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Fresh off our trip to South Kona last month Capri and I got a last minute invite to North Kona with Kema and the gang, more specifically to Jeff and Lissa’s compound in Kiholo. Since I had been there only once before and the Big island seems to have really gotten in my blood lately I thought it a wise decision to except the invite. Kristen’s work schedule can be quite demanding at times and she was unable to get the weekend off so it would be Capri and I alone on this one. No problemo as you know already Capri is plenty fine rolling hard with the boys and I always love investing in her adventure education. After enjoying a few pre-flight cocktails at the HNL airport before boarding time it came to my attention that this trip was put together to celebrate Kema’s birthday… oh boy. So while most people on Oahu were stuck in Friday traffic we were jetting out to the Kona Coast to rough it for a few days, rough being a loose term of course. Arriving at the house in the dark had me counting the hours until dawn, I couldn’t wait to show Capri the natural beauty or wait for her to feel the solace that Kiholo is known for. First light did not disappoint.

The boys came packing some serious dive gear, Kamea’s spear gun looked deadly and I think the two fat Uhus he shot will concur. While Jeff and the boys took to the water Lissa took to Capri like only a true Auntie would. You see Lissa’s family has owned this property since before she was born and she has been spending many of her favorite times here since then. Lissa shared her childhood fishing hole which just happens to be in the backyard with Capri and treated her to a gyotaku of the catch… memories I tell ya. The house itself is nestled in between a historic fishpond and a beautiful blue lagoon and local legend says that King Kamehameha’s bones are resting in a secret underwater cave somewhere in the area… kinda heavy.

With no electricity available it kept everyone off their instabrags and in the moment, good thing to because there are plenty of amazing sights to enjoy in Kiholo. Each day brought us crispy glassy mornings, lazy afternoons and balmy nights mix in a constant supply of ice chilled coconuts and cuzzo lights and I ask… do you need more? It is easy to become dull from routine and getting off the grid for a moment no matter how short it may be seems to be what keeps me sharp and I think all in attendance will agree with that sentiment. Happy Birthday Kema until the next one. – RM























Oh yeah almost forgot… this hat Capri is wearing, Kema made it… he is native like that.


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