Seven Union

Thursday, October 25th, 2007 by

Japan brand 7 Union (whom also makes the higher-end brand Himmy) just sent
us some of their new hats. There are 5 different styles, and 2 of those
styles come in 2 different colors. The one hat out of the pack that stood
out to us the most features a Velcro underbill and comes with a mini light
you can stick on anywhere on the underbill (remember, it’s Velcro!). This is
perfect for the budding DJ when it’s maaad dark in that club – or any other
silly things you can come up with for use of this little gadget. The pics
pretty much speak for themselves for the other hats. These are pretty
limited in size runs as well.

Mahalo Nui Loa


Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 by

The Hawaiian word “kala” roughly translates to “money,” whereas money as
an “object” can most certainly bring out D’evils – such as greed and
hate. Which brings us to our “Kala” New Era part 2. We flipped the
colors and fabrics on these two: white with a teal blue underbill and
yellow with a black underbill, both in an exclusive linen fabric. These
hats also feature an all-over multi-colored, single needle stitch
embroidery – the first custom New Era hat to utilize this technique.
Printed on the inside sweatband in silver is an old Hawaiian proverb
that reads: “Aloha Mai No, Aloha Aku; O Ka Huhu Ka Mea E Ola Ole Ai”
which means “When Love Is Given, Love Should Be Returned; Anger Is The
Thing That Gives No Life.” These will be released and available at these
select retailers: The Cutlery (Hilo, Hawaii) , Commonwealth VA & DC, 5 &
A Dime
, Hall of Fame , Huf , Boundless NYC – as well as here at Fitted.

For those on the island, we will be releasing these this Saturday (10/27/2007)
@ 11 AM. First come, first serve. Absolutely NO HOLDS, 1 style / color per customer.
We will NOT be taking phone orders for these hats, as there is a limited amount
of these at the shop. For those on the mainland, you can hit up any of the other
retailers listed above to order.

See y’all on Saturday!!


Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 by

For all the NFL / football fans, today’s your day!! We just received some
NFL caps from Reebok in some crazy color ways. The teams we received are St.
Louis Rams, Cincinnati Bengals, Philly Eagles, New England Patriots, NY Giants (2
colors) and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Phone orders are welcome

Mahalo Nui Loa


Saturday, October 20th, 2007 by

Summer may have came and went, but the skateboard scene in Hawaii
remains hotter than ever, and those in the know check
HIROLLINGMEDIA.COM to get all the latest local shred scoops. Skate
talent on Oahu as well as the outer islands is at a pretty high level
these days, and there are a few cats out here that have even turned
pro, most recently one of our FITTED homies, Chris Kays. These modern
day rippers are definitely nice, and they do represent Hawaii to the
fullest, but they also know their history and understand that the
local braddahs who came before them paved the way by showing and
proving that they could hang with the best of the mainalnd pros too.
The list of professional skaters to come out of the state of Hawaii is
an extremely short but quite distinguished one, and one of the guys
that is blessed enough to be on that list is none other than your boy
Cuzzo right here. Rene Matthyssen was already a hot shit 15 year old
sponsored skater when he made the move out here to the islands from
San Diego, and if skateboarding was the mafia, then you could say that
Cuzzo made his bones at the plywood paradise that was the earliest
version of the Hickam skate hangar. In fact, back in those days the
mastermind behind HIROLLINGMEDIA.COM, Ryan Toyama would often make the
drive from Pearl City to “The Lake” (Salt Lake, naturally) to pick up
the kid with the John Travolta-like bouffant hairdo hidden under a San
Diego Padres ball cap and any number of crew members that were
fortunate enough to pack into his light blue Honda Accord hatchback
and head over to the Hickam Hangar for some serious shralp. That was
in the late eighties, so you know Ryan and Rene go back like your
grandpa’s hairline. These two cats have always had nothing but love
and respect for one another, and we know you’ve all definitely heard
the phrase “game recognizes game”, so now peep the result: the
HIROLLINGMEDIAxFITTED limited edition collaboration t-shirt. This tee
is simple and clean in basic black with a white print that features
the brand new HIROLLINGMEDIA.COM logo on the front, inspired by a very
tasty beverage, and nicely complimented by the FITTED crown on the
back with the F crest on the left sleeve. Come down and get this
locally made hot fire right quick because when this package sells out,
there ain’t gonna be no re-up.


Saturday, October 20th, 2007 by

New eye-frames in from Sabre Vision. Two styles: a re-up of their classic
Sunday in an all white frame as well as an all black frame. And a new style
called Psycotic Reaction which comes in three different colors: purple, red
and black.

Phone orders are available for these.

Mahalo Nui Loa


Tuesday, October 16th, 2007 by

Peace, Peace!!

For those that have been waiting – we finally got in the New Era cap
carriers. Comes in one color: camo. So for all those planning to make a trip
this winter, head down to the shop & pick one up.

Next, we received a shipment of caps from NYC based company Reason. These 3
New Era’s are very art-infused and pulls inspiration from the early 90s (a
la “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”) The first two feature all over bright colored
stripes, and the 3rd features a vinyl material and artwork by Chuck
Anderson (no Pattern). You might have seen his art on Lupe’s first album cover as well as work for fall out boy and many more…

Phone orders are always welcome.

Mahalo Nui Loa

Keeping it Moving..New this week

Monday, October 15th, 2007 by

Peace, Peace!

More goodies have hit the shop this morning. 5 custom MLB New Era’s and The
Hundreds’ “Porch Life” New Era. For the latter, we have two different colors
in “The Porch Life” New Era: brown / orange and black / blue. These joints
feature a wood grain-esque screen hit on the brim and back 4 panels of the
hat, while the 2 front panels are made out of wool with “The Porch Life” in
raised embroidery stitching across the front.

For the 5 MLB customs, we have a Montreal Expos in rasta colors, Oakland A’s
in purple / magenta, Minnesota Twins on a royal blue hat with a white &
turquoise logo, Philadelphia Phillies in a black hat with white pinstripe &
purple / spur silver logo, and finally a Cincinnati Reds on a turquoise hat
with black “C” logo.

Mahalo Nui Loa

Good Cause..Please support

Friday, October 12th, 2007 by

Tonight at 39 Hotel… Please support..Giveaways from In4mation,Blue Hawaii as well as Fitted and many more..

Mahalo in advance


Tuesday, October 9th, 2007 by

This Saturday (10/13/2007) we’ll be releasing the talked about Bloc28 X New
Era custom hats. Three respective / legendary street-artists (graf writers)
were called in to add their own twist on Disney’s most recognizable
character, Mickey Mouse. Slick (who is originally from the islands of
Hawaii) & based in city of Lost Angels has been featured in many street-art
& Hip-Hop documentaries and magazines, including the cover art to Pharcyde’s
” The Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde.” On this particular hat there are
various paintings of Slick’s interpretation of Mickey Mouse (on a cotton
cap), with a raised embroidery of Mickey’s face on the front left side. The
back features “Slick X Mickey” in a raised embroidery, & the underbill
features velvet stitched with Slick’s logo.

Next up is another artist from Los Angeles, MearOne, whom holds legendary
status amongst the inner-city graffiti community. His name is an acronym for
“Manifest Energy And Radiate.” On his custom Bloc28 X Disney X New Era he
chose an all cotton hat with basically a painting of a painting – to put it
bluntly. It features Mickey himself painting on an all over print. Colorful
but subtle at the same time, with a street edge to it.

Finally we have Greg “Craola” Simkins based in Torrance, California. His art
tends to lean more toward the darker side, a la “Alice In Wonderland” with
deformed / out-there caricatures. Also on an all cotton hat (white), this
cap features a raised embroidery of Mickey both on the front as well as the
back, with a yellow underbill & velvet lining on the inside.

These are extremely limited in numbers, first come – first serve. You know the

Mahalo Nui Loa


Sunday, October 7th, 2007 by

Just a quick update, we just received another shipment of custom UH New
Era’s in this morning. This one comes in a dark navy blue with a white UH
logo (akin to the Yankees colorways). You need Clean, it does’nt get any better then this.

Mahalo Nui Loa