nike Flyknit Chukka with Lunarlon AM90 soles



Although I’d like to think of myself as an OG Purist (an enthusiast who prefers original things), I can also appreciate evolution. As dope as it is, when Nike introduced the AM90 Lunar soles, I had a tiny struggle getting used to it. As the owner of many Cole Haan Lunargrands and various Lunar Flyknits, I can understand Nike’s push to introduce the Lunarlon sole as a staple; They’re light, comfortable, and probably very cheap to make. With that being said, if Nike continues to release these Flyknit Chukkas with Lunar AM90 soles in other colors, I will give in (against my usual judgement) and give these a go!


Nike Air Huarache – Light Beige – Laser Crimson


Color way 100. Huaraches will forever have a comfortable spot in my top silhouettes list…


Nike SB Trainerendor SE “Sonic Yellow”


Trainerendors somehow quickly made it to my “favorites” categorization upon introduction to the sneaker world. I love how they aren’t overly played out and the design is really easy on the eyes. What I can appreciate about this color way specifically is that it’s definitely quite different from most “wild” palettes we’ve been seeing from Nike lately. Although the off colors, the shoe still manages to uphold a respectable look while providing a higher level of casual report and class. A1.


Jordan Future



What’s so good about these that random people can’t stop invading my earspace about em?! …Okay, that may be a tad to harsh of an opening comment about these, but I do think there’s a ridiculous, overly-brewed hype for a woven Chukka with a Jordan XI sole… And yes, they’re the same; just a lot more expensive… Think about it.


END x Saucony Shadow 5000 “Burger”


Great attention to detail regarding the packaging and presentation. Diggin’ the uniqueness of the color placement and also that it’s inspiration is represented properly through easy recognition. I pulled my sidecomb while getting booted online as I missed the UK release, but I’ll definitely be properly prepared for this weekend… BELEEEEEDAT!


Extra Butter x Saucony Shadow Master “Space Snack”



Field trips to the Bishop Museum (Hawaii heads know) were always my favorite because that would mean I’d get the chance to sneak away and buy some freeze dried astronaut ice cream! These are definitely A LOT better than the “Aces” they dropped a minute ago (no offense to anyone who liked those). The matching Publish x Extra Butter anorak is lookin’ pretty G too… Nice job EB!


Ronnie Fieg x Puma XT-2



OMG I NEED THESE NEW RONNIE FIEGS vs. An all white and all black pair of Pumas?! …Which are you? For all you leaning to the left, don’t forget to factor in that you weren’t ever wearing Pumas up until this year… Haha jk! I talk shit but I probably sit somewhere in the middle… Reasoning: RF knows wtf is up… Italian leather upper and calfskin lining (*insert Pusha T’s “yeuhhhhk!”). All whites and all blacks never go out of style…


adidas Y-3 Qasa Hi – Black


Love the Qasa, but “murdered out” might just be a tad to harsh for me… Anyhow, I hope they keep pumping new colors in these for a long while…


OLD SOLE, NEW TRICKS INTERVIEW: “Just Kickin’ It” Sneaker Garage Sale with @lenzizzle

OSNT // @lenzizzle Garage Sale from Kash Akamu on Vimeo.


Video featuring: @lenzizzle
Video by: @y2kash
Music by: @jimhurdle | @prizzyprie
Interview by: JJ Parkz | jared@fittedhawaii.com

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