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Aloha all!

Well here marks the 10th OSNT blog post thus far… I hope all of you are enjoying reading this as much as I enjoy putting it together. Although I’ve only posted a handful of interviews, it’s very refreshing to learn about people who share a common passion. I know it’s not the greatest or most technical sneaker read around, but it’s fun sharing my thoughts and friends with all of you. With that being said, I’m always happy to hear any comments, suggestions, or criticism! jared@fittedhawaii.com

Enjoy OSNT:X! Peace.


Nike SB: Brian Anderson


New SB model for Nike team rider Brian Anderson… With this SB model and P Rod’s newer SB models looking a bit more on the “runners” side of style, could this be a solidification that the “skater look” is evolving? One thing we can count on is that the Lunarlon sole equals comfort as well as a hefty price tag…


Air Jordan Retro IV – Glow


August 17th… Good luck.


Air Jordan V Retro – “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”


I’ve noticed “Fresh Prince” customs have been making quite the noise for some time now. I guess it only seems fitting for JB to release an actual “Fresh Prince” inspired sneaker, right? I’m just glad these aren’t over the top…


Mark Your Calendars…


11/02/13 Air Jordan 5 Retro
136027-189 White/Varsity Maize-Varsity Royal-Black
$160.00 – Men’s
$115.00 – Gradeschool
$75.00 – Preschool
$55.00 – Toddler
$45.00 – Infant



12/14/13 Air Jordan 12 Retro
130690-125 White/Black-Taxi
$160.00 – Men’s
$115.00 – Gradeschool
$75.00 – Preschool
$55.00 – Toddler
$45.00 – Infant



12/28/13 Air Jordan 1 Retro Hi OG
555088-023 Black/Varsity Red-White



12/21/13 Air Jordan 11 Retro
378037-006 Black/Gamma Blue-Black-Varsity Maize
$185.00 – Men’s
$115.00 – Gradeschool
$75.00 – Preschool
$55.00 – Toddler
$45.00 – Infant



10/12/13 Nike LeBron XI
616175-700 Parachute Gold/Arctic Green-Dark Loden-Black
$200.00 – Men’s
$140.00 – Gradeschool
$70.00 – Preschool
$50.00 – Toddler


Air Jordan Retro V – “Fear Pack”


Hurt em, JB!


Nike Free Flyknit – Live Knitting on Billboard in Shanghai



Marketing 101. Crazy.


Nike Air Huarache OG – size? Exclusive



size? always does a pretty nice job with their Nike Collaborations… Always loved the Huarache as its comfort is amazing… Approve.


Mita Sneakers X adidas Originals SS – “Mita Python”


There will ALWAYS be a special place in my Sole for Shell Toes… Thank you, Mita.


adidas ZX 9000 OG – Turquoise


I’m always a sucker for a beautiful OG color way…


CNCPTS X New Balance 998 Sample


This right here… A+.


Sneaker News Select Collections: Khalli Vegas


You think you have heat? Guess again… And don’t even think about justifying the strength of your collection with GR Retro Jordans and Roshes! Personal gems gets love from me any day… Much envy and respect for you Mr. Vegas. Click!


WTAPS X Vans Vault Collection


I’ve always had a watchful eye for WTAPS as the aesthetic of the brand always attracted me. However, it wasn’t until this past year that I was introduced to Ken Williams (currently a great friend to me, coworker here at FITTED, and WTAPS employee), who taught me a little about this foreign brand and their amazing uniqueness to detail. Anyhow, to keep things short, I encourage you to read this as it is a great interview! Tap. Tap. Kill.


adidas Originals House Of Mutombo – “The Journey” Pt. 1 (Video)


Paging Dr. Drain! Dr. Drain is calling for rain! (Video)


OLD SOLE, NEW TRICKS INTERVIEW: Brian Kajiyama | “Not your typical sneakerhead… Considering my kicks don’t touch the ground much”




Brian Kajiyama

Nickname / AKA:

B, Brian, “hey you!”

Shoe size:


My hustle:

Lecturer at the University of Hawaii’s College of Education’s Department of Special Education

How many years I’ve been in an affair with sneakers:

Since intermediate school, I really wanted British Knights, since they had my initials, “BK” on the shoe! My parents weren’t happy paying about $60 for shoes.

How many pairs I own:

Too many, it’s becoming problematic! Really!

Amazing sneaker-related story:

I was determined to get the DMP when it first dropped, so I called Footlocker and asked about security and how early I could get there. I also asked about the safety of others because if the crowd rushed, I was determined to rush, too! Running people over, I NEEDED the XIs and VIs! The XIs are my favorite sneakers. Something about it just captures me and I loved watching Jordan play in his sneakers. I missed out on the Concord XIs when they first dropped, so this was my “second chance.” I arrived around 3:30am, my mom has to be the best mom a son could have, and I brought my younger sister along so she could help carry the box IF I got them. There was a fairly large crowd at 3:30am, keep in mind this is pre-hyperbeast days. But everyone was really nice and Erick Reichard was one of the first to tell the crowd to make space so I could head to the front of the line. As I sat there until the store opened, I couldn’t believe I was about to get Concords! The Footlocker workers all knew me and they said, “Hey, I’m glad you’re getting this!” I got them and my sister was nice enough to take them home on TheBus, and I headed up to the University of Hawaii to get to class. I made sure I was NOT missing any classes! My plan is to wear one of the pairs for MY wedding and the other pair will be rocked for another special occasion. I rock what I cop and this pack are the ONLY shoes I haven’t busted out, yet.

Holy Grail and why:

KD IV Weathermans because I’m a big fan of Kevin Durant. He’s a great player but remains very humble and just is classy. He took time to visit Moore, OK after the devastating tornadoes and donated a million of his own money to the rescue efforts and got Nike to match that contribution. Weathermans are green, and I love green… probably because I love the Hawaii Warriors! But the design on that shoe is so detailed; I’m disappointed I slept on that release! Now, I highly doubt I’ll own a pair, as the prices are through the roof!

Most despised footwear and why:

I don’t really despise any footwear. I love how diverse the shoe game can be and I’m a big fan of rocking what YOU like! Not everyone will love your footwear and that’s totally fine!

If I had to pick one pair for the rest of my life, it would be:

Stealth Foamposites because they’re super durable and aren’t too flashy. I still can wear them to work or speaking engagements and not have people just staring at my feet the whole time.

Currently hunting for:

A girlfriend! In terms of sneakers, I would love to come across an affordable pair of LBJ 8 South Beaches!

Changes or surprises I’m hoping for in the sneaker world:

I would LOVE to see the sneaker world evolve into being ONE united community, where there is no hating or trying to one up the next person. I also hope the days of resellers come to an end. We, as a sneaker community, need to remember we are truly blessed to be able to purchase shoes! Some can’t even afford slippers to go to school! We just need to have more “aloha” in the sneaker world!




Additional comments, shout-outs, big ups:

Shoutout to Jared a.k.a. JJ Parkz for doing all he does for the sneaker scene in Hawaii, props to my global shoe community – $neaker F!ends United, props to Hawaii Sneakerheads and Mayor Ron, Mykee, Tyler, big ups to my homies Spenser, Chris, Kaelen and everyone else who has helped me enjoy being a small part of the sneaker scene in Hawaii. My story is unique, in that I would be the last person you’d think would be into sneakers, being that I use a motorized chair, but I’m blessed to meet some amazing individuals through a common passion that just happens to be sneakers. Sneakers will fall apart, but the friendships forged will remain forever! Here’s a short glimpse into who I am: http://yellowmetal.tv/june/kajiyama.html


IG: @bkajiyama
Twitter: @briankajiyama
FB: brian.kajiyama
E-mail: brian.kajiyama@facebook.com
Web: http://yellowmetal.tv/june/kajiyama.html

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