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Releasing Friday, Dec. 31st

Aloha kakou!

Before we head into this New Year, we have a few more goodies that will make a great post-Christmas / pre-New Years gift: Brand new Homegrown tee utilizing the colors that we used in our It’s Hawaiian, Sun pack, all printed on an all white tee with a black crown on the back. Along with the Homegrown tee are two caps: an all black UH with a green underbill and a navy blue Kamehameha with an orange logo as well as a green underbill. These will be going on sale Friday morning at 11 AM; online and in-stores.


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Aloha. We wanted to take a few moments to point out a few things regarding purchasing and shipping via our online shop. If you are ordering and plan on having your items shipped to a P.O. Box, please make sure you always select USPS, as FedEx does not deliver to P.O. boxes. Also, for those who select FedEx 2-Day or Priority Overnight, please note that we turn off this alternative shipping method every Thursday evening. The reason for this is no one is in the office on the weekends to pack and ship out your orders. We’ll always turn this function back on Monday mornings.

Mahalo for all your continued support!


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Releasing tomorrow, Dec. 28th

Aloha kakou!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday weekend, ate good and spent quality time with your loved ones. Before the end of the year, we have a few more goodies to release. Tomorrow, we’re releasing two new Mua’s: all red with a white logo and tan underbill / top button; and army camouflage with neon green logo. We also have a reup in our Sons of Aloha t-shirt which has been in high-demand. Here’s your second chance for those who missed out the first time. Last but not least is a new Fist City hoody, which utilizes an applique on the front.


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Even in my jaded, cynical old age I still manage to have a few idols left and Clark W. Griswold is at the top of that list at the moment.


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Reaching deep into the vaults, we’ve brought back a familiar graphic that we did a few years back on a t-shirt, this time flipping the same image on a hoody. All black, the skull image is printed on the back; the front features an upside down crest which represents how we’ve flipped the game in recent years. Releasing alongside is a brown Mua with orange. Although a separate pack, this releases today with our Hawaiian Sun pack!


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Releasing tomorrow, Dec. 23rd (online & in-stores)

Hawaiian Sun: Simply put, the name represents par excellence that is tantamount to a pack of Lunchables to a first grader. Hawaiian Sun evokes vivid memories of any local keiki’s childhood, wrapped neatly in tin foil and left to cool in the freezer overnight; all set for the following day’s home lunch or field trip, so when it was time for lunch, the juice would be nice & slushy. The average local family buys at least 3 – 4 cases of the infamous fruit juices and are not only limited to the keiki; every trip to the beach, tailgate party, or lu’au will have Hawaiian Sun on ice, ready to go. Add to the fact that there is not a flavor out of their entire production that is second-rate.

Founded in 1952, this locally and family-owned company got it’s start in the fresh fruit business, selling them in local markets, so naturally, it was a no-brainer to progress into the juice business. Their genuine passion for fruits (no pun intended) and juices is displayed in their product.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with this legendary local company to produce a limited run of a phenomenal custom New Era; all representing the people of Hawai’i. The custom fitted utilize a unique pattern and colors of the three juices used in POG (Pass-O-Guava): passion fruit, orange juice and guava. Subtly laid behind the fruits is a map of the Hawaiian island chains; the woven bill symbolizes the baskets that were used by our ancestors to transport the fresh pickings of fruit. The inside of the cap features a cotton twill lining of our Fitted logos and Hawaiian Sun’s renowned logos. Coinciding with this official collaboration project is an all black tee with It’s Hawaiian Sun in the same colors as the cap; similar to our first It’s Hawaiian SON t-shirt. For every purchase of this special cap, you will receive a 6-pack of Hawaiian Sun juice and a custom FITTED x Hawaiian Sun plastic cup.


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Releasing tomorrow, Dec. 22nd (simultaneously online and in-stores)

Fitted will release the Support Local Surfing New Era trucker hat this Wed, Dec. 22. This collaboration from Fitted and surf photographer Zak Noyle is a limited edition piece: 80 caps will be available in the store and 50 will be available online at FITTED. There is also a matching tanktop with the Support Local Surfing New Era– 30 tanktops available in store and 20 available online at FITTED. The first person to purchase the hat from the store and online store will receive a framed signed Zak Noyle photo.

“I wanted to make something that Hawai‘i surfers wanted to wear and had a purpose to it– Hawai‘i is the epicenter for surfing and the birthplace of wave riding so we have to support local surfers and our surf scene,” said Noyle about the inspiration behind the Support Local Surfing New Era cap. “We brainstormed and came up with this unique way of showcasing my images. They came up with this sick design with a collage of my images along the top and bottom of the bill of the hat. The colors are insane on the hat in black, purple and neon green which help contrast with the photos, and there is a subtle “Zak Noyle” signature on the bottom of the hat.”

Part of the proceeds from this hat will go to Nā Kama Kai. Nā Kama Kai is Hawaiian for “Children of the Sea” and promotes the Waterman lifestyle to the youth as opposed to just surfing lessons. The non-profit organization holds free waterman clinics where children are able to interact with prominent members of the surf, canoe paddling, paddle boarding and swim communities. The main objectives for the Na Kama Kai events are to expose children to the Hawaiian culture and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle around ocean activities.

More info at Novus Swell.

About Zak Noyle:
Zak Noyle is one of the most talented water photographers at the Banzai Pipeline today. The 25-year-old regularly swims out to the world’s most deadly wave to capture mind-blowing images. He is a staff photographer for Surfer Magazine and photo editor of Innov8. His dad, Ric, is a successful commercial photographer. Ric forced his son to shoot with film in the beginning. As a result, Zak sharpened his skills behind the lens the old-fashioned way. He is not your average surf shooter. Zak Noyle is a photographer by birth, craft and art form.

About Fitted:
Located on 1438 Kona Street, across the street of Ala Moana Shopping Center, Fitted Hawaii is a hat boutique that puts out product with strong cultural stories behind it. There’s a lot of careful thought, knowledge, historical facts and branches from different cultures here that go into making a great product here behind the doors of FITTED, and they’re committed to giving the people quality product versus an inferior product that’s missing it’s soul. Hours of operation: Mon. – Sat. 11 p.m. – 7 p.m and Sun. 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Phone numbers: (808) 942-3100 and (808) 942-3188.


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