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Available in-store only, excluding the Pacifica strapback and Cheehuu New Era fitted. Releasing Saturday, Dec. 1st.

Aloha kakou!

Our Holiday delivery one has shipped out to all of our wholesale accounts. Our mainland ʻohana should be able to start purchasing from any of our select authorized stockists. In this release, we’re offering a new Islanders raglan tee, a khaki Cheehuu New Era fitted, Aeron tee, Aloha New Era snapback, Ashy to Classy tee (navy blue), ASD logo longsleeve, Locally owned tee (red), Hukilau (black) crewneck, Pacifica (gray) pullover and Pacifica strapback.



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Releasing Tuesday, Nov. 27th. In-Stores only

Aloha kākou!

Before we introduce you to tomorrow’s release, we just wanted to remind you that Cyber Mondays will still be running until tomorrow at 9 AM HST. Now on to Tuesday’s release (in-stores only). We have a new re-up of the Sons of Aloha tees plus a new black Slaps Wind snapback with black, olive green, white and gold stitching; white snap.


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Aloha kākou!

The winner for the raffle for a free tandem skydive from our good friends over at Skydive Hawaiʻi is Raffle #6645196. You have a week to pick up your tandem skydive voucher from the shop starting tomorrow. Please visit Skydive Hawaiʻi for more info including weight restrictions. If you donʻt claim the voucher by Tuesday, Dec. 4th, weʻll be choosing the next winning ticket. Please note, this is just for a free tandem skydive and does not include a video or photo package (which costs extra). Again, please see Skydive Hawaiʻi’s website for pricing. Mahalo to Frank & TK Hinshaw, Mary Hinshaw, Sonny Vaofi and Katie Eilers for hooking us up! Make sure to head to their Facebook Fan Page and give them a like! Lastly, if possible, please email us a photo after your skydive wearing a FITTED shirt and we’ll make sure to post it on our website and social media sites.



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Starts Monday, 9AM to Tuesday, 9AM HST.

For the second year in a row, we’re offering deals for Cyber Mondays. This year, we’re offering 20% off everything online, starting from Monday, 9AM HST to Tuesday, 9AM HST. This also applies to a few leftover hats from our Black Friday release (all 5). On top of that, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING. For the 20% off, you will need a Twitter account. Make sure you’re logged in, then from whichever product you’re planning to purchase, click the Tweet For Discount. This will automatically give you a discount which you can enter upon checkout. To receive FREE SHIPPING, simply select “Free Shipping” from the drop down menu on checkout. Note: FREE SHIPPING only applies to the U.S. due to legality issues. Please see the examples below for more instructions. Mahalo for your support!

P.S. Do us a solid: If you instagram your Cyber Monday purchases, please add the hashtag #fittedcybermonday


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Releasing today, Nov. 24th.

Mahalo nui loa to everyone who came out for our Black Friday event / sale / party. We’ll have a wrap up post here shortly and will announce the winner of the Skydive Hawaiʻi raffle on Monday. In the mean time, we’re gearing up for today’s release: Our Pōhai New Era fitted and The Movemeant tee. Pōhai, roughly translated, means a circle, or close group of friends. FITTED is considered our piko, and all of you loyal fans are considered our pōhai, a part of our extended ʻohana. The graphic of the Pōhai fitted is also an ode to Aloha Shoyu. Coinciding with this release is our Movemeant tee in red with white print. In support of Small Business Saturdays, weʻre offering 10% off everything in the store, today only.


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Pops off at 9PM, Thursday evening. Doors open at midnight.

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Since the inception of FITTED, every Black Friday has been one of the pinnacles for us year after year. Our idea to open right next to the biggest open-air mall in America was our way of drawing a line in the sand between independent / small business and big business. Our Black Friday festivities have always embraced the theme EleʻEle (black, as in the dark), hence why we open our doors at midnight. This year, to further the thought of David vs. Goliath, we’ve ran with the theme “Ambush In the Night,” our way of showing our fortitude to be able to survive amongst bigger retailers.

This year’s Black Friday, we’re offering two new tees: Our new EleʻEle tee with two spears, the word EleʻEle and the moon on both the back and front. The next tee is our Black Friday themed Ambush In the Night t-shirt. Along with that, we have 5 brand new snapbacks and 1 strapback: ʻAina (with rain camo bill), Aloha (with island camo brim), Brigante (with Thief’s Theme camo print), Mua (with tri-lock digi camo print), EleʻEle snapbacks each with a different camouflaged brim, and a new “H” feather strapback (with eel textured brim and strap). On top of all this, weʻll also be offering an EleʻEle pin back and Kūkaʻilimoku 8GB USB, ready for war. Finally, we’ll be raffling off a free tandem skydive with our friends at Skydive Hawaiʻi, with a purchase of $100 or more.


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Freeyermind is a train of thought that Bobby Asato owner of the newly opened Treehouse lives by. The graphic designer turned small buisness owner is drawing from his deep retail roots as he mans the helm at Treehouse. The store is a fresh concept for Hawaii with its focus being on getting today’s tech savy keiki away from the computer screen and back in touch with real life art. The second floor Ward area space is stocked with art and craft supplies geared to give children an old school approach to getting creative. Bobby is no stranger to arts having been dedicated to his own passion project Bland Brand for over 15 years. The proud father of two has a firm belief in the importance of giving kids a alternative to the computer screen and mouse by way of tangible art. Treehouse isn’t kids only the store also stocks cool finds for mom and dad. With this Saturday being Support Small Business Day stop by and talk story with Mr. Asato.

250 Ward Ave. Ste 233
(808) 597-TREE


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Going down tonight, Nov. 17th.