Ele’Ele Drop

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Aloha All,

Here it is…..

From the black sand beaches of Honokalani and Punalu’u, to the lava rocks of
Kilauea – the color “black” is just as common-place in the Hawaiian Isles as
it is anywhere else in the world. Simple, conservative and subtle – black
goes with anything. It can be mysterious, sexy and
sophisticated – which brings us to the proverbial axiom, “Black Is
Beautiful.” Black can also convey negative connotations as well, it
represents times of mourning or even rebellion – which makes it a
balanced color. Under the cover of darkness (black skies) is when the
(Huakai’ipo) Hawaiian Night Marchers made their nightly procession. This
Ele’Ele pack is for you – the royalty that keep us going strong year after

Here is the rundown on this soon to be classic hat. There are two different
styles: The Pride hat which features a raised embroidery Old English “H” and
The Warrior hat which features a raised embroidery stitching of the late,
great “King Kamehameha.” Both hats come in an exclusive linen fabric (the
same fabric used on some of the finest Italian suits), a satin lining on the
inside of the hat that features a collage of ancient Hawaiian weapons,
FITTED crest stitched on the back and the FITTED crown that rests on the
right side of the hat. Along with the hat is a matching black t-shirt which
features the same collage print of the Hawaiian warrior weapons (seen on the
lining of the hat), printed on the front of the t-shirt in a black tonal
print, and “Black Is Beautiful” across the back of the shirt – also in a
tonal print.

This Saturday
Doors open at 11am….
1438 Kona Street Suite B
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

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