Holiday Goodies!

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007 by

Peace, Peace.

We have recently received new hats from Upper Playground. We have your standard UP Walrus in a teal and yellow cotton hat, with a raised embroidery of the ‘walrus’ in grey and UP in yellow. Next we have a piece by Sam Flores in which the Sam Flores character is sort of hidden through out the hat. And finally, we have a ‘hexagram’ hat by Dora Pong on a grey hat.

Along with Upper Playground, we have some Acapulco Gold New Eras that everyone has been waiting for. These are similar to the AG Gucci hats that they ran last year, with raised embroidery ‘AG’ and multi-colored flowers. These come in 3 colorways: red, navy blue and black. We also received their ‘OG’ New Era which comes in black and features a raised embroidery ‘OG’ in purple.

Phone orders are always welcome, the AG jump-offs are pretty limited in sizes so you know what to do.

Mahalo Nui Loa

New in 12.4.07

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007 by


Thanks to everyone that came through and copped our custom UH hats. There’s
more to come, believe that!!

Back to the lab, two new MLB customs in. Boston Red Sox on an indigo blue
denim hat with the throwback logo. This hat is clean, the denim is super
buttery and fits PERFECT. Next is a Los Angeles Angels in a duck moss green hat
with the “A” logo in orange raised embroidery. Two clean hats to add your

We also received a shipment of hats from Coupe De Grace which features a
faux stingray skin on the front panel and their stingray logo on the back.

Phone orders always welcome.

Mahalo Nui Loa


Tuesday, December 4th, 2007 by

A quick update on the Angry Woebot New Era release. Aaron will be in store
on the day of release with 50 personalized posters of his paintings. These
will be exclusive for this release. The posters will be going for $40 a pop,
first come first serve. While you’re here, get your hat signed by him too.

See y’all this Saturday!


Tuesday, December 4th, 2007 by

Who would’ve thought that pandas would one day thrive in Hawaii?
Although not exactly the same species of pandas indigenous to China, a
good portion of you may have spotted these furry animals sprawled out on
walls during certain art shows and events. Aaron Martin is the ingenious
mad-man behind these incredible and fascinating “Angry Woebot”
paintings. Born and raised in beautiful Hawaii Nei, Aaron is just as
much a staple to Hawaii as say, Leonards Malasada’s; metaphorically speaking.
From his first show up until present, people have marvelled at his interpretations of these
docile animals, with his own added dark twists. We have recently sat
down with Aaron to brainstorm ideas on bringing his Woebots to life in
the form of a hat – and although it was a long and grueling process,
here we have it. The official FITTED X Angry Woebot X New Era hat.

Utilizing all-over faux fur and color schemes that are parallel to the
real life, bamboo chomping animals – this one-of-a-kind New Era seems to
breathe into life. Using black and white colors, and hints of red,
you’ll turn heads for sure with this piece. The front of the hat
features the Angry Woebot character in raised-embroidery stitching,
while the inside of the hat features a bamboo-green satin lining with
bamboo shoots and leaves printed on. The underbill features Aaron’s own
signature in red that reads: Angry Woebot X FITTED. Whether you decide
to wear this masterpiece of a hat, or just buy it as a collector’s item,
this is one you definitely need in your collection.

We will be releasing the FITTED X Angry Woebots New Era this Saturday
(December 8th) @ 11 AM, along with a new t-shirt dubbed “Ali’i Aimoku,” plus
new colorways in the “Aunty Bangles” and “Aloha Served Daily” t-shirts.
Don’t miss out on this little piece of Hawaii