Thursday, September 27th, 2007 by

Aloooooohaaaa.. As uncle Danny would say!!!

We received a new style of Upper Playground New Era’s: ‘San Francisco State Of Mind’ (for all our Yay
Area bredren living on the islands or living across the pond). This is a really clean Upper Playground
joint that screams “home-town pride”: an all gray wool hat with the slogan “I’m In a San Francisco
State Of Mind” in classic SF Giants colors, with a small “Upper Playground” hit on the back of the cap.
Next we received some 5-panels from heavyweights 10 Deep – this hat is dubbed “Homicide” & depicts
pictures of our ever-beloved President Bush plus other war-mongers, as well as other anti-war sentiments.

As always,

Aloha & Mahalo

Ele’Ele Drop

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007 by

Aloha All,

Here it is…..

From the black sand beaches of Honokalani and Punalu’u, to the lava rocks of
Kilauea – the color “black” is just as common-place in the Hawaiian Isles as
it is anywhere else in the world. Simple, conservative and subtle – black
goes with anything. It can be mysterious, sexy and
sophisticated – which brings us to the proverbial axiom, “Black Is
Beautiful.” Black can also convey negative connotations as well, it
represents times of mourning or even rebellion – which makes it a
balanced color. Under the cover of darkness (black skies) is when the
(Huakai’ipo) Hawaiian Night Marchers made their nightly procession. This
Ele’Ele pack is for you – the royalty that keep us going strong year after

Here is the rundown on this soon to be classic hat. There are two different
styles: The Pride hat which features a raised embroidery Old English “H” and
The Warrior hat which features a raised embroidery stitching of the late,
great “King Kamehameha.” Both hats come in an exclusive linen fabric (the
same fabric used on some of the finest Italian suits), a satin lining on the
inside of the hat that features a collage of ancient Hawaiian weapons,
FITTED crest stitched on the back and the FITTED crown that rests on the
right side of the hat. Along with the hat is a matching black t-shirt which
features the same collage print of the Hawaiian warrior weapons (seen on the
lining of the hat), printed on the front of the t-shirt in a black tonal
print, and “Black Is Beautiful” across the back of the shirt – also in a
tonal print.

This Saturday
Doors open at 11am….
1438 Kona Street Suite B
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

Get it for Cheap!

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007 by

From Now Until Saturday Or supplies last, end of Summer Sale. Come through….

Aloha & Mahalo…

I got my Game shoes on!

Friday, September 21st, 2007 by

What’s really good fams? Just received yet another custom UH New Era, just
in time for Saturday’s game. This custom is an all gray hat with a grilled
orange UH logo – and white and black strokes around the logo as well. Also
features a black button that adds a nice touch to this piece. Come get yours
now!! Game Tomorrow…

Aloha & Mahalo


Thursday, September 20th, 2007 by

This Saturday we’ll also be releasing a new hat from the NYC fam @ 3Sixteen.
This is an all suede hat in mint with a black leather underbill and satin
lining. The front of the hat features a raised embroidery “3 S” logo, and
the back features a raised emrbroidery. These are extremely
limited in numbers, you know the drilly!!



Thursday, September 20th, 2007 by

For those that missed the memo, we just dropped our Fall line of t-shirts
on Tuesday. 6 different shirts, 3 of the shirts come in 2 different colorways.
Along with the t-shirt line, we received a few new MLB New Era’s caps.
Ladies, we got in a New York Yankees 5950 that comes in a classic pink and
features real, genuine swarovski crystals that make up the NY logo. This hat
also features extra padding on the inside of the front panel. Now for the
dudes – we got in a new SF Giants plaid gray cap, and NY Yankees in a purple

Aloha & Mahalo


Monday, September 17th, 2007 by

Aloha All,

Lets start the week off with some goodness. Fall 07 available on Tuesday sept 18th. Also Keep posted for the Ele’ele Pack to Drop on the 29th.

Mahalo & enjoy



Friday, September 14th, 2007 by

Two new Upper Playground hats are in stock at the shop right now. Upper
Playground is killing it as of right now with their art inspired New Era
collaborations – the first one is from Upper Playground heavyweight Sam
Flores & his brand “12 Grain.” This particular hat features Mr. Flores’
trademark character holding a “boom-box” with a crown placed atop the
character’s head, that flows from the left side to right side. The New Era
logo is in yellow, and on the back is his “12 Grain” logo. Second hat we
received from them is an all black cap which features Upper Playground’s
walrus character that spans across the hat near the brim. The walruses also
change colors – white on the right side, which gets darker in color as it
wraps around.


Saturday, September 8th, 2007 by

Another shipment of MBL & NHL customs just arrived at our door this morning.
The first 2 NHL hats are Calgary Flames on a grey hat with a flame red and
orange logo & orange underbill – and Detroit RedWings on an all white hat
with hints of blue & yellow in the logo, yellow button and yellow underbill.

The 3 MLB customs we got are: Washington Nationals (utilizing the “W” logo)
on an all indigo-denim hat with a calypso green logo and underbill, Seattle
Mariners (with Cooperstown logo) on an all blue azure hat with a white
“trident” logo featuring a leaf green stroke and leaf green New Era logo,
and lastly Baltimore Oriole’s on a dark graphite hat with an aqua “O’s” logo
and sea glass (blue) stroke plus a golden peach underbill. Most of these
customs will also match our new line of t-shirts that should be dropping
within a week and a half or so.



Thursday, September 6th, 2007 by

New New York New Era customs in, this time in a “jalapeno” colored hat,
black New Era logo & neon yellow NY logo – the ‘Y’ in NY also has a black
stroke running through it. Ill hat, just break out them Air Max 95s & bang

Aloha & Mahalo