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Hawaiian Sun x FITTED! Official collab, more info coming soon.


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Releasing tomorrow, December 21st

Aloha kakou!

Tomorrow’s release is a new, white Islanders tee with royal blue and red on the front and back, two UH New Eras: all black with a metallic silver logo, teal underbrim and button; an all gray with black logo, black underbrim and button. Next up is an all black Kamehameha with the exception of the underbrim which is green Lastly is an all gray raglan-style tee with black sleeves, a black football helmet with the Kamehameha logo; backside features the number 50 in black.


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Releasing Monday, Dec. 20th

A few months after Hawai’i gained statehood in 1959, the politicians of our newly established nation compared our burgeoning city of Honolulu with other, well established major cities and grew a little self-conscious. Realizing the sentiments that our state was behind the curve of expansion and development sparked a fire to build up Honolulu and Waikiki, despite many citizen’s opinions that the beauty of our island would vanish. New commercial remodeling brought a steady income of lucrative finances which helped stimulate our lacking economy.

Shortly after WWII the United States was introduced to more “open skies” and saw an increase in Americans traveling abroad. With a dominating economy came larger commercial airlines which eventually led to cheaper prices traveling by air. These drop in prices led to more affordable airfare for middle-class Americans. In due course, mass travel came to tower over Hawai’i's economy, with promises of inexpensive priced hotel rooms in fast-growing Waikiki. With the assistance of the über-popular television series Hawai’i 5-0 and aggressive marketing and advertising by our wonderful Hawai’i Visitors Bureau, our ‘aina became one of the number one destinations for travelers, vacationers and business-men alike. By the ’60s, Hawai’i saw more than one million visitors annually.

The number in visitors increased exponentially as more and more tourists discovered there was so much to be done under the Sun on this 44 mile long, 30 mile wide beautiful island in the middle of the Pacific. The activities that were to be discovered were endless; hiking natural trails, surfing, scuba diving in clear, pristine waters, the beauty of our organic surroundings; not to mention the expansion of pre-Facebook social networks in Waikiki, which included The Beachcomber, the International Marketplace, Dukes and newly constructed five-star, luxury hotels. All of this economic growth, coupled with that same instilled Aloha spirit that was not taken away when our independence was, only further escalated the amount of annual visitors. Over the last few years (2006 – 2007) and before the unfortunate current economic decline, Hawai’i saw as much as 7.6 million visitors to our islands.

This leads us to our latest collaboration, where we’ve aligned ourselves with Leilow. Jules Gayton, Leilow’s proprietor, can definitely relate to the desire to travel to the islands, where he has now resided for over eight years. Starting from a simple fascination of paradise and searching and surfing the perfect wave, it has now become a realized reality for Jules. From being an original member of the Stussy Tribe in the 80s, to spinning at some of the greatest clubs in New York City, befriending many legendary musicians and artists, there’s an excellent reason why Jules has been dubbed a triple O.G.. These days, you can catch Jules enjoying his new home, rocking out to the rootsy sounds of reggae and dropping constant knowledge at Leilow.

The details: The Beachcomber pack features our collective Beachcomber New Era, a fusion of Jules’ bugged out artistic visions with FITTED’s more traditional methods, all with a modern approach. The cap features a print of black and white woven patterns with gray tones, while the inside features a silk lining of a map of the Hawaiian Islands which invokes a nostalgic warmth, citing the days of Don Ho, the Beachcomber and the lounge music era; incorporating both Leilow and FITTED’s logos. The underside of the visor features an embroidered hula girl, just an added extra touch that separates us from the rest. Coinciding with the cap is a white t-shirt with the same print found on the inside of the cap on the back, and the same hula girl on the front. To finish off this exquisite pack, we have a sticker sheet which integrates the map graphic.


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Releasing Saturday, Dec. 18th

Aloha kakou!

Mele Kalikimaka, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Kwanzaa!

We got even more Christmas presents for your family, significant other, friends, etc. Our Mele Kalikimaka pack features a custom Aloha snapback in the traditional celebratory colors: red, white and green, along with a revamped Robert Crumb graphic tee representing the day of Yeshua Ben Yusef’s born day as well as our Fish & Poi tee brought back, in white with red and green. Along with all of this, we have some custom Christmas card with the aforementioned Robert Crumb graphic. The Christmas cards are now available for sale, the rest of the pack goes on sale this Saturday. It’ll be a packed and busy Saturday so make sure to get there as early as you can!


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Releasing Saturday, Dec. 18th

Aloha kakou!

We hope everyone is enjoying the start of the holiday seasons and not stressing too much! We’re very proud to announce our new line of accessories, just in time for Christmas. This Saturday, we’ll be unveiling our beach / outdoor accessories pack, and the line up of things we have is pretty insane! First up, we have custom golf balls in collaboration with Callaway Gold Co. There are two styles here: one ball has our Aloha Served Daily logo printed in black and gold while the other version has our trilocks in black and white. Perfect gift for Pops. Next, we have a custom umbrella for those special outings at the beach / barbecue. The umbrella, in our traditional yellow pantone, features eight panels, each with a different logo from some of our best sellers: ASD, Aloha, Kamehameha head, Mua, Pride, FITTED crest, trilocks, and Fasi shaka and also features a nice wooden handle. Also on deck, a pair of slippers (or chancletas, whatever you choose to call ‘em) and a multi-colored ASD keychain. Add to that an official FITTED beach towel with Aloha Served Daily emblazoned in black. Last but not least, we’re taking it back to the grill. A portable, custom FITTED grill. By portable, we mean that it comes in a nice black satchel with FITTED printed in yellow and our trilocks. The actual grill is foldable, so when you’re done using it for the day, simply clean it up, take the grill piece off, fold it up, slip it in the custom bag and you’re all good to go!


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Releasing tomorrow, Wed. Dec. 15th online and in-stores. The release is limited to 40 pieces for the jerseys and 50 caps

It’s been 200 years since Kamehameha unified the Hawaiian Islands. A few months ago, Puukohola National Historic Site celebrated the bicentennial anniversary with a chicken-skin-inducing ceremony on Hawaii Island– the birthplace of Kamehameha aka Paiea. Puukohola heiau (temple) was widely believed to empower Kamehameha with the necessary mana (spiritual energy/currency) to unify Hawaii. Kamehameha ordered the construction of Puukohola heiau and dedicated it to Ku– the god of war amongst other things and one of the four major Akua (gods) in ancient Hawaii. Today, the heiau still stands in Kawaihae as evidence of ancient Hawaiian ingenuity and culture, but more importantly Puukohola is a testament to the greatness of Kamehameha.

To commemorate Kamehameha’s historical achievement Fitted and Paiea Projects collaborated on a limited edition Hawaiian Throwback jersey and a matching Kamehameha New Era 59Fifty. This jersey is a tribute to the bicentennial anniversary of the hookuikahi (unification) of the Hawaiian Islands by Kamehameha the Great in 1810.

Kamehameha’s birth name is Paiea, and is proudly displayed on the Hawaiian Throwback. The jersey sports the #91 to commemorate the completion of Puukohola Heiau in 1791. The text throughout the jersey contains no diacritics (okina/kahako), just as it was printed in the old newspapers of Hawaii. The colorway of the jersey was inspired by the Chicago Bulls. Just like Michael “Air” Jordan and the Bulls ruled the NBA for years, so did Paiea and the Kamehameha dynasty run Hawaii for nearly a century. The matching Kamehameha hat is black with a white logo and red stitching.

The jerseys are limited, ranging in sizes from small to 3XL for the big bruddahs. The Fitted x Paiea Projects Hawaiian Throwback Pack is dropping on December 15 at Fitted. Judging by the preliminary public response to the jersey and hats this limited edition pack will probably sell out immediately.

Paiea Projects designed the Hawaiian Throwback Pack to make a product relevant in today’s society, while giving respect to the olden days of the Hawaiian monarchy. Paiea Projects is a web and graphic design company specializing in modern media- digital photography, viral marketing and social networking. The name “Paiea”refers to the birth name of Kamehameha, and the owners’ alma mater, the Kamehameha Schools. “Projects” refers to their diverse work and various design endeavors.


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Releasing tomorrow.

Aloha kakou!

Tomorrow’s release, Pride of the Pacific pack, contains a brand new, custom Mua: gray upper with a red brim and white logo and coincides with a black v-neck, Pride of the Pacific which features a nice, all over print of Polynesian tribal markings, including the trilocks. Last but not least, is a new tee called Cornerstone, with trilocks in gray on the back and the crest sitting in the center.



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Releasing Saturday, Dec. 11th

Aloha kakou!

This Saturday we present another collaboration between ourselves and our San Jose bredren, Cukui, revisiting the Native Sons of the Aloha State t-shirt. There are two colorways this go around, a white version which we will be releasing Saturday, and a navy blue version which Cukui will unveil on Saturday at their SJ location We’re also releasing a New York Yankees cap: white upper, green brim and orange NY logo; a custom UH: black upper and camouflage brim; and last, but certainly not least, an Aloha New Era with gray cotton upper, white Aloha and blue brim.