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Releasing July 3rd

Aloha kakou!

Saturday’s release was made available to help you cool off in this hot ass, humid weather, along with a fresh Pride to cool off your dome. This navy blue tank top (called Holomua) features a pattern of trilocks surrounded by feathers and the crest on the back, front features the crest on the front left chest. The Pride hat features navy blue on the upper with a red brim and white Pride logo.


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Words By: Daniel Ikaika Ito
Photos By: FITTED x Eric Arii x Paul Kema

Camping is the most fitting activity for Father’s Day. No other outdoor experience says ‘Dad’ like roughing it outdoors. The Fitted Family congregated on the pristine white sand beaches of the West Side of O‘ahu this past weekend to celebrate Father’s Day. My old man, who isn’t dead and just lives in Hilo, would have been proud to know that there were no bathrooms or showers at Camp Fitted. We were truly roughing it. Furthermore, we didn’t even have any tunes and had to poach the music from a neighboring campsite. Whatever we lacked in music we made up for in food. Chicken adobo. Beef curry. Burgers. Hot dogs. Breakfast burritos. Sausages. Chili. No green salad at all. Another sign that this was a man’s camp.

We swam with dolphins on the last day. We dove for fish several times, but our three prongs never connected with anything substantial. We played poker, smoked cigars and hung out with Pat Ron by the fire. The Coors Light and Budweiser flowed like a river. While the Vitamin Water kept us hydrated along the way. Of course, we were talking mad shit to one another and laughing all along the way. It was good times in the celebration of everybody’s Old Man and those of us who already had a kid.

It felt incredible to be away from the computers, long nights in China Town and the bullshit that always accompanies both. You can’t say a trip like this is magical because your pops would slap you in the head for talking like a queer. Perhaps, the best way to describe the Fitted Father’s Day Camping Trip is rejuvenating. Now let’s get back to tweeting.

Big Mahalos to Auntie Irene and Uncle Jeff for keeping us fed and to Auntie Pauline and Uncle Tommy for keeping the fire burning.!



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Releasing tomorrow, June 29th

A tribute to the humble beginnings and HIStory of the heart of Oahu, Honolulu. The acculturation of a variety of different cultures and languages (the latter which gave us “pidgin”), the application of commercial economics and the preservation of the history of our civilization. When one meditates on the Old Honolulu, images of a grimey underworld in old Chinatown emerge, imagery of Duke Kahanamoku coursing the streets of Waikiki with all the other Big players of that era and a booming economy rapidly unfolding n front of our elders’ eyes. It’s a beautiful thing that we can walk down these memory lanes while still living in the present. That’s an inspiring avenue of time traveling right there.

The product: all black t-shirt with the words Once Upon A Time In Honolulu inscribed on the front in white. Word to Frankie Minaldi. Backside is a white crown. Alongside is a red Pride H with black piping and a black brim.


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Releasing Saturday, June 26th

Aloha kakou!

By now, we all know that the demise of our entire Culture (including language, proper education, traditions and customs & knowledge of the land, heavens and ocean) was met when Hawai’i was “discovered” by James C(r)ook(ed) and his fellow Europeons nearly 232 years ago. From the dreadful diseases introduced to the indigenous, original people to the assimilation of European politics, the English language and monolithic religion, we were at lost to our entire aboriginal culture. Things declined more with the illegal overthrow of our ‘aina, stripped of our original language and arts (hula, straw weaving, fish hook making, etcetera) and as a result, entirely stripped of our knowledge of self. You see, as much as the media and government attempt to depict us as simple-minded, unintelligent savages of the Pacific, we have, and still do, show and prove that our intelligence superceded their intellect. We may have not had the proper tools and material to manifest this knowledge, but what we lacked, we made up for in other ways. Navigating the vast open Pacific by way of the stars in the heavens, currents, wind and offshore birds with just the utilization of passed-down knowledge, word of mouth, our eyes and mind. No technology involved, no weather instruments, telescopes or compasses. There are even (slightly) theoretical anthropological studies, findings / evidence that prove that early Polynesians may have discovered the Americas before Columbus made contact.

With that being said, we must continue to properly educate our Keiki of our culture, keep the Hawaiian language alive and instill the knowledge, wisdom and understanding that our elder ancestors passed down to us. Each one, teach one. Steel sharpens steel.



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Releasing tomorrow, June 22

Aloha kakou!

We salute local companies / businesses with tomorrow’s release once again. It’s the perfect and ideal way to re-stimulate our repressed, troubled economy; by cultivating and working off our aina, manufacturing and producing locally, distributing locally and living off the aina, in turn the money we spend goes right back into the same businesses. This saves us from the trouble of spending more money on importing which always leads us to even more spending (importation taxes, cost of oil, among other taxes, etcetera.)

The details of the release: an all black t-shirt with a graphic that reads Support Local, where each letter is composed of one letter from 12 different, well-known local businesses. Backside features a tonal crown. FYI: Those whom follow us on our Facebook Fan Page and participate in our Facebook Challenges, we have yet another contest which is premiering here on the blog first. The contest rules as follows:

Take a close look at the second photo, and attempt to correctly name which company each letter in the design is from. The first person to email us the correct names of each of the 12 local companies used in this design will win a FITTED shirt of your choice (from the shop, depending on size availability). Good luck!


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Releasing Saturday, June 19th

Aloha kakou.

We’ve got a pretty big and significant release lined up for this Saturday, including an 3 cap and logo tee combo linen pack, a white v-neck and tanktop, all of them ready to set off your summer in the right direction. First, let’s start off with the linen pack (Morning Day Night) which includes 3 caps: a salmon-red Pride representing the brightest star in our Universe, the beautiful, life-sustaining Sun which we soak up on the daily; a greenish-blue Aloha (New Era) representing the vast green / blue Pacific Ocean which covers 68,634,000 square miles (also represents the blue skies above); and a grayish-purple Kamehameha, a representation of the nightlife that stirs when the Sun goes down and our planet’s sister satellite (the Moon) shows itself. A hat for the 3 major times that cover our lives within a 24 hour period. To go along with the three caps, we have a white logo tee which employs all three colors used in the three caps to balance out the cipher.