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The Pineapple Clan is about to be unleashed on the world shortly. Mr. Payton aka the founding member of Defend Hawaii aka OG TEROR aka PxKAES is set to return home to the islands from an extended trip abroad. While away PK has been busy building his newest passion project The Pineapple Clan, always one to rep his home with strong pride, TPC aims to do the same. Peep the online store and the blog for more info.


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Releasing Saturday, Oct. 30th. FYI, these tees will also be available at in4mation as well!

Aloha kakou!

First off, peace to all the supporters of California’s Proposition 19! Pretty confident this bill will be passed, especially considering all the drama that has been unfolding on the borders near El Paso, TX and Juárez, Mexico. That’s a whole beast of a story that you should research for yourself. For Saturday, we’ve revisited our classic Burn tee in orange and black. To coincide with this release is both an SF Giants custom New Era (dark green upper, black SF logo and brim, orange underside and top button) and an LA Dodgers custom (gray upper, blue LA logo and white brim).


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Releasing tomorrow, October 26th

Aloha kakou!

Before we get into tomorrow’s release, we’d like to take the time out to genuinely thank you all for coming through on Saturday and supporting out 5 years of being in business. It was a success, thanks to you all and we plan on going for another 5 years giving you all quality product. Mahalo nui loa. Tomorrow, we’re unveiling our A’o Ikaika chambray Kamehameha, tan upper with a blue brim along with a new Fist City tee in all black with white graphics.


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Video shot 10 AM on October 22. One shot take baby!

There is an old Hawaiian proverb that reads “He ali’i ka ‘āina; he kauwā ke kanaka” which translates to “The land is a chief, man is it’s servant.” This has always been one of the main maxims in Hawaiian culture and we still embrace this school of thought to this day. Breaking the expression down in simpler terms, it means “Land has no need for man, but man needs the land and works it for a livelihood.” Our approach to all of our designs has always employed this philosophy, and although we don’t always work directly off the land, in a figurative sense, we have. The land that we firmly stand on gave birth to our culture, our history and our traditions – and we’ve always showed a great admiration and respect for this. Every thought that goes into our designs is extensively researched and done in a way that is most respectful and gracious to our ancestors and the culture that they gave rise to, and it’s this reverent consideration that has kept us both humble and established.

We feel there is an urgent need to share, and in some instances, re-educate the keiki, the ʻōpio (youth) and even ourselves in order to preserve a culture that has slowly been stripped away by psychological assimilation, conformity and deceit. For five strong years, we’ve stood up for what we profoundly believe in, searching for the best method to instill na’auao (knowledge) while paying close attention to aesthetics and detail, and we’re quite content with accomplishing these objectives. Nevertheless, without the continued support from you, the devoted customer, we would have never gotten to where we are now, no matter how much blood, sweat and tears we may have poured into the mix. Over five years of maturation, you’ve stood by us and have grown with us which is extremely rare to see in this line of business and this economy. With our deepest gratitude and respect, to put it simply Mahalo Nui Loa!

“When spiders unite, they can tie a lion down…”

5 Year pack includes a black longsleeve tee which reads AlohaHaters on the sleeves, a white tee with 5 kahilis, representing 5 years in business, a white tee with the word Cheehu on the front (word to Ted Danson) and three caps that represent the O.G. hats from our first release ever, switched up in newer designs: black Mua with gold embroidery, red Nihi with gold trilocks and a green and orange Aloha New Era. In addition is a special sticker sheet to commemorate the event.



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What initially started off as a concept has quickly materialized into physical existence in the form of a mobile kitchen. Using our tropical climate to their advantage, chefs Lyndsey Ozawa and Alejandro Briceno – better known as Aker – and food columnist Martha Cheng have laid down the infrastructure for what will surely become a staple in Hawai’i’s ever-expanding culinary culture. With street foods slowly on the rise on our islands, one of the ways to smash through the cracks of mediocrity is to take a more radical approach to things. The cuisine boutique-on-wheels, appropriately named Melt, will offer everything from unconventional grilled-cheese sandwiches, velvety tomato soup, plantation-style slushies, lemonade slushies, ice cream and ice cream sandwiches; the latter of which will make it debut later down the road.

One of their highlight menu items will be what has been dubbed the Melt of Shame: a 1/4 pound of Kuahiwi beef (locally raised on the Big Island) patty assembled between two grilled cheese sandwiches, complete with sautéd onions and other delectable accoutrements. For the more health-conscious foodies, they’ll also be offering a side order of pickled vegetables (they’re calling them dime bags) and a 4 oz. tomato soup. The best part, no rude soup tyrants there to tell you “No soup for you!” If you find yourself out on the North Shore this winter-swell season, make sure you drop by as they plan on setting up shop out there. Melt will have their grand opening of sorts this Saturday between 11 AM to (undetermined) in our parking lot aligned with a special collaboration t-shirt. With each purchase of a Melt tee, you will receive a Super Melt sandwich. Please come down and support your local businesses. To stay up on the latest Melt news, follow them on Twitter @melthnl.


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Releasing tomorrow, Oct. 19th

Aloha kakou!

Tomorrow’s release is a homage to urban-America’s favorite French cognac, Hennessy. A little history on Hennessy, the company merged with Moët et Chandon in 1971, eventually spawning Moët Hennessy. In 1987, Moët Hennessy joined powerhouse luxury company Louis Vuitton (LVMH), hence the company’s innovation in luxury drinks. We’ve added our Hawaiian twist to it. Releasing alongside is a gray and black Pride (limited)!


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Probably a little late on this, but fresh nonetheless.


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Releasing Saturday, Oct. 16th

Aloha kakou!

We’ve drawn up plans for our assault for Saturday’s release, however we’re not able to fully disclose all the details; we’d have to kill you. What we can tell you is we’re releasing a new snapback New Era and t-shirt accompanying it. The snapback, aptly designated ‘Aina is all black ripstop nylon (think Black Ops) and features HAWAII in raised embroidery, black braided cord (rope, a throwback to the chinstrap it was used as) and tonal laureate (leaves) on the brim. Our accompanying t-shirt has been dubbed Palekana which means security or to secure. In a nutshell, we ride or die for Aloha and our culture and are protectors of any outsiders who dare to even attempt to exploit this. Detect. Attack. Destroy. Hats and tees are limited, per normal.