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Available Sat, March 30th at 11 AM. Please note that most t-shirts will be released in-store only, with the exception of 3 designs; all caps will be available in-store and online.


Aloha kākou!

This past week with the Team at FITTED, which includes Ezekiel Lau, were invited to Kaipoʻi’s hale where we had a chance to kuʻiʻai with him and Davin. There, we learned about the different varieties of hāloa, as well as how to malama. Hāloa: it feeds us and our ‘ohana, and in turn we Aloha the hāloa; a metaphor for the cycle of life. Itʻs up to us as a society to protect this gift that has been with us for centuries and to keep it in itʻs natural state. “Pupukahi i holomua.” Unite to move forward.



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Today’s Moʻolelo / #tbt was originally released in 2009. This was our first ever snapback, and although it sold a little slowly, our customers eventually warmed up to it. This was at a time when no one was really doing snapbacks; these days they’re the new craze (once again) and we can’t seem to keep them on our shelves. The hat saw heavy inspiration from the tropical rain forests one might see in South America (Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, etc.). Each hat was unique, in that the fabric cut used differentiates, so no hat was alike. Rich with greens, red, blue and yellow the cap sees parrots, green shrubbery and tropical leaves & plants. The inside featured a satin lining of blue & white tri-lock patterns.


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Being Hawaiian to me means being proud of who we are and where we come from. The rich history and Mana’o passed down from our elders is what keeps our traditions and culture vividly alive. We as Hawaiians had control of our land, ideas, and traditions over two centuries ago. I can’t help but imagine what life was like back then. The transition from the old independent chiefdoms, to a Monarch in favor of an elected legislature. The protocols of the reigning dynasty, attending Royal galas, to the way us Hawaiians lived in the country still intrigue me. Meet Uncle Bill (William John Kaihe’ekai Mai’oho), the 6th generation of Kahu and a direct descendant of the two brothers, Ho’opili and Ho’olulu on the state’s Seal. Uncle Bill, a man who has a very unique position as Kahu (honored attendant, guardian) of Mauna’ala is rich with knowledge. His grandfather’s side of the family were chosen by King Kamehameha The Great to make sure no one would find his iwi (bones) once he passed away. It is believed that one’s Mana (power) is found in their bones. Sitting with Uncle Bill is like entering a portal that travels back in time through the centuries. The knowledge he has accumulated over the years is boundless, and the fact that he’s willing to share his wealth of wisdom is something to admire. Besides taking a tour of the grounds, Uncle Bill was kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions, speaking on topics ranging from the different Royal Monarch families that are buried there to the unique laws applied on the property.

1. Hello Uncle Bill, could you please start by letting everyone know how many generations your family has been caring for the property here in Nu’uanu. 
For the last three generations: my Grandfather, my Mother and myself.

2. Exactly who is buried here?
The Kamehameha dynasty which is the first to have been placed at Mauna Ala. That is from Kamehameha second to the fifth, and there are a total of 24 Kamehameha’s buried here. We also have the Kalakaua dynasty where there are members of King Kalakaua’s family and Queen Kapiolani’s family, a total of 20 members of the Kalakaua family. Then we have the Wyllie crypt named after a government official during the Kamehameha dynasty and it also contains 8 members of Queen Emma’s family. Lastly, we have the grave site of John Young. John Young and Isaac Davis were the two foreign sailors that helped Kamehameha create the Kingdom of Hawaii.

3. Who was initially responsible for setting aside these grounds for the Royal families?
King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma.

4. I heard somewhere that local laws do not apply to the property, is this true?
That’s not true, but the state and federal land laws do not apply to Mauna Ala.

5. Living this close to so much mana, you must be constantly visited by the spirits from the past. Would you care to share any of these experiences?
Those are gifts from my ancestors so I do not share these experiences with anyone.

6. Has any individual or group ever tried to take bones or artifacts from the property?
There really hasn’t been any desecration of the burial sites or crypt sites of Mauna Ala; although the fence was once vandalized and one of the small crowns pried from it.

7. Is there anything visitors should absolutely not do when they visit the grounds?
You can take pictures of the chapel and the Kalakaua crypt but no video or camcorders are allowed to film in either of these places.

8. Please describe what it means to you to be a native Hawaiian?
In today’s modern world I am privileged to practice this sacred aspect of our culture.

GO CREW 03!!

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Every year during the President’s Day weekend, the President’s Day Cup is held (the state soccer championship for the U8 through U12 soccer clubs) at the Waipio Soccer Complex. The Crew 03 Girls soccer team represented Crew Soccer Club, based out of Pearl City, in the U10 Girls Division. This team brought their “A” game to this 3 day tournament, and in the championship game, they held off the opposing team in a nerve-racking shootout to win the tournament and claim the title as the “U10 Girls State Champions”! This team accomplished this win in impressive fashion, as they did not allow a single goal to be scored on them the entire tournament. Now on to bigger things…with this win, they qualified to play in the prestigious Surf Cup that is held in San Diego (August 3-5), which is the top summer soccer showcase hosting the top teams in the nation. – GP


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Capri turned 5 yesterday and to celebrate her birthday she partied with her closest friends and family at Sea Life Park. Her appreciation for all things oceania since birth was only reinforced by her dolphin encounter, for me the day reinforced just how short 5 years really is. – RM


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Releasing Sat., March 23rd.


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Quick update for Saturday’s release. New Mua fitted: all black with gold Mua stitching, blacked out New Era and crest hits and a woodland camouflage underbrim. Very clean design!





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Aloha! Welcome to a new archival section called Moʻolelo which roughly translates to history, story or record. In this new weekly section we’ll be posting some of our older releases we’ve done in the past. For our premiere post, we reflect on our first sneaker collaboration ever, which we did with Element Skateboards. Originally released on Dec. 19th, 2009, the shoe is Darrell Stanton’s signature model featuring a sublimated nylon canvas print which features vintage Hawaiian pin up girls from way back when, a relic of our past – here to stay in the future. See you next week!