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Being that we live in what is considered one of the greatest and most beautiful places to reside in, why not take advantage of the attractive scenery that surrounds us? And by that, we don’t mean hopping on The Bus or riding around in your car, after all, we’re all going green, aren’t we? Instead, head over to Ecowheels and take a look at the many different eco-friendly bicycles they have. You’ll kill two birds with one stone: by helping to save our environment as well as being able to enjoy the full scenery, cool breezing at the same time. Ecowheels, run and operated by Eric Arii offers a variety of electric-powered bicycles, in all shapes and sizes. You have your choice of lithium-ion or lead acid battery powered and each bike offers “pedal assist mode that takes the sweat out of riding a normal bike.”

For a test ride, you can contact Eric any day of the week (between 8 AM – 9 PM). Phone number: (808) 780-5114.



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I saw this on ESPN’s Sports Nation. This guy made a violin from a baseball bat and will be playing the National Anthem at a Washington National baseball game this week.


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Gas up the boat Cooter..! At first you’ll hate but then you’ll crave it. Stick it in you mouth Tabatha.!

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Feeling needy? Give into your love of the ocean with this clip that FBW frontman Troy brought to my attention during a exclusive creative thinkers session a couple weeks back.
Yes it is true the SUPER LONELY™©® compilation will be dropping sooner than you think… or will it.?


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Releasing tomorrow, July 21st.



Aloha Airlines originally initiated operations on July 26th, 1946 – Aloha Friday. Back then they were known simply as Trans-Pacific Airlines and were Hawaiian Airlines’ direct competition, operating a fleet of twin-prop DC-3 planes. World War II style. Their first flight was from Honolulu to Maui and Hilo. Ask your great-grandparents about the aura of these flights and they’ll tell you of the stewardesses performing Hula, the picturesque views from the plane and the overall friendly attitude. Eventually TPA earned the nickname “The Aloha Airlines.” According to some reports, it was “Commonplace to fly along the island chain and see almost up close the beautiful waterfalls and lush mountaintops of Maui, Kauai and the Big Island. These were dreams of a “Kama’aina airlines” that CEO and founder Ruddy Tongg envisioned before launching the company. A few years later is when they adapted the official name of Aloha Airlines; in 1961 they dropped their last twin-prop plane, switching an entire fleet of turbine jetliners. Up until 2005, they were picked up by a new company, Yucaipa Cos LLC. after bailing them out of bankruptcy (for a total of $100 million).



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A new submarine inspired by dolphins! This is sick! Seen this over at Kanye’s blog. I want one of these!


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Releasing tomorrow, July 18th.



Along with the Rap Reiplinger shirt releasing this Saturday (tomorrow) is a custom UH cap, black on black with the exception of the yellow hit on the underbill. Limited quantities, please act fast!



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Everyone’s favorite “punk you love to hate” Satar Wyman gets busy at Waimea.



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Releasing Saturday, July 18th


Flamboyantly nondescript. A light hearted wine with a morose attitude. Subtle, yet annoying.

From locals Paul Ogata, Andy Bumatai, Lanai & Augie T. and Frank Delima, Hawaii has fostered great comedy minds with a unique twist on their facetious humor. And then there was a one James Kawika Piimauna Reiplinger. ‘Memba him? Many who were familiar with his “kanaka-komedy” routines knew him as Rap Reiplinger, and until this day, his comedy plays an integral role in Hawaii. Depending on how old you are, you may vaguely ‘memba his VHS tapes playing in elementary / middle school, garans ballbarans! He had choke-kine characters too, from Merdie Murdock the used car salesman, Kimo the puka-shell tour guide and the reputable Auntie Marialani who was small-kine mento. A Punahou Schools alumni, Rap also won an Emmy award in 1982, 2 years before his untimely death in 1984. Two of his comedy albums also won Na Hoku Hanohano awards: Crab Dreams and Towed Away. These bits & pieces were during a period when Mike Sakamoto & Hari Kojima were those dudes when it came to local fishing, when Mike Salta was hustling his cars near the H-1 Freeway and the OG Lex Brodie could be seen telling us “Thank you, very much” on TV. Jon de Mello, founder and CEO of Mountain Apple Records once served as Rap’s record producer. He recounted to the Advertiser that Rap was gifted, able to multi-track and transition into several different voices, all in one take. Rest In Paradise, Rap Reiplinger (1950 – 1984). Onto the shirt. Go check um now, go check um now, go!