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For the past two and a half years, I’ve been really trying to take care of my health and body by better diet and exercise. After getting into a workout routine, it’s very important to switch things up. To say we are blessed to be born and raised in Hawai’i is an understatement. Which leads me to my post about the Pill Box. A super easy in and out hike that packs a punch in terms of scenery. The hardest part is the beginning which gets you breathing, by the time you reach the top and see Mid pacific golf course on one side and Kaneohe to Waimanalo on the other side you forget that you even had to climb to get here. Another great piece of scenery are the Mokulua islands (better known as the Moks) which are twin islands that functions as a State bird sanctuary and regulated by state laws. One of the islands has an actual canyon as well a black sand beach.


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Releasing tomorrow, Feb. 22nd

Aloha kakou!

Hope everyone’s having a great day off school and work on President’s Day Malcolm X Day. Tomorrow’s release is dubbed The Takeover on an all red tee with a black graphic of the United States with the Hawaiian flag grafted on. Backside is a black crest. The hat coinciding with this tee is a duck canvas (green) Kamehameha with a black Kamehameha, black brim and red button and underbill.


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Photos By: JJ Parkz & Paul Kema

Pow Wow Hawai’i is an open art gallery held at Loft In Space (831 Queen St.) on Feb. 19th from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm and features a refreshing assembly of international and local artists (123KLAN, Yue Wu, Meggs, Jeff Hamada, Jasper Wong, Jesico Serano, Prime, Kamea Hadar, and Ekundayo). Live painting will be open for viewing from Feb. 16th through the 19th. 


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By Daniel Ikaika Ito/Contrastmagazine.com
Photo: Andrew Shield

Keanu Asing is making moves in 2011. The 17-year-old ‘Ewa Beach native recently inked a new sponsorship with Fox Racing, and is excited about the new deal. Asing is currently in Australia for a couple of WQS events and getting shots with the new logo on his board. I caught up with Keanu at Starbuck’s at Kamehameha Shopping Center. Asing was with his BFF Ezekiel Lau and they were planning out editorial for the next issue of Free Surf Magazine, which they will be guest editors. After the ed meeting, I chopped it up with Keanu about his new deal, old sponsor and his signature Kamehameha Fitted.

Daniel Ikaika Ito: Itʻs a new year and I noticed a new sticker on the nose of your Local Motion boards?

Keanu Asing: I recently signed with Fox Racing and I do not ride for Billabong anymore. Glad to be a part of a new family.

DII: What was your best experience while riding for Billabong?

KA: My best experience was making a lot of friendships. Not just friendships, but family friends. It was like I was a part of a family at Billabong. Theyʻre really good people. There was a couple of things on the business side that I didnʻt like, but Iʻll always be friends with them. Being a part of (Billabong) was awesome.

DII: How did working with Billabong Coach Rainos Hayes elevate your surfing?
KA: Rainos Hayes was a big part of my sponsorship with Billabong. He got me so attached to the brand and he built my surfing to where Iʻm at right now. Without him I donʻt think I would be where Iʻm at right now and I wouldnʻt have any titles that I do have. So, thank you, Rainos. He played a big part of my career so far and tried to lead me into the way of a professional surfer.

DII: So what bummed you out on the business side?
KA: I built such a great relationship with all the guys from Billabong and having to leave was really sad. But, you have to get past the friendship-side and nobody is working on the same team in surfing so you have to look out for yourself.

DII: Who helps you get past the friendship-side and with all the negotions in the surf industry?
KA: John Shimooka is my manager, as well as Kurt Jacobs. For them to help me out is huge so I donʻt have to worry about the (business) stuff and I can just worry about my surfing. I can work on what I gotta to do in the water and my attitude.

DII: What are looking forward to with this new endeavor with Fox Racing?
KA: Just building my profile and just try to be a star player at Fox. Trying to climb up the ladder at Fox.

DII: How is Fox Racing different from other surf brands?
KA: Itʻs kind of like a Nike where they attack different sports markets and not just surfing. Fox Racing came from motorcross so itʻs different and itʻs cool to be a part of a different family from a different side of action sports. Hopefully, one day I can watch the super cross.

DII: Who do you look up to the most on the Fox Racing team?

KA: Definitely Ian Walsh because heʻs from Hawai‘i. Itʻs just cool to watch him surf because he rips. Heʻs an all around great surfer?

DII: So are you going to be towing into Jaws now with Ian?

KA: (laughs) Uh…maybe. Hopefully, one day.

DII: Since youʻre riding for Fox, did you buy a dirt bike yet?

KA: Iʻll probably get me (50cc) one day. Not a 150cc. Not a 250cc. Just a fifty to cruise around.

DII: Anything else youʻd like to add?

KA: Iʻd like to say thanks to Fitted for all the support through these ups and downs. Thanks for always having my back in surfing.

DII: Speaking of Fitted, how did you feel when Ezekiel Lauʻs signature Kamehameha outsold yours?

KA: I thought it was a cheat because Zeke was there and I wasnʻt.

Ezekiel Lau: Whose fault is that?

KA: Because Iʻm more of an Aloha guy, and Zeke…

EL: Nelson was there.

KA: And, Zeke is not so much an Aloha guy like me. Iʻm friends with everybody and him (pointing to Zeke) Iʻm not too sure. He has no hair. (laughs) Nah, Zekeʻs the man. Iʻm stoked for him, but he beat me at everything: Nationals and wearing his Fitted hat. Everybody bought his and not mine. It bummed me out. Next time we do that Iʻm making a way more better hat.

DII: Why do you think his hat sold more than yours?

KA: Because he was there telling everybody to buy his hat. I had one more hat left and it was probably a size 7, which pretty much only fits a baby. And, he was there telling everybody to buy his hat and probably told them that he would pay them to buy his hat. (laughs)

DII: Thatʻs so heavy.

KA: Thatʻs what happened. (laughs) Thatʻs why itʻs so heavy because thatʻs what he did. Itʻs fact.

DII: So where were you at that time?

KA: I was actually hurt in California doing rehab on my ankle.

EL: Whoa. Ok.

KA: I was. Wasnʻt I?

EL: You were in Cali.

DII: Golfing?

KA: I was probably golfing in California, hitting birdies while these guys were selling hats. (laughs) No, Iʻm just kidding. I was actually in California doing some event and I was really bummed I didnʻt get to make it. Next time Iʻll be there supporting my hat and supporting Fitted.


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Releasing Saturday, Feb. 19th

Aloha kakou!

Thank you to everyone who came down this past Monday for our Vans release in conjunction with our bredren over at Eighty Four Skate Co. It was a great success thanks to your continuous support! Back to our regularly scheduled release program: This Saturday we have a new pack we’re unveiling, along with a new custom New Era. The pack, dubbed Honolulu’s Finest features an all black t-shirt with the words “Honolulu’s Finest in white Old English (not the 40 oz) letters. Backside has a red crown. Coinciding with the release is an all black New Era that also reads Honolulu’s Finest with a red New Era hit and white crest. Lastly is our Mittens tee on a black tee with a graphic of a pair of bloody gloves. Fist City stylee.


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Young Caprizzle and the gang enjoying a class field trip to Dole Plantation.


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Check out Kyle’s (DJ Solution) edit of the song as well, complete with a DJ friendly intro and outro.

Tyler The Creator – Yonkers (sssolution intro/outro edit) by djsssolution


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By Daniel Ikaika Ito/Contrastmagazine.com
Photo Credit: Free Surf Magazine

[slideshow id=7 w=640 h=480]

Itʻs Aloha Friday at Kewalo Basin and Iʻm being interviewed about Ezekiel Lau. The 17-year-old is on the Native Hawaian News show, Ahai Olelo Ka Ola’s list of kanaka maoli to watch in 2011. We are at “Zekeʻs” homebreak– the wave that shaped Lauʻs surfing. Itʻs a reefbreak with a rippable left that corners into the jetty and a racy-right hander over shallow coral heads. The right is Zekeʻs launch pad where he dialed his aerial attack. This wave is the training grounds for the current crop of surfing talent from Hawai‘i. Surfers like Carissa Moore, Nelson Ahina, Keanu Asing and the Moniz kids grew up shredding here with Lau.

“Ezekiel Lau is like the Hawaiian Jordy Smith,” I tell the cute, Hawaiian reporter. Smith– a World Tour surfer from South Africa– posses a technical-repertoire of airs (ie. Superman and Rodeo Flip) with powerful-tail-blowing turns. Lau– an amateur surfer from Honolulu– possess a growing-repertoire of airs (ie. Superman and still working on the Rodeo Flip) with tail-blowing turns that are accentuated with classic, Hawaiian power.

Yes, I’m very bias, which is the reason I was asked to talk about Zeke. I am a surf team coach for Kamehameha Schools, and Lau, who is a junior, is our star-surfer-athlete. In some respects, Lau is to the Kamehameha surf team what Tim Tebow was to Florida Gator football. Sans Tebow’s missionary family and creepy anti-abortion commercial.

The shcool administration, and TV show interiviewning me, are well aware of Lau’s talent and value. But, Zeke’s budding surf career and school policy don’t always mesh well.

During the Vans presents the HIC Pro at Sunset Beach last November, there was a miscommunication with Lau and Kamehameha. Zeke competeed in the 4-Star Association of Surfing Professionals Qualifying Series event, but failed to alert the KS administration early enough.

“Pretty much had a little controversy with school– missing school,” said Zeke to me at the Volcom Pipe Pro last month. “I didn’t let (the administration) know that I was missing school in time so I had some trouble from that.”

As a result of the Sunset comp, the administration dropped Zeke two-letter grades in all of his classes. Kamehameha policy dictates that a student recieves one-letter grade drop for every day cut. Although this infuriated me– as a surf coach, Kamehameha alum, journalist and surfer– I didn’t realize that something positive would come from this.

“We talked to the principal and they worked with us more and we need to just let them know earlier that I’m going to be in the event,” said Zeke. “We had it covered for the (Volcom Pipe Pro) so they let me go. It made me more on top of my school work. If anything it kept me more focused on what I have to do.”

I was baffled that a teenager was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel while I was still punching the walls in the darkness. Zeke’s maturity and outlook on the future is what impresses me more than his mind-blowing-modern approach to waves. Surfing and school seldom see eye-to-eye, which is why so many parents are putting their super groms into home school. They want to avoid the hassels and limitations of traditional school to allow their kids to elevate their wave riding and pro career opportuinities.

“It’s kind of hard to keep my focus on the contest and school, but if I keep my focus in school it will help me keep my concentration on what I need to do for the contest,” said Lau.

While attending Kamehameha School will always be a privelage, more often than not it’s a sacrifice for Zeke and his fledgeling career.

“I can’t travel that much because of school so to have an event like this to get my name out is great,” said Lau of the Volcom Pipe Pro.

Zeke is no stranger to sacrifice. He wakes up before sunrise three times a week to run, swim and train before school with Kimo Middlesworth, Kekoa Cazimero, Nick Mita, Sean Moody, Joel Centeio and Ryan Kelly. Then Zeke goes to school. There’s no other kids his age around the surf world putting in that much work.

So when the pretty, reporter asks me, “Does Ezekiel Lau have what it takes to be a world champion of surfing?” I emphatically reply, “Most definitely! Zeke posses the pyhsical attributes of a world champ, but more importantly, has the willingness to sacrifice and the mental fortitude to be a world champion.”


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