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Since the mid 70’s – early 80’s punk rock served as an outlet for “outsiders” who considered themselves “anti-establishment.” Groups such as the world renowned Ramones, Sex Pistols & The Clash paved the way for modern day punk groups such as The Misfits, Minor Threat or Bad Brains. One such punk rock band that had a influence on new, faster punk rock (called “hardcore punk”) as well as the punk rock lifestyle are The Exploited from the UK. Formed in 1979 and still going strong to this day, their album covers and lifestyle have a lot of influence on how the younger generation present themselves, a DIY (Do It Yourself) attitude; not caring what the next person thinks. We present to you “The Exploited” pack!! The shirt graphic is flipped from an album by The Exploited (google it to figure out exactly which album it is) featuring a skeleton with lots of bright, neon colors that are drawn from the early days of punk rock – the Reflective skeleton rocking a crazy, spiked mohawk with a grimey set of glow-in-the-dark teeth and FITTED. COmes out 5.31.08 and we have it in a purple shirt as well as a black. Get yourself into this ill kit before we’re sold out!


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Aloha Kakou,

Were having a little sale at the shop. From now until pau.. Call or come down for more details..



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We just received in a shipment of 3 new Freshjive New Eras – 3 different styles. Description as follows: an all black hat which features Letterman jacket style font “FJ” with a small Freshjive logo in gray, the back features a crest with “Hellions” also in gray and black. Second hat features a dark gray upper and red brim, the front is very baseball inspired and features a baseball with two spiked baseball bats and 1989 in red and brown. The last hat is all gray and features the letters “LA” in script using white and royal blue and Freshjive in script on the right side. All 3 are super fresh – make sure you get yours early!

Mahalo Nui Loa


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Aloha Kakou,

Saturday (May 24th) were releasing a brandnew t-shirt design, dubbed “Tools Of The Trade.” a collage of old Hawaiian weapons and tools. Starting off with the shirt: printed on an all white and featuring elements of our classic “Tools Of The Trade” tee we released last year (a collage of old Hawaiian warrior weapons). The front left chest area features 2 purple roses with FITTED featured in a banner. The back features a skull (which we flipped from the previously mentioned “Tools Of The Trade” tee) with a bounty of purple roses surrounding the left and right sides. Get yours early, phone orders taken after 12 PM, as always – first come, first serve.



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On Thursday May 21, 1981, the Hon. Robert Nesta Marley O.M. (the previous month, Marley had been awarded Jamaica’s Order Of Merit, the nation’s third highest honour, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the country’s culture.) was given an official funeral by the people of Jamaica. Following the service – attended by both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition – Marley’s body was taken to his birthplace at Nine Mile, on the north of the island, where it now rests in a mausoleum. Bob Marley was 36-years-old. His legend, however, has conquered the years. Bob Marley was a hero figure, in the classic mythological sense. His departure from this planet came at a point when his vision of One World, One Love — inspired by his belief in Rastafari — was beginning to be heard and felt. Bob Marley gave the world brilliant and evocative music; his work stretched across nearly two decades and yet still remains timeless and universal. Bob Marley & the Wailers worked their way into the very fabric of our lives.

This Wednesday (5/21) we are releasing a shirt commemorating the anniversary of this gigantic LEGENDS passing!

Limited to only 50 pieces.



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Aloha All,

We just received 4 new custom MLB’s today. All 30 piece runs and available now. Here is the run down. San Diego Padres Logo with The front 2 panels are gold wool, while the back 4 panels are brown wool. The brim is also brown and the underbill is kelly green. The eyelets are contrasted with mahogany, with a orange button and orange SD logo. Moving on to the ATL Braves: all black hat with a brown bill and gray underbill. For this Braves hat we used the throwback logo stitched in metallic gold with contrasted brown. Next is an Oakland A’s (shouts to all the Bay Area heads who have been supporting us from day one!). Featuring white pinstripes on a black hat with a red-orange “A” logo and brim, gray underbill and New Era logo, contrasted black eyelets and red-orange button. Lastly we have a California Angels featuring a light navy cap with “CA” in raised embroidery in radiant red, gray underbill and white New Era logo and button. The MLB logo utilizes the same radiant red, white and light navy colors. Come through or you can call the shop for phone orders.

Till the next time

Aloha & Mahalo..


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Aloha Kakou,

With Summer approaching as quickly as the Vog disappeared, we felt it was necessary to usher it in with a statement to sum up the vibe in Hawaii. “ONE DAY ALONE, C’EST LA VIE” It pretty much sums up a day at the beach. That’s all it takes for you to fall in Love with the island lifestyle. If you like cruising down the beach with friends and Fam BBQing, or just cup caking with a bird. This is the mindset your in! These are limited to 75 pieces and dropping tomorrow Tuesday 5.20.08.. Along with the shirt we have a fresh Blk/Blk UH Warrior new era to keep you moving..

Aloha and Mahalo,



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From Transworld:

Introduced in the 90s as an extension of the “Skate And Create” theme of
Transworld SKATEboarding magazine, the monthly Brain Floss feature focused
on the artistic talents of skateboarders off their boards. In 2008, the Brain
Floss has awoken from its five-year hibernation, and with the help of New Era
Cap Company, the artists are being given their choice of hat silhouettes to do
as they please—the outcome being a limited run of caps for fans of TWS, New
Era, and the featured artist/skateboarder.
Number one in a series of six artists is San Francisco’s Benny Gold who
chose the classic 59FIFTY and actually did two versions—a black and orange
San Francisco version to represent his home, and a brown and gold version
to represent San Diego, the home of TWS.

We have a limited amount available so come through quick..



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Aloha kakou,

Saturday (5/17) we are releasing another brand new graphic design t-shirt with a matching UH hat. This UH hat is in the standard UH kelly green with a tonal green UH logo & eyelets, perfect for this matching t-shirt – dubbed “Live At The BBQ.” In Hawaii, any given day, BBQs at the beach or any random park are commonplace, it’s a social way of life and is the cost we pay for living in paradise. This is also a double entendre for the Hip-Hop group Main Source, whose “Live At The BBQ” song is now a legendary track (google it and download it, you won’t be disappointed..your favorite rappers first verse). The t-shirt is printed on all green with “LIVE AT THE BBQ” printed on the front in white/black, yellow/black and orange/black fonts, whereas the back of this tee features our standard FITTED crown using the same white, yellow and orange colors. As always, first come – first serve, grab both a t-shirt and UH hat and head down to the beach and start grilling!


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We just received a shipment of some UH hats this afternoon, one of them being a tonal red UH which we released today.
The specs on this are all red with a red tonal UH logo, support our UH team and swing by and grab one – perfect to keep your face protected from the intense heat and vog that’s smothering the islands right now.