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Posted in ALOHA SERVED DAILY on August 21st, 2013 by JJ Parkz



Aloha all!

Hope all is well with everyone out there in the Sneaker World! Been a pretty busy week for me thus far, but it’s looking like a fun lineup as far as releases go… To the few who are in line to get “Glow IV’s” this morning, good luck! Also, great interview (below) this week with a very humble individual whose collecting traits I admire very much… Be sure to check it out!


LACEDUPHI | Maui, Hawaii (Event)




First of all, I know I’m a few weeks late with this, but I ran into a few good friends from About The Goods last night and thought it’d be cool to throw up a few pictures from the event. I regret not flying out for this as I got caught up last minute and couldn’t hop on a plane… Although I missed it, I was not only  happy to hear that the event was successful, but that there’s a strong sneaker community out in Maui as well! Also, caught a few FITTED hats in the event recap photos (above) that I found on the About The Goods site… Shouts to @werdupstu, @akkkinup808, @tittahbyte, and @took_hnla! Good people doing Good things… be sure to go check them out and peep the rest of the event coverage!


Hanon x Onitsuka Tiger Colorado 85 “Northern Liites”


Really diggin’ this color way… Original, poppy, and clean. Pick em up at Hanon on the 31st…


Reebok Blacktop Battleground



Keep digging Reebok! These are looking funky (in a good way, of course)!


Nike Air Max Thea Woven




Wait… Are these womens or did Nike just answer my prayers for this silhouette in mens sizing?! The Atomic Red one is nasssty!


Nike Air Safari


I feel like the “sleepers” in every collection are just as important as the “heat.” Here’s a “sleeper” for you… Approve.


UNDFTD x CLOT x Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star


Three reputable names and one classic silhouette with a twist… Probably won’t hunt these down, but that’s enough to get me interested.


Vans DQM General Store Boston




Very cool.


Common Sense x New Balance MRL996SY


Bright and beautiful… This is a perfect example of the saying: “less is more.” Get it at Caliroots on the 24th…


Kanye in Vans?!



Shared a good laugh with a buddy of mine about this (*inside joke)… WTAPS is just THAT dope (*outside NON joke). Ups to the hard-workers over there!



OSNT (1)



Nickname / AKA:

FJ Cruz, FJ, “eff”, Ray Allen (LOL my friends are too kind sometimes)

Shoe size:


OSNT (2)


Licensed Therapist; Director of Rehab Services (Waianae Coast)

How many years I’ve been in an affair with sneakers:

circa 1996… so, 17 years-ish? It all started in middle school when our whole team decided to wear the same kicks for league: the Nike Air Penny 2 ‘Atlantic Blue’… Wow. <3

How many pairs I own:

According to my Excel spreadsheet? Exactly 143… Lol sometimes people assume I would have more, but growing older means growing responsibilities. And, with my wedding coming up later this year (November 9th!!! Ahh!!!), I’ve actually been selling quite a bit over the last year to prepare… It’s alright though. Quality > quantity.

OSNT (7)

OSNT (6)

Amazing sneaker-related story:

Idk about “amazing”, but it’s the funniest one I can remember… 2006. Defining Moments Pack. Southcenter Mall. Seattle, Washington. Foot Locker was located in the middle of the mall, which has eleventy billion entrances. Nobody knew which doors were gonna open first, so the lines were 100+ deep at every entrance. The mall doors finally open, the lines go to hell, and it’s every hypebeast for themselves in a mad dash towards the center of the mall. Along the way, you see the flood of sprinters from all the other mall entrances running towards the same store. This lady running in front of me trips, falls, rolls, her purse explodes its contents in the air, & she is immediately hurdled by 2 guys. Her son, without losing his stride, glances over his shoulder and yells “$#!*%, get up, Mom! We’re gonna lose!”… LMAO~ I nearly died of laughter… while sprinting… in Space Jams! Lol I may have missed out on the release that day but it’s making memories like that with lifelong friends that mean more to me than the shoes themselves. (And the kid who didn’t care about his mom’s well-being? He got the last pair in the store! Lol the thirst is real!)

Holy Grail and why:

Air Jordan “Space Jam” 11 (XI)… Loved the shoe. Loved the movie. Loved the soundtrack! Haha. Also, the movie came out during my 8th grade year, the shoes originally released during my Junior year, & those were the 2 years I was voted to be the basketball team’s captain. My jersey number both years? 11 (XI). Too perfect, right?! Sure, I have rarer stuff, but no shoe on the planet could mean more. In my opinion, your most prized shoe should be determined by factors other than just market value.

If I had to choose ONE pair to wear for the rest of my life, it would be:

Duh. Space Jams! Aside from the shoe’s nostalgia & obvious oozing sex appeal, you can wear a black/white shoe with everything, you can exercise in them, & the patent leather gives them a “classy” look for formal occasions! Besides, I can’t think of anything I’d rather be wearing when the zombie apocalypse happens. It’s aesthetically pleasing, nostalgia-inducing, & functionally versatile? Win-win-win.

OSNT (3)

Most despised footwear and why:

Lol I feel like there are some brands/styles I couldn’t pull off, but I don’t “despise” any footwear, really. Sneakers are one of the many ways people can express their individuality, so there’s really no reason for hate. To each, his own!

Currently hunting for:

A more appropriate question would be: “Currently hiding from…” Lol saving for a wedding is hard! In the “unobtainable” category, I would say: Ray Allen Air Jordan 5 (V) Player Exclusive “Home” version. In the “obtainable” category, I’m super stoked for the retro of the Nike Air Zoom Flight ’98 “The Glove”. Aside from Michael Jordan, I also grew up as a huge Gary Payton fan. Doing my undergrad & grad school work in Seattle only grew my affinity for the emerald city, so it’s only natural that I cop multiples of every colorway that comes out, right? Haha~ Save our Sonics!

OSNT (4)

Changes or surprises I’m hoping for in the sneaker world:

Honestly, I wish people would just stop bickering. At the end of the day, it’s just a hobby. They’re just shoes. It’s a luxury to have what we have. Stop thinking you’re better than the next guy because of what you have or what they don’t. Use your resources to help others instead of bragging to make yourself feel important. Stop calling people “hypebeasts” to belittle them. We’ve all been bitten by the ‘hype bug’ at one point or another. Calling people names accomplishes nothing & you look like a douchebag. Stop whining about resellers. More people are into collecting than ever before & shoe companies don’t care how long you’ve been collecting, so stop acting like the world owes you something. Newbies’ money is just as green as yours. Work hard for what you want or pay the person who worked harder than you did.

If everyone stopped worrying about what everyone ELSE was doing, the sneaker world would be a better place. The only collection you should strive to be better than is the one you had yesterday.*

(*unless you’re saving for a wedding)

Additional comments, shout-outs, big ups:

I would like thank God first & foremost for making this possible… (Lol idk, I’ve just always wanted to say that) …Actually though, I am very thankful for having had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people through the sneaker scene. The first shout out goes to the vast Hawaii fam: #WahBap, HSS, HSH, & SGHI… that includes a throwback to all of you who remember the ISS Hawaii Thread & Forums Hawaii! Lol… Shout out to the Seattle fam: “GO DAWGS!” & “Save Our Sonics!”… Shout out to the global $.F.U. (Sneaker Fiends United) group. It’s an honor & a privilege to rep the squad. Seriously, every sneaker group needs to be like $.F.U. ~ the unselfishness I’ve seen in that group amongst complete strangers is unheard of… (a testament to the types of members in that group is the fact that 2 other members have already been featured on this blog!)

And, of course, big ups to Mr. JJ Parkz & Fitted for letting me share some of my story. I hope to meet more collectors through this blog & out in that crazy world of ours! Happy hunting, y’all!

OSNT (5)


IG: @ayoitsfjcruz
FB: FJ Cruz
Email: effjaycee@gmail.com
Tumblr: http://i-clearly-must-be-bored.tumblr.com/

A question for Parkz (by FJ Cruz): What made you start featuring different people on your blog?

Well FJ, I never really noticed how many great sneaker-related stories I was able to sift through within my memories until I actually sat down and gave it some thought (a week prior to releasing my first interview on this OSNT blog). While recalling a lot of both fun and rough times, I realized that sneakers meant a lot more to me than I expected; and not in such a materialistic way, but more of how the lifestyle had so many affects on my growth as a person. Collecting and loving sneakers has taught me so many minuscule things, but all those have added up and contributed to my character and everyday routines. Realizing this then led me to understand that I wasn’t the only one who may have the same feelings toward sneakers. All in all, not to sound corny but I feel so close to my footwear… haha! Each of my pairs have a different story to tell, whether it’s about where I’ve been, what I’ve done or accomplished in them, how I got them, etc. These are the stories I hope to capture in my interviews of fellow footwear lovers… It stems from nothing more than a strange passion and love for it all. Like many (including you) have mentioned in the interviews prior to this, we all seem to take away something from collecting sneakers that doesn’t necessarily relate directly to sneakers (good friends, fond memories, etc.). On a second note, I also felt it was important to share interviews with specific people (like yourself) to show other existing “sneakerheads” the different values and perceptions we all have towards collecting. Lately, there seems to be a lot of judging in our “(sneaker) world” that is unnecessary and a waste of time. Maybe these interviews will leave lasting impressions on someone who may find something intriguing…? Lastly, these interviews hopefully entertain those who have no clue or idea about our specific passion. While everyone has their own hobby/lifestyle/passion, it’s always interesting to grow knowledge or understanding of anything unknown, no matter how irrelevant it is to your life… Thanks for the question!

Interview by: JJ Parkz

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