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Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 by

Releasing today at 11 AM.


Aloha kākou!

New release for today. Brand new ‘H’ Pride New Era snapback, all gray with carmine H logo and black snap.


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After countless trips on the kayak and a full day out on Uncles boat last week I was getting the sense that the Capri M. was feeling a bit neglected. Rounded up Kema and Logan to take her out for a spin on Saturday although they didn’t sound to happy about getting up at 4am. With Uncle taking his boat out and Kema’s boy Jeff taking his out we had a small fleet on the water that morning and we were all feeling optimistic as the bite has been mighty hot on the Westside lately. Jeff was on the water first and headed straight out, we launched next and Uncle was last to get on the water due to a small but very important piece of boat equipment missing… every boat needs a plug. We headed to the point and found a few birds at which point Logan strikes first and has a Shibi and a Aku in the box quickly. Uncle finally gets on the water and we give him and Jeff the locale and the good news… they both head our direction. Jeff and his girlfriend find us and boat a Shibi and Aku aswell and are amped after getting skunked on their last trip. Uncle blazes right by us determined not to let the young boys out fish him… friendly competition. With blood on the boat we decide to look for bigger game deeper and head out with Jeff following close behind. Uncle heads to his secret spot and we don’t hear from him until late in the afternoon, meanwhile I decide to change direction due to the increased winds. Jeff decided to head in due to fuel concerns. We head to my favorite ledge and pick up a nice Aku on a small lure and Kema silences Logans jokes with a fish of his own. Push a bit further down the ledge and the outrigger finally pops… the sound I have been waiting to hear all day. After a short run the fish jumps and Kema mans the reel.. we get it in the boat after a missed gaff attempt… but like I say any gaff job that gets the fish in the boat is a good gaff job. With the prize game fish in the box at the 7hr mark we refuel and head for home… Logan praying for some action. Uncle shows up at the house a few hours later with a respectable Aku load and everybody wins. Cuzzo light time! Big mahalos to Uncle for sharing his catch, Kema and Logan for bringing it, Jeff for letting us borrow poles and most of all Kristen and Capri for letting me sneak away.



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Releasing Saturday, April 27th.


Aloha kākou!

We’re proud to announce our official collaboration with DunkXchange for this year’s sneaker convention which goes down tomorrow at Blaisdell. We have two caps: a strapback and a 5-panel camper strap, both feature a suede brim and strap and feature the DXC logo on the front and crest on the back. This run of hats are extremely limited and rare. Although these hats won’t be featured in the VIP pack, you will be able to purchase it exclusively at the DunkXchange event as well at FITTED. This hat is also a nod to our friends over at KICKSHI who smashed it with their Hawaii dunks.



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Aloha kākou!

This week’s Moʻolelo / #tbt is our Mahalo snapback which was never commercially released in-store or online. This specific hat was mailed out around Christmas a few years ago as a gift to our most loyal customers, family and friends who were with us since near day one, and stuck with us through thick-and-thin, stood in some of our most insane lines and continuously spent large amounts of money both in our shop and on our online store. This hat was our way of saying Mahalo for the many years of support and tied in all the main colors we used on our very first hat releases.


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Recently added another kayak to the fleet and have been eagerly waiting for the right time to test it out since it is equipped with a rudder. My yak consultant Mr. Carlyon assured me that once I go rudder I will never go back. Being a person that believes less is more having all the added hardware on the simple boat didn’t have me to pumped. So yesterday the rain finally cleared by early morning and nobody was at the office yet so I decided head out to my favorite spot in town. Checked my usual launch spot and the tide was so low that it wouldn’t allow for access to the outside reef. Checked spot number two and the water didn’t look so promising there either and by this time I was ready to head back to the warehouse and get to work but thought maybe check one more spot. After navigating ridiculous mid morning traffic I finally arrive at the third launch spot. OK now we are talking.. lots of sun, lots of sand and lots of glassy ocean. Drag the rig down to the beach and push off and hop in the yak. Oh shit this is hella uncomfortable!… with my feet on the rudder pedals my knees are in my chest. Didn’t help that I improperly installed the high back seat either… so by this time I’m looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame… and extremely novice. Luckily I’m the only one around. Get about a 1/2 mile offshore and I am over it… always nice to be on the water but the lack of comfort had my mind made up… time to go in. Well as you can tell from the pics just as I am turning around to head back to shore the 12lb test line starts peeling of the reel and off the ugly stick like never before. So fast in fact that I begin to see the gold of the reel and I am in real danger of getting spooled. Now we are having fun!! Quick drag adjustment and it’s on… after a 10 min tug of war with this feisty fish I get it close to the yak and see that it is the biggest and strongest fish I have hooked up with yet on the kayak. Happened to have a small gaff with me and thankfully so. I mean I have caught a few pelagics on a boat but there is something really intimate about fishing of a kayak. Anyways head in and forget all about the cramped paddling position and feeling proud. Share a few flip phone pics with the boys and they all said that the Kagami Sashimi is choice. Mr. PK from Paiea Projects volunteered to slice this bad boy up and did a fine job if you ask me.




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Go! Go! Go!


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Aloha kākou!

This week’s Moʻolelo / #FBF (Flashback Friday) is our Represent tee which we originally released back in April of 2009. We decided to run this week’s Moʻolelo today as this date marks the 19th anniversary of the release of Nas’ magnum opus, Illmatic. Aloha is one of those defining, contagious words we practice, preach & sermonize; whereas Hawai’i is the groundation for “Aloha” which we REPRESENT and embody on a daily basis. Our island conjures up a sense of dignity, honor, gratification and pride in oneself. It’s THE GENESIS of what makes our State so riveting. Whether you’re a local living abroad in Vegas or in a N.Y. STATE OF MIND, IT AIN’T HARD TO TELL that we here at FITTED try to epitomize the Aloha spirit with our own informal twist. Our common goal would be to have everyone become an advocate of Aloha ʻāina somehow, spreading an infectious dosage of ONE LOVE, whether you’re tilting a cold brew while sitting at a HALFTIME show during a UH game or just SITTIN’ IN DA PARK. “Spread Aloha, it’s the Hawaii way.”


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Just a reminder that we still have very limited pieces left of our Spring D. 2 available in the shop, along with a few hats available online now. They’re moving fairly quick so act accordingly! Check out the collection here!


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Available today online and in-store (for shop release, the tanktops may be available a little later).


Aloha kākou!

Today we’re releasing two new Kalakoa (which means: variegated in color) tanktops. Perfect timing too, as our dear trade winds are reportedly departing the islands again tomorrow. Back to the depressing, voggy humid weather, but you can still enjoy it at the beach in our tanktops. Both tanktops come with the Kalakoa print on each side: Black version features reflective print with tonal crown, the red features a multitude of colors with a black crown. Online stock will be available at 11 AM, shop should be getting theres in a little later during the day!