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Aloha all,

Man oh man do I love the Holidays; it couldn’t have felt like a longer year! Anyhow, I wish all of you the best of Thanksgivings! Enjoy your friends and family as there is so much more than shoes to appreciate in this life… On another note, I finally gave in and started an @oldsolenewtricks Instagram so make sure to go check it out! Lastly, had the pleasure of adding an interview of the homie Keith Shell who’s spending his Thanksgiving in Afghanistan this year. Keith, although you’re away from your home and family, I know you’ll still have a wonderful Thanksgiving up there big homie! Glad I got to share a little about you from so far away!


Ronnie Fieg x New Balance 1600 “Daytona”




Just cause he can… for fun.


New Balance 574 OG Pack



Original shapes and vintage hues… word.


Shoe Gallery x Reebok Classic Leather “Flamingoes at War”


I can see what they went for with this one, but not quite feeling the shade of pink to be honest… Other than that, the gum sole and earth tones are pretty cool.


Air Jordan 5 “Oreo”


Amidst all the Thanksgiving confusion, don’t forget to pick up a pair of these clean black and whites! Big thanks to those who helped me on pairs for my lady and I… you know who you are.


Nike Air Force 1 Downtown Hi “Gum”



A fully gum sneaker?!?! I wanna laugh but this is pretty cool at the same time! hahaha! Too bad it’s an AF1 Hi silhouette because I probably would’ve needed to give the all gum a shot if it were in a dunk or AM1/90…


Nike SB Lunar One Shot


The shoe looks great! Nike also claims that this was built to be the most technically purposeful skate shoe to date… Only problem for me, I don’t care for all tonal neons… including Volt. I’m sure the black and whites of these will bang all day!


Offspring x Onitsuka Tiger “Camo Pack”



Onitsuka’s are always pretty cool… I’m diggin the mids but still a no cop for me…


Nike LeBron 11 “Akron vs. Miami”


I like that the inspiration of most LeBron’s have some sort of ties with his personal history. The 11’s definitely flaunt sneaker evolution, but I’m feeling like it’s a bit too early for most folks…


Stussy x Nike Trainerendor Low



Oh man these are fresh! Leave it to Stussy to attack the first project with this dope silhouette!


Nike Zoom Flight The Glove “Miami Heat”


I kinda wish the yellow stroke around the Swoosh was a different color, but oh well…


Nike Roshe Run Slip-On


Just when you thought they couldn’t push the Roshe Run much further…


Frank The Butcher / BAU x Reebok DMX Run


Cordura ballistic nylon and leather… Nice attention to detail…







Keith Shell

Nickname / AKA:



Queens, NY

Shoe size:

10.5 – 11.5

My hustle:

US Army for 15 years, currently in Afghanistan




How many years I’ve been in an affair with sneakers:

Been into kicks since about 91 stayed away from Jordans for a while growing up because I was a knicks fan. Owned a pair of Ewings before I had Jordans. First pair of Jordans I bought myself with my own money were Flint 13’s. It was a wrap after that.

How many pairs I own:

I’d say I own between 150-175 pairs. I have kicks in my storage unit in California, some in storage in Hawaii, some with a homie in Hawaii and a few with my wife in Virgina. I’m into anything NYC themed, especially orange n blue to rep the Knicks and Mets. I love Jordan 4’s also… I think I have 10-15 pairs of 4’s and 22 pair of foams.


photo_1 copy 2


My Holy Grail:

Simple, Galaxy Foams. I’m a Foamhead and that is top of the line for me.


photo_2 copy 2


My most despised footwear and why:

YEEZY’s. I could really care less for the design, but if I copped at retail, I probably still wouldn’t wear them. It’s the hype that kills me. I understand the hype on PE’s, limited drops, and samples, but Kanye’s shoe… nah son

Currently hunting for:

Paranorman foams!!! DB Foams!! DB 1,2,3, Lebron ASG 1,2,3, WTK 7, 8, KD 4 Aunt Pearls, and 6 Supreme. Also, my younger brother graduated from Christ the King High School in NY, so I’m trying to get all the Lebron CTK Collection… I have 3 so far.

Amazing sneaker-related story:

A pretty cool sneaker related story was when I copped my Lebron 4 CTK. I saw it on IG and it was none other then FJ Cruz selling. We emailed for a bit then I told him I’m in Hawaii and am part of ISX. He dropped the price when I told him my brother graduated from there. We met and chopped it up. It was so ironic that from IG I got one of my most sought after kicks from a local homie.


photo copy


If I had to choose ONE pair to wear for the rest of my life, it would be:

I would rock Dr. Doom foams for the rest of my life. It’s a simple foam, black and white, and could match with anything. They don’t crease and are hard to scuff. I would shut shit down for the rest of my life with those… I hope they never re release.


photo copy 2



Changes or surprises I’m hoping for in the sneaker world:

I wish that all people who buy and try to resell for more than $50 over retail on any release should be banned from all online groups and stick to craigslist.

A tip for my favorite footwear brand:

NIKE, stop making everything so damn limited.


photo_2 copy


Additional comments, shout-outs, big ups:

S/O HSS, ISX, & HSH FB Groups, Lebron Market Place, Team Albania and all the other groups that I buy from. S/O the Homies Brian Kajiyama, Ronald Cahubut, Erick Reichard, Desean Whitehurst, Anthony Lejocak, and all the other dudes that have hooked me up. Lastly, a huge s/o to the homie Spenser who has my kicks. He’s camped, copped online, and picked up by mail, all my kicks since I’ve been gone that dude has held me down like a brother I owe him big time.





IG @mr_shellz


photo_1 copy


A question for Parkz:

Mr_Shellz: I got less then a year left in Hawaii I need a custom done bad!!!!

Parkz: Haha! We’ve been talking about that for a while now, huh? I apologize for my procrastination! We’ll work on that when you get back!


Interview by: JJ Parkz

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