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Besides being one of the most revered sharks in the world and surpassing the Great White in that same category as well, the tiger shark has it’s own history in Hawaii and it’s culture. For one, it’s known to many Hawaiians as an ‘aumakua (ancestral spirit). Their razor sharp teeth were also used on clubs which were used in time of war by the ali’i. There was a point in time where almost 5,000 of these were hunted in order to control the detrimental effects it seemed to be pulling on the local Hawaii tourism industry, which in reality had no effect. In recent studies, it was proven that a tiger shark is more prone to attacking an non provoking victim than a Great White, therefore making it one of the most feared species of sharks found in any body of water. To pay respect to these beautiful beasts of the ocean, we put together a Tiger Shark pack dubbed “Ho’o mano” which when translated means “to behave like a shark, to pursue women ardently.” The pack consists of a t-shirt and a brand new “H” hat that you may remember from our ‘Ele ‘Ele drop. In detail, the hat is made entirely out of woven linen in a tan colorway and features a teal “H” (for Hawaii pride), teal FITTED crown on the right side as well as teal hits on the inside sweatband and underbill. The backside sees the FITTED crest in yellow and yellow eyelets. The beauty of this hat rests on the inside, where a satin lining rests with the Hawaii State seal printed on it. To go along with this hat, we have a matching tee – printed on all white with a tiger shark print in teal on both sides right under the arm area. The back features the FITTED crown in teal and yellow (which tie back into the hat), where a piece of the crown is missing and is instead replaced by a shark bite

We will release this pack on Saturday August 30th @ 11am Hawaii Time. The hats are Limited to 100 pieces and the shirt to 80. This is a first come first serve release with phone orders being taking after 12pm on remaining stock.

Much Mahalo for all of your support!



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This Saturday The University Of Hawaii will start the beginning of a long road to what we all hope is a repeat of last year’s Western Athletic Conference title. We have a tough Opponent in the Florida Gators but we are up for the challenge. To kick start the season this THURSDAY we will release a UH hat with a Fitted Logo tee. In a white t-shirt we re-did our Logo with the Palaka fill and the hat in a Black pinstripe with a Kelly green bill and logo.. We wish the boys luck on their journey!



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Tomorrow (Tuesday 8/26) we are releasing a new FITTED logo tee along with 2 brand new custom MLBs and a UH. The shirt is printed on all white and features FITTED in jalapeno green with an orange stroke on the front, the backside has the crown also in the same colors. The two hats are a Chicago Cubs & Oakland A’s. The Chicago Cubs features a black denim brim and orange all paneling with a black denim button. The Oakland A’s features white on the front 2 panels, black on the back four panels, gray eyelets and a gray brim with an orange A’s logo. The UH hat is jalapeno green all over with an orange UH logo.


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Tomorrow Saturday 8.23.08 we are releasing a personal favorite of mine called “When The Morning Comes” which features The majestic Ko’olau Mountains. The island of Oahu was formed by two volcanoes, the Waianae Volcano in the west and the Koolau Volcano in the east. The Waianae Volcano formed the western third of Oahu and the Koolau Volcano formed the eastern two thirds of the island. The graphic is inspired by a Hall & Oates cover song of the same name that local Icons Kalapana of the 70’s and 80’s performed. Basically with this theme we’re trying to convey the message that waking up in Hawaii is unlike anything else you could ever experience: the beautiful sunrises & sunsets, the mountains and morning dew which gives life. With the hats we have another San Francisco Giants in all orange with a white SF logo and green brim. Next is a Philadelphia Athletics custom (before they moved west to Oakland), this cap comes in navy blue with a red “A’s” logo and green brim.




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Tuesday 8.18.08

Seems like summer is already upon us, or rather has been upon us for a few months already. And we’re here to get you prepared for even more heat, but in the form of more custom MLB caps and 1 fresh-to-death tee. In the batters box is a Boston Red Sox in black denim with a green Boston logo and greenish yellow bill. Add to that a new black on black UH hat. The t-shirt, dubbed “Sunset” is printed on teal, the front graphic uses our FITTED crest with even more graphics printed on the inside using grays and greens, the same designs appear in the FITTED crown printed on the back.


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The days of war and conquering always brought unity & prosperity. Despite the methods used its safe to say that Hawaii is one of the most sought after destinations in the world. By now I am sure you all heard of King Kamehameha The Great, but behind every great king lies someone they rely on to hold them down. Kekuhaupi’o was a great warrior who spent many years training and teaching Hawaiians the art of the Lua (Hawaiian martial arts). He also stood side by side with his Ali’i in time of war. Known for his superior skills, we wanted to pay some respects. Printed on a Dark red shirt in bright greens, yellows, with a white base. We also added 2 crossed Kahili’s on the sleeve as well as our crown on the back. We paired this shirt with 3 hats; these hats consist of a Cincinnati Reds black and tan with a red bill and a camo “C” logo. Next is a San Francisco Giants hat in all black with a red top button, gold “S” and green “F” as well as a green New Era logo. For the last hat we flipped a Pittsburg Pirates hat in black, green, and dark red.

Saturday @ 11am..



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Quick update:

We just received a new shipment of all new Sabre’s avalable now! We got that illy Flase x Sabre colab as well as some Womens Exclusives (bikin kills) in 3 colorways. Also brand new color’s in the poolside’s (tort & Matte black) with colored lenses, as well as some classic shiloettes (psychotics & sundays )that keep you looking good as well keeping those squints to a minimum.




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Tomorrow (8/9/08) we’re releasing 3 new hats: New York Mets in all red with white pinstripes & a black bill, a Brooklyn Dodgers which features a tan camouflage and a black denim bill and an all brown LA Dodgers hat featuring a dope color combination: duck / jalapeno bill, red underbill, and a navy blue LA logo. On to the shirt, printed on black the graphic on the front features a “mahi ole” (feather helmet) in full color using reds & small hints of yellow. The Mahi ole, as mentioned above is an ancient Hawaiian feather helmet which were favored highly amongst the ruling elite chiefs of Hawaii, a symbol of power, and in these days a symbol of Hawaiian culture & history.

Phone orders are welcomed..



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More new baseball customs available Tomorrow. We hope you guys are satisfied with the quality amount of product we have been releasing of late, we definitely pride ourselves in all our designs, whether it be t-shirts or caps. Let’s get down to business, starting with the baseball customs: St. Louis Cardinals in all red with a gray “STL” logo. Next we have a Seattle Mariners in covered in dark green with white eyelets and yellow gold button and underbill. The logo features the compass in rust orange with hits of red, green, golden peach & white with a orange red New Era logo. Lastly for the hats we have a New York Mets in navy blue with white eyelets, brown underbill and green & brown on the Mets logo.

Mahalo for your continued support..