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Aloha all,

Well… It’s seems like this is my 23rd Old Sole, New Tricks post… It’s hard to believe I’ve had the blessing of interviewing so many interesting people and friends within the sneaker community. It’s been fun so far and I can’t wait for the interviews ahead! With that being said, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing another friend of mine this week, who continues to do big things for not only the Sneaker World, but for urban culture as well… Please make sure to catch my walaʻau session with Curtis “Dirty Curty” Brown of the DXC (Dunkxchange) internationally traveling sneaker and entertainment show below!


Also, in case you’ve missed the previous DXC events out here in Hawaii, here’s the flyer for the next one coming up on the 17th… This one is going to be HUGE!

photo 1

photo 2



Air Jordan VI “Thief’s Theme” Custom by Parkz

THIEFS4 copy

THIEFS1 copy

THIEFS3 copy

THIEFS2 copy

THIEFS5 copy

Just finished a #parkzcustoms for a buddy of mine… Thought it’d be appropriate to post this week, due to it being OSNT Volume 23. What do you guys think?


Air Jordan 1 AJKO – 2014 Retro


Why do I feel like JB retro’s AJKO’s every year?! Classic shoe, nevertheless…


Air Jordan 6 GS “Infrared”


My lady is gonna be quite happy about these releasing in Grade School sizes…


Jordan 6 Rings “Elephant” – Black – Orange – Navy


Never cared for 6 Rings… For those who do, here’s the next!


Nike Doernbecher 2013 Collection


New collection of Doernbecher’s coming up! Like majority of you, my favorites are the Jordan X’s and Foams…


Nike Air Max 1 “Night Run” – Summit White – Black – Volt


All these “new-aged” looking runners are starting to burrow quite a niche in the sneakerworld these days… Nonetheless, I always enjoy evolution.


Nike NSW Free Trainer 5.0 – Grey – Pink


I like things that are different… Not too fancy, not too boring. Might need a pair of these for the closet…


Nike Air Max 90 SneakerBoot NS – Royal Blue – Black


Seems like they’re pushing these SneakerBoots pretty hard… Speckle love with a 3M flare… tight.


Pendleton x NIKEiD Collection


Been a big fan of Pendleton for a long time now and glad to finally see Nike working with them steadily now…


BEAMS x Nike Blazer Mid VNTG


Another BEAMS quickstrike? …Was lucky enough to receive a pair of their last Nike Air Maxes so I think I’m cool on these.


Packer Shoes x Saucony Hangtime “Snake”


Another upcoming sneaker collaboration with Packer Shoes… Teaser looks dope. Can’t wait to see the whole project!


DQM x Vans “Herringbone Twill” Pack


Loving the ‘distressed’ look here… The premium laces are a really nice addition as well.


WHIZ LIMITED x mita sneakers x New Balance MRT580


Star-shaped perforations and premium leather with a contrasting stitch?! Word.


Converse Aero Jam


I guess it’s never too late to join the party, right? Old school hoop sneakers are the shizz…


Asics GT-II – Navy – Grey – Red


Please please pleeease keep the pebble leather as a constant, Asics!!! These are too clean!


Asics Gel Lyte III – Maroon – Blue


Another favorite of mine from Asics new line of Gels…



OLD SOLE, NEW TRICKS INTERVIEW: Curtis Brown | International Sneaker Ambassador, Organizer of Cool, Oil to the Machine



Curtis Brown

Nickname / AKA:

Dirty Curty but my brothers call me Curt.

Shoe size:


My hustle:

I am Co Owner of the DXC (Dunkxchange), one of the creators of the new lifestyle event Park and Wreck, and Co Founder of Rushmore Trading Co.



photo 3


About DXC:

The DXC was founded in 2005 as a function to help eliminate the fakes around the marketplace. It was a way for the consumer to see the product in person and take part in a live buy, trade, and sell environment. Essentially it was a live EBAY/Niketalk/ISS for all the OG heads that read this. We started in Brea, CA in a little spot called Bar 330. Really, it was never intended to set the standard for the buy, trade, and sell industry and we never expected to have so many people come. We felt it was going to be a local thing and let our friends and fellow shoe people get together to have a safe place to do business.

The next DXC Hawaii Event is Nov 17th at the Blaisdell Expo Hall (More information at the top)






How many years I’ve been in an affair with sneakers:

I can’t call it an affair because everyone has known about my love for kicks. It all started in about 5th grade when I got my first pairs of jordans. I couldn’t sleep the night before school because I was so excited to wear em.

How many pairs I own:

At one point, over 500. Through theft and selling some of them, I’m down to about 300 or a little more.

My Holy Grail:

Hmmmmm… Has to be the Jordan 11. I think that is about 75% of the worlds favorite sneaker, but I have my own reasons. Growing up, I would go home from school and watch WGN, the local Chicago station back in the day. They broadcasted all the Bulls games and I was able to see all the Jordans. I dont even think it is around anymore, and if it is, it’s no longer broadcasted around the country. I remember one day I caught wind of the Jordan 11 Concords. I think I saw them in a magazine and I was in love. I showed my mom and she laughed and said there’s no way she’d get them for me because patten leather cracks. I made sure that I defied her by doing all the research I could and called all the nike stores around to line up my pair. I pretty much did a report for my mom showing her they wouldn’t crack and why I really needed them. That was the most effort I have done on anything up to that point. It was pure dedication and it was all because that shoe was, and still is my favorite.

My most despised footwear and why:

Hmmm… I dont like those shoes that look like you have just a sock on and it has toes on them. I really think they are ugly and pointless. Just rock it natural if you want to do something like that.




Currently hunting for:

1st series SBs in a 12 or 13 and that is all.

If I had to choose ONE pair to wear for the rest of my life, it would be:

I would probably choose the Koston 1s. I live in them and wear them everyplace I go. I rocked my all black ones in a wedding and wear them to all the events; You name it, I have been to it in the Kostons. They are just super clean, simple, and comfortable. Something so comfortable and dope looking doesn’t usually work, but I think Nike got it perfect on that one.




Amazing sneaker-related story:

I coach High school basketball. I have had the privilege of working with kids for the past 10 years plus. Every so often you come across someone in need and who cant afford sneakers. Because of the position I am in, I have been able to become friends with people at various brands. About a year ago I was up on the Nike Campus and I was talking with a couple of my friends in the basketball department. My coaching came up and we starting to talk about kids who can play but come from a harder background than most. At that time I had a kid on my team who had no support from home, but was a great kid. He was super smart and well behaved, but he was playing in running shoes with no grip. I brought that up to the Nike guys and they gave me some sample basketball shoes in his size, along with a few pairs of elite socks so he could have something to play in. It was a great experience to know that the Nike guys and I were able to make a kids day.




Changes or surprises I’m hoping for in the sneaker world:

I really want a change in the way the young kids do things and the way the new people who are not young, do things. The young kids come up with the mentality of making money and following trends. They have no education on what they have on, why it was created, who wore it, and the story behind it. I want the young kids to know what and why they are buying things and to buy them for the love and not money. When the DXC started, things were so different. With the older cats, its only about the love. The new guys who are over 25 or 30 that are getting into sneakers now are doing it for the dollars. I get bothered by that because it takes away the ability for people who actually want them for a reason, to be able to get them.

A tip for my favorite footwear brand:

Please sponsor my events. Thank you.


photo 1

photo 2



Additional comments, shout-outs, big ups:

I feel like I’m Bryant gumble giving my little closing comment on that HBO sports show haha. The culture has taken a huge turn for the worst, all because people who are in control of the shoes have allowed it to happen. If stores would stop selling 30 pairs at a time to people, I think resellers would not be so common and more people could get things they wanted. I hope that the culture starts to regognize it; Not just the OGs, but the young kids too. The new guys are the face of our culture now. When the DXC started, most of the kids who attend the events were about 6 or 7 years old they knew nohting about what we did back in the day. Also, I still feel they dont know the true meaning of a sneaker head. I just hope things change for the better and as a group of people who are dedicated to this culture, we can start to change things up a little.

I wouldnt be able to say any of this if it wasnt for the first years of the DXC; The people who truly made this happen. Gary, my business partner, for one and all the heads who started with us. Jeff from Rif, Rodney, White Chris, the Twins, Robert from ISS, Charles from Hater Kicks, Frank from the old brand Feetus, and all the others I can’t name. It has been one hell of a ride and has taken me places I have never dreamed of going… Sneakers did that. Its really amazing to think that, and I am blessed to have a lot of people I call friends because of what I put on my feet.





IG: @dunkxchange @parkandwreck @rushmoretradingco
Twitter: @dunkxchange @parkandwreckfest @rushmoretradingco
FB: dunkxchange, parkandwreckfest and rushmoretradingco
E-mail: curtis@dunkxchange.com

A question for Parkz:

Curtis: Make sure this is spell checked LOL

Parkz: Got you brotha! haha!


Interview by: JJ Parkz

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