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A tribute to a great era and piece of culture: We flipped the iconic Yo! MTV Raps and gave it our own twist: Ho! Buuu! Before the arrival of such lame rip offs as Direct Effect and Sucker Free (the latter which is hardly sucker free, period), there was the O.G. Yo! MTV Raps; the one hosted by Ed Lover, Doctor Dré and Fab 5 Freddy, not Angie Martinez and Fatman Scoop (but respect to them). Truly an esteemed piece of Hip-Hop culture; the tee is printed on black and showcases the flipped logo in white and red. The Mua that’s releasing alongside is fabricated from scotchgard material which is waterproof and grease and stain free material, add to that in a great green colorway. These will be made available for sale online this Monday. Enjoy this nostalgic clip of the finale episode of Yo! MTV Raps with a dope cipher featuring Redman, Method Man, Special Ed, Large Pro (Extra P) and Craig Mack’s ugly-face-rap-attack.


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I haven’t surfed since receiving a serious dose of bad karma by way of self inflicted oral trauma. It’s amazing what a few waves can do for your mental state.


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Next time your bitchin’ about how you don’t have any good skate spots in your town, remember these dudes. Their obstacle is a decapitated lambs head. Aloha.


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Releasing Thursday midnight

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Aloha kakou!

Along with our Black Friday Sale, we have a special release lined up for the masses. It’s also an ode to our sometimes forgotten servicemen who are sacrificing their lives across the pond (shout out to KNOWxONE!) with strong military references prominently featured in these pieces. A lot of the pack’s influence comes from the United States Army 24th Infantry Division which formed during WWII and stationed out of Hawai’i. Known previously as the Hawaiian Division. Their insignia was a red, gold and green patch with Hawaiian on the top and a taro leaf in the middle. If you remember about a year back, we ran a similar pack with a similarly interesting story to boot, and if you find that interesting, you should definitely read up on some of these other links; we all know how strong a military presence we have here in the islands. Also, here is a link to a larger sized image of the background we’ve used for the product photos.

The release: An all black zip-up hoody called Striker with tonal graphics on the front and back as well as on the hood itself. The second cap from the top is an all black cap called Subcon, the cap that follows is also all black, dubbed Kumulipo (roughly translated to original or the genesis), the white tee below the two caps is called Out of Many We Are One, and lastly is a gray longsleeve tee with Kill ‘Em With Aloha and yellow taro patches on the left side. To close it off, we also have a special, limited edition Black Friday sticker pack. We hope to see you all this Thursday / Friday, come through and grab some Thanksgiving pupus, drinks and politic with your FITTED ohana.



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In loving memory of Mr. Gregory Isaacs, the Cool Ruler, a/k/a The Lonely Lover b/k/a as the King of Lover’s Rock who returned to the essence last month, on the 25th of October. Although he’s gone from the physical, his extensive and incredible discography will always be remembered and heard for generations to come. Long live the Cool Ruler! A little easter egg about this tribute tee, the logo is a reference to the way Isaaccs is spelled on his fourth album, Mr. Isaaccs. Sort of like a trivial “error card,” so whoever owns an actual copy of this misspelling on the album cover is holding not just a piece of history, but potentially sitting on a rare piece of gold in the form of acetate / vinyl. Another cool note is this is the first album of Gregory’s where the production was handled and credited to Gregory.


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Releasing tomorrow, Nov. 23rd

Aloha kakou!

Tomorrow’s release is a throwback to a game that rose to prominence in the mid-90s as well as one of, if not the greatest Hawaiian beverage, passion orange guava, with a slight FITTED twist. The pack features a black tee with a familiar graphic, aptly dubbed Pog-a-lolo. The matching hat is a Pittsburgh Pirates: black upper, gray brim and pink Pirates logo.


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Brand new collaboration between our San Jose bredren Cukui and ourselves and is now available at both our store and Cukui’s location. We’ll let them explain it…

“This Friday, November 19th, we’ll be releasing our second collaboration tee with our extended ohana out in Hawaii, Fitted Hawaii dubbed “Native Sharks”. They will also be releasing an exclusive colorway in Hawai’i. To go along with this T we will also be releasing one of Fitted Hawaii’s newest designs in there ever growing collection: The Nihi. Nihi means to move stealthily, quietly. An example would be when one goes boar hunting in the forests, one must blend in with the surrounding environment and reshape from prey to predator. The cap is dipped in camouflage with a pyramid of purple trilocks on the front, purple New Era hit on the left.”

That’s not all… We also have another T shirt releasing “Tiki Logo T.” To go along with this T we have another Fitted Hawaii cap, the A’o Ikaika chambray Kamehameha, tan upper with a blue brim.”


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