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Posted in ALOHA SERVED DAILY on July 31st, 2013 by JJ Parkz



Aloha all!

As usual, a lot of good releases keep smothering us all… If you’ve missed out on the original online release, don’t forget that Nike plans on restocking Air Jordan Doernbecher III’s sometime in the near future! For those of you who think the same problem with bots will happen again, sorry to say but this release will be unannounced. Hopefully this will allow everyone a fair chance at these bad boys! For those of you in Hawaii, I hope you’ve been keeping your kicks away from our new friend, Flossie… Cheers!


Hanon X Reebox Classic Leather “Aberdeen Leopards”


Inspired by the Aberdeen, Scotland coat of arms, these classic sneakers do a great job of flaunting a beautiful color way. I can appreciate that the leopard pattern quietly lines the inside of each sneaker while being the deadly addition to the fullness of the design. Releasing Saturday, August 3rd here


Nike Mayfly Woven QS


Weighing just a handful of ounces, this woven offers a clean and edgy look. Also in Midnight Navy and Bronze color ways… Nice.


Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Asteroid” and Nike Air Foamposite One “Safari”



Can’t say that I like these at all, but I am glad that Nike has been popping their creative Foam bubble recently…


Opening Ceremony X Forfex FX Killer




Not a huge fan of Chuck Highs as I prefer the Lows, however, I am a fan of anything different… Find em here.


Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star “Hawaiian Pack”


Another “Hawaiian” Pack?!?! Crush. Kill. Destroy. Stress.


Air Jordan 3 Retro – Legends / Red October Rumor


Praying that the word is true…


Air Jordan IV “Prism” Preview




Clarks Wallabee Run


Found these gems over at Kith


adidas Originals “The House of Mutombo” Teaser (video)


OLD SOLE, NEW TRICKS INTERVIEW: Mark J Rod | Sneaker Photographer


243_365 05-18-13 Kobe System Inspired



Mark J Rod

Nickname / AKA:

MJRod, MJ, Rod

Shoe size:



US Navy since 2005-Current / Part Time Photographer


255_365 05-30-13 What The POW WOW HAWAII

Kobe 8 Mambacurial 04


How many years I’ve been in an affair with sneakers:

Since 1997; I was 12 years old and had an instant love with the OG Release Air Jordan Playoff 12… The first Air Jordan my Pops bought me… Just that feeling of rocking the same shoe as your childhood hero while he dominated… I also had Pennys, Grant Hills, Iversons and Kamikazes growing up. I followed the Kicks section in the back pages of Slam Magazine religiously during my childhood, but I didn’t get deep into serious buying/collecting until the Nike Zoom Kobe IV in 2009. I’ve been a lifelong Laker/Kobe fan, but that shoe made me take notice of the Kobe line, even though I had Adidas Kobes and Nike Zoom Kobe I… The successor, Zoom Kobe V completely made me an addict… I bought 43 pairs of those, lol…

How many pairs I own:

About 230 pairs, 174 pairs of Kobes… I’m a Kobe addict… haha


220_365 04-25-13 Nike Zoom Kobe IV (Black-Red)


Amazing sneaker-related story:

I’ve gotten too many over the years, but I’ll say social networking in general; from the old school forums to Facebook… As Steve Jobs would say, “It just works!”
I met a lot of good friends locally and on the mainland because of it. The more good people you know, the easier it is to collect and buy sneakers. Just remember the unwritten rule: don’t expect hookups if you can’t return the favor, even if it’s a good friend or acquaintance… Take care of your connects…

Holy Grail and why:

My holy grail is simple… My 2 favorite basketball players: Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant… So naturally, I’ll pick my favorite shoes from each player, the Air Jordan XII Playoffs, the Nike Zoom Kobe IV MLK, and the Nike Zoom Kobe V Bruce Lees…


263_365 06-07-13 - One and Only Jordan (Retired Jordanhead)

235_365 05-10-13 Nike Zoom Kobe IV (MLK)

Nike Zoom Kobe V Bruce Lee 02


Most despised footwear and why:

I don’t despise any type of shoe at all… I love those who rock General Releases, underrated Kicks or other brands. I believe in individuality. Each person’s personality is different, so why should your feet be any different? Don’t rock shoes because of what’s popular. What I do despise though, that is hype! If you copping to rock, no problem… Just don’t buy sneakers with the intention of making money. This is an expensive hobby and we have real jobs for that…

Currently hunting for:

Older Kobes… I was a young, financially challenged Service Member during the Nike Huarache 2K4, 2K5 to the Zoom Kobe 1, II & III, so I wasn’t able to buy much… It doesn’t help that I was deployed twice during that period. Also, looking for OG and 2004 Air Jordan XII Playoffs…

Changes or surprises I’m hoping for in the sneaker world:

Too many, but I’ll just say first of all, The Hawaii sneaker culture is too divided in my humble opinion… You’ve got too many crews and groups and we pretty much do our own thing… It’s okay to have pride in your crew, but we are all Ohana here… Together, we can do much more… Let us keep putting Hawaii on the map! And on a boarder note, I would love to take it back to how it use to be, but it’s a challenge to even think about it… The Sneaker culture is too mainstream now. Another thing, more people should buy what they like. I see too many followers these days…

Additional comments, shout-outs, big ups:

Shout out to my HSSBU Elite fam, HawaiiDreamTeam Crew, HSS, My OG Niketalk/ISS Forum Heads & SGHI… Don’t want to say individual names, as I have met and communicated with too many real, great sneakerheads in the 808 and I would hate to have to leave anyone out…


174-365 03-10-13 Cork UNDS Party



E-Mail: mjrod1985@gmail.com
Web: www.flickr.com/mjrod1985
IG/Twitter: @mjrod1985


Nike Zoom Kobe VII (Invisibility Cloaks)


A question for Parkz: What do you think us heads in Hawaii can do to make the local sneaker community even stronger?

I’m not quite sure I’m the right person to be answering this question, but I’ll try my best… In my opinion, it’s quite simple; pretty much acting upon everything you’ve just stated. The thing is, having everyone come together and help each other while buying only what each individual likes and not for the Sole purpose of making money is a lot to ask for… Unfortunately, I don’t think this will ever truly happen. There will always be a bad side to things because thats just the way the world stays in rotation. Instead of fighting this new generation of sneaker madness, I like to perceive it in a positive way as much as my mind allows me to. “The Game” is like a story book; without a climax or some sort of conflict, the story gets boring… This is why it’s called “The Game.” Instead of shunning upon how others treat this sneaker craze, life, or whatever that individuals perspective may be, just accept it and simply have fun with it. Enjoy the struggle of weaving through hype and negative individuals you may cross paths with along the way, and you will build a lifelong treasure chest of stories and satisfaction with every sneaker you add to your collection. On a more specific note, the “Heads” out here locally have very much surprised me thus far. Whether we realize it or not because we’re in the thick of things, Hawaii has been able to naturally build a ridiculously huge sneaker community that hosts individuals (like yourself, Mark) who genuinely care about what happens to fellow collectors out here. The reason I’ve recently started posting these interviews is so I can share the stories and views of genuine people like yourself. My answer is nothing new to you; just keep appreciating like-minded friends and the community will grow stronger…


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