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Along with the aforementioned red UH hat, we received a re-up of the black and green Hundreds New Era which includes neon green stitching on the brim, neon green piping and eyelets. Along with these we received some snapback hats in blue and featuring the Adam Bomb on the right, Los Angeles The Hundreds on the front and a Hundreds Starter inspired logo. These are really limited in numbers so act promptly.



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FITTED firmly believes in Hawaiian culture. We thrive on it, and most
importantly respect it. Just the same as the Ali’i (Hawaiian Chiefs)
who once ruled the Islands, we not only take pride in what we do and
who we represent, but we also live with pono, or respect and
righteousness. Draped in red and gold feathers which were derived from
various indigenous species of birds, the Ali’i wore these colors of
royalty with pride and utmost respect. The colors, along with yellow
represent the mana (power) in which each Ali’i possessed, and in which
the people revered yet also admired at the same time. The color brown
also very well represents many aspects of Hawaii. Sandalwood was used
by farmers to cultivate their crops, and Koa trees were carved into
Wa’a (canoes) which brought us to these islands. Various weapons were
also carved from Koa that our Warriors used that ultimately led us to
prosperity and subduing triumph.

Tuesday (5/13) we have another drop you won’t wanna miss: another brand new t-shirt design along with a brand new sticker pack sheet, all utilizing the same color schemes mentioned above. The t-shirt is dubbed “Makaukau” which roughly translates to “skilled” as in skilled Ali’i. The graphic is of a Hawaiian warrior draped in a traditional yellow cape and wearing a mahiole (a helmet made out of feathers) & carrying Kahili (which represents royalty). Too ill.

Our FITTED Royalty sticker pack, utilizing the same aforementioned colors. This
particular sticker pack contains past graphics we’ve run on some of our older
t-shirt designs as well as some newer graphic designs specifically for this sticker pack which produces a very authentic Hawaiian vibe. You have our “Fish & Poi,” “Old English ‘H’”, “Aloha Served Daily,” as well “Aloha Means Hello & Goodbye.” These sticker sheets are strictly limited to 100 pieces – so get in early to get yours!


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Saturday (5/10) we’re hitting you with another classic t-shirt combo “Hawaiian Time.” For those who have resided on the islands for a good portion of their lives (or just regular locals for that matter) and understand local vernacular know that when a local person says they’ll be somewhere at say 11:30 AM really means they will be there at 12:30. This is standard for us Hawaii locals, and we call it “Hawaiian Time.” Which brings us to this particular shirt design, printed on an all white t-shirt with 6 clocks showing different time zones: Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York, London, Tokyo & Hong Kong. Notice the Honolulu time zone which shows no time whatsoever. Like aforementioned, Hawaiians are normally on their own time. Just make sure you’re not on Hawaiian time when it’s time to grab this shirt!


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Just received another shipment of The Hundreds’ Adam Bomb hats, 3 different colors: fuschia pink, orange and black with green stitching. You know how fast these fly off our shelves so act now before they’re gone! Phone orders welcome.


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We just received in some new hats from Seattle based, but Hawaii’s own Flying Coffin. If you remember, our first ever collaboration was with Flying Coffin, which came up fresh to death. This new hat is all gray with a black brim. The brim features metallic purple and metallic silver threading, the New Era logo is metallic purple and on the front of the hat reads Flying Coffin also in metallic silver & purple. Please act promptly, also we have another Flying Coffin hat which is secret hat that may only be viewed in the store.


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On Tuesday (5/06) we’re taking you on a trip down memory lane with another fresh t-shirt design that both the locals as well as our Mainland based people will be feeling. On to the details, the tee is a form of nostalgia for the place us locals go to get our fresh, sugar fix up on Kapahulu Ave. The design reflects the appeal of Leonard’s Hawaii, but with a FITTED twist to it. Anyone who has ever stopped through the doors of the PREMIERE custom FITTED boutique knows “Aloha Is Served” on a daily basis and leave with a feeling of ultimate satisfaction. This a guarantee sell out, so head down before or after work / school, cop this new, classic tee and get yourself those infamous malasadas while you’re at it. You won’t be disappointed! Phone orders taken after 12 PM as usual.




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Aloha kakou,

Hawaiians were one of the FIRST cultures to implement tattoos. In Polynesian tradition, tribal tattoos are commonplace, whether it’s in Tonga, Tahiti, Samoa or where your favorite FITTED fam resides, Hawaii. Out of these certain tattoos, the triangle tribal is seen more commonly than any other. This represents the shark tooth which is a prominent deity for a lot of Hawaiians, known in Hawaii as “`aumakua” (a reincarnated protective spirit). The shark’s tooth represents strength – and they were often used in certain Hawaiian warrior weapons such as the leiomana (a bludgeon dagger used in short hand combat). This leads us to another brand new FITTED package which consists of a yellow t-shirt featuring that same tribal triangle pattern in black, repeated all over on the front. The left sleeve features the letters “ASD” (Aloha Served Daily) and the right sleeve features the FITTED crest both in black. To go along with this occasion is a new FITTED sticker pack. Here are the details: 8 different stickers, a small crown in black & yellow, a big black crest, a small yellow crest, small black crown, small yellow crown, a big yellow crown with the featured triangle tribal design, small standard FITTED logo in both yellow and black, and a standard FITTED logo in both yellow/black and black/yellow. We are Releasing these on Saturday May 3rd..

Much Majahlos!