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Releasing Friday, Sept 4th.


The art of stickering. Yes, it’s an actual artform (and culture) that takes lots of patience and street smarts. Not only can it be an completely independent thing, it’s also considered one of the most modern, ideal forms of promotion. It’s also a lot cheaper to print and peel than say a wheat and paste poster, and much quicker to get up. Many young street artists and companies trying to make a name for themselves will use this as a form of viral marketing. A manifestation of the new “street team,” if you will, although many street-artists getting up are doing it dolo. Yet it’s so easy to forget that what you’re doing while you’re standing on that trash can trying to reach the top of that Yield sign is absolutely “illegal.” However, as with most liberal rebellious art forms, you have to take chances as an individual. Express yourself! Please read below for the fine details:



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Releasing tomorrow, August 29th.



Over 25 years of Skateboarding history is included in this collection of stickers. These stickers range from classic collectibles to island companies that supported the early skateboarding years here on the islands. Every one of these stickers were free, somehow acquired from a traveling pro at a demo, contest sticker toss, friends who were sponsored by various companies, raiding company warehouses, sponsorship packages, or stolen from skate shops. These are the real deal and the contemporary skate art will never compare. There aren’t many brands whose graphics haven’t been influenced or straight up bit completely from classic skateboard art. (Present company included) Take a close look and spot some of your favorites.



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Releasing tomorrow, August 27th.


In anticipation of back-to-school this week, local brand Eighty Four Skate received a new shipment of our Kamahele backpacks which is a perfect accouterment for your first day back. Perfectly heavy duty and features 1000 denier Cordura and 100% military grade. You can read up on the rest of the details on our Kamahele backpack here. As a tip of the hat to the back-to-school season as well as local skateboarding, we teamed up with our friends over at Eighty Four and put together a t-shirt. Perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, just throw it in the bag! This tee, printed in all black features gold trilocks on the front with an ASD hit on the right and our crest hit on the left. The backside features the crown with Eighty Four Skate’s logo resting right beneath it. These tees will be available for those on the West Side at Eighty Four’s Waikele location. Address is below:

Eighty Four
1216 Kaumualii St.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
Ph: 808-845-9300 ext.207




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Available in stores now.


Nice and clean Minnesota Twins custom caked in steel gray with a green brim and orange and black “TC” logo.


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Releasing Tuesday, August 25th.



We’re revisiting another classic once again, giving praise to the honorable, late-great Duke Kahanamoku who’s considered a legendary figure amongst other highly recognizable Hawaii figures. Printed on an all yellow tank top is our graphic we ran on our previous Duke Kahanmoku tribute tee which features a crest on the back, Hawaiian flags resting in the center and a crown topping it off. Standing alongside is a custom Kansas City Royals dipped in green with yellow brim and white KC. Another perfect summer cool-out get up brought to you by your Fitted ohana.



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In stores now.


Nixon is back at it with their “4×4 rubber player” program, this time reaching out to more daring, fluorescent colors. As per normal, these are really exclusive so please get yours before they’re gone!


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Releasing Friday, August 21st.




Tomorrow marks a significant day in Hawaii history, being that it’s the 50th anniversary since Hawaii was signed into statehood. It’s a bittersweet moment because of the politics involved behind the scenes. Bitter because of the gloomy path that led to us becoming the 50th state, sweet because it reminds us daily of how proud of a people we are. That pride resonates down to the cores of our roots, our heritage, our language, our diverseness and our land. The Kingdom Of Hawai’i’s and it’s royal lineage runs as deep as the Waimea Canyon, and although our government is no longer run by a monarchy, the many dynasties that ran Hawai’i are forever stamped in History. The Kamehameha and Kalākaua dynasties ran things for more than 80 years – almost a full century of a sovereign government who’s bloodline pumped the purest of Hawaiian genealogy. There were five different constitutions during the reign of the Kamehameha and Kalākaua dynasties; 1840 (known as Ke Kumukānāwai a me nā Kānāwai o ko Hawai’i Pae ‘Āina, Honolulu, 1840) which was the second constitution and instated by Kamehameha III, the 1852 constitution was again instated by Kamehameha III, again, the 1864 overwrote the 1852 and written by Kamehameha III and finally the 1887 constitution which unfortunately stripped Hawai’i from it’s monarchical authority, leaving it incompetent. These fundamental principles were known as The Bayonet Constitution of 1887 and eventually led to the slow demise of everything our forefathers laid down for us. Even after all these cynical events unfolded, that never stopped the strong-will of the Hawaiian people – and although they have taken away our land (very arguably illegally too), they never stood a chance at stripping away the instilled pride that we wear everyday.