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Releasing Tuesday May 21st.


Aloha kākou!

Brand new tanktop dropping tomorrow which is an acknowledgment to skate legend and architect of Alva Skateboards, Tony Alva. As most of you know, FITTED is a strong supporter of skate culture not just in Hawaiʻi, but worldwide. The tank is printed on gray, features an Aloha print which is printed in both forward and reverse in white and neon in an Alva-esque font and a white crown hit on the back.



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Friday, May 17th, 2013 by

Releasing Saturday, May 18th.


Aloha kākou!

Tomorrow, along with our regular release, we’re dropping our collaboration with HellaFlush whom will also be at the Slammed Society event at Ke’ehi Lagoon. on Sunday The event goes down at 12 pm. You’ll be able to purchase them at our shop as well as online.

Keehi Lagoon Memorial
2685 N Nimitz Highway
Honolulu, HI 96819
Staging Roll-in: 9AM
Please arrive on time, but not earlier than 9AM.
Roads may be closed due to another event.
Gates open to the public at 12PM



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Aloha kākou!

This week’s Moʻolelo / #tbt is a brief look into when we first opened our doors nearly 8 years ago now. We’re humbled and very thankful to you all for supporting us over the years. You have been by our side since the jump and witnessed our growth, and grew with us, stuck with us through thick and thin. We try not to beat a dead horse but we cannot stress enough how important your support is; you all are considered ohana and without you there really would be no “us.” We’ll have a more in-depth post about this as our 8 Year Anniversary approaches. For now, we’d like to say: MAHALO NUI LOA!


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Releasing Saturday, May 18th.


Aloha kākou!

Thank God the trade winds are back, right? At least for now. Hopefully the weather we experienced in Spring is not an indication of what Summer will be bringing us. Either way, we got you covered for Summer with a fresh new tank top (“City Lights”) which features Honolulu on the front which gives it a metropolitan ambience. Also dropping is a fan favorite, our “Aeron” tee which is a nod to Herman Miller’s chair of the same name, featuring the clean lines as seen on the iconic ergonomic chair.



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If you have ever stood on a skateboard you can’t help but admire DB’s style, speed and trick selection. The dude has it figured out.. just slightly wouldn’t you say?


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Releasing Tuesday, May 14th.


Aloha kākou!

The iʻiwi or Hawaiian honeycreeper bird of Hawaiʻi is considered to be of significant value within our rich culture and history. The feathers of the iʻiwi were championed by the aliʻi which were used to decorate ʻahuʻula and mahiole; where some of these cloaks for the elite class contained up to hundreds of thousands of the fiery red feathers of the iʻiwi. Unfortunately, due to their native forests being cleared for farming and unnecessary urban development, the iʻiwi species has declined significantly in numbers and is now listed as a threatened species, which portrays a similar parallel to the Kanaka Maoli due to the introduction of diseases from Western contact which slowly decimated the Native population. To remain aware and alert of this, we’ve brought back our FITTED Faithful tee in charcoal heather gray with the I’iwi bird in red outlined in white. The print appears on the front and the back with FITTED Hawai’i and complimented by two yellow FITTED crests.



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Releasing Saturday, May 11th.


Aloha kākou!

Releasing Saturday is our Protect & Serve tee printed on all black with a tonal Kamehameha logo on the front and the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi Coat of Arms on the back. The significance of the Coat of Arms are the twins Kameʻeiamoku and Kamanawa who were considered Nīʻaupiʻo (a class of High Chiefs), the descendants of a royal brother and sister. Kamanawa stands on the left side of the Coat of Arms, holding a spear, while his brother Kameʻeiamoku is pictured on the right carrying a kahili. The two twins were among the Five Fierce Warriors of Kona, as well as Uncles of Kamehameha. You can learn a little more about the Kahu by visiting our editorial / interview with Uncle Bill (William John Kaihe’ekai Mai’oho) right here.



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Picked Capri up early from school yesterday as I had promised her the day before we would head out onto the water to watch her first solar eclipse. Even though all the viewing glasses were sold out all over town we still headed out. Although we didn’t have our glasses we did have a pole just in case and Capri being the lucky charm that she is we had a fish on before the line was even all the way out. My Girl.


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Aloha kākou!

This week’s Moʻolelo / #tbt is our Culture Against Man release from 2010. We all know that the demise of our entire Culture (including language, proper education, traditions and customs & knowledge of the land, heavens and ocean) was met when Hawai’i was “discovered” by James C(r)ook(ed) and his fellow Europeons nearly 232 years ago. From the dreadful diseases introduced to the indigenous, original people to the assimilation of European politics, the English language and monolithic religion, we were at lost to our entire aboriginal culture. Things declined more with the illegal overthrow of our ‘aina, stripped of our original language and arts (hula, straw weaving, fish hook making, etcetera) and as a result, entirely stripped of our knowledge of self. You see, as much as the media and government attempt to depict us as simple-minded, unintelligent savages of the Pacific, we have, and still do, show and prove that our intelligence superceded their intellect. We may have not had the proper tools and material to manifest this knowledge, but what we lacked, we made up for in other ways. Navigating the vast open Pacific by way of the stars in the heavens, currents, wind and offshore birds with just the utilization of passed-down knowledge, word of mouth, our eyes and mind. No technology involved, no weather instruments, telescopes or compasses. There are even (slightly) theoretical anthropological studies, findings / evidence that prove that early Polynesians may have discovered the Americas before Columbus made contact.