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Ay yo, what’s good y’all?

We just got a pretty big shipment of new hats & t-shirts in this morning. 10
Deep New Era’s for their “Last Of A Dying Breed” campaign. The hats come in
methyl blue, black and fiery-red. Features an embroidered feather on the
left side & a lining inspired by Native Americans. Next we got some “deep
dots” 5-panel hats in red and black, perfect for those that capped the deep
dot hoodies that came out last year.

We also have in the long-awaited FITTED X Crooks & Castles collab tee,
called “Floral Toy.” These t-shirts come in a white, red and black colorway
with an all over floral print that was featured on our “Kala” hat &
Crooks & Castles standard guns. We have sizes from Small to 3XL.

Lastly we re-printed our “KillHate” t-shirt in an ashy gray colorway. The
shirt says “KILLHATE” on the front & the Hawaiian proverb that was also seen
on the inside of our Kala hats, with SF Giants orange, blue & black colors.

Phone orders are welcome as always. Call the shop 808.942.3100.

Aloha & Mahalo,



Friday, June 22nd, 2007 by

Blast Master KRS-One said it…”The P Is Still Free.” For those unbeknownst
to the meaning, get on the internet & do some research, haha. Acapulco Gold,
out of New York City just shipped us their new season’s New Era’s. The first
comes in three different colorways with “P Is Still Free” embroidered on the
front. The colors for these are all navy blue with a red underbill, all red
with a navy blue underbill and all brown with a teal underbill. Next up is
their “Beantown” New Era, where they flipped the Boston Red Sox logo (the
top of the “B” is a lowercase “a” & the bottom of the “B” is a lower case
“g”…”A.G.”). This hat only came in one colorway, navy blue with an azure
blueish underbill and logo. Finally is their “Crown” New Era which has been
circulating the internet and features some really intricate stitching. Gold
trimming around that goes around the whole hat, buttons that pull
inspiration from jewels on a real crown, gold trimming across the top of the
hat & satin lining. The colorways for these are all navy blue and black. All
hats are EXTREMELY limited in size runs, so if you see anything you like,
stop through the shop or give us a call @ 808.942.3100.

Aloha & Mahalo


Monday, June 18th, 2007 by

Commonwealth Located in Norfolk, Virginia – just about 10 minutes from the Virginia Beach strip, they’ve come out with some crazy collaborations, as well as New Era hats. The package from them that was just dropped off is very dope, 2 different
styles & 2 different color ways in each style.
The first one is a Clipse (rapper duo out of Virginia Beach associated with Pharrell’s Star-Trak
Entertainment / Jive Records) x Commonwealth x New Era, which features the
Clipse’s logo on the front, Commonwealth’s logo on the back & Re-Up Gang
Records (Clipse’s own record label logo) on the side. The under bill also
features a tonal print with all 3 logo’s; and the hat comes in a black/black
& silver/black color way. The second style is a Commonwealth hat with
their classic script “C” logo and on the left side says “For the Greater
Good” (Commonwealth’s trademark slogan). These two hats come in a red/black
color way with subtle pin-striping and a purple/black. We also got some nice
straw NY hats in – NY Yankees in black and NY Mets in cream, these should
definitely keep your head cool in the summer heat.

Aloha & Mahalo…


Friday, June 15th, 2007 by

Summer is officially here. (Well at least in the islands it is) – But
despite the crazy heat, it’s like Christmas morning here at the shop. Steady
flow of goodies coming in now. This morning we received a big package from
Crooks & Castles, four different colorways. The hats are the “O.G.” Chain C
fitteds from last year, but the colors flipped on these are crackin. They
include grey/purple, green/purple, black/yellow and purple/black; with the
paisley bandana print on the underbill & their “castle” logo on the back.
Call the shop for all phone orders (808.942.3100), or if you’re in the area,
come through the shop & pick one up and set it atop your scalding dome. &
bask in the summer heat, while Paris Hilton basks in prison.



Friday, June 15th, 2007 by

Got some new stickers. Killhate campaign in 2 colors and our standard FITTED LOGO fill with Diamond head. You all know what to do with them..



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Wednesday, June 13th, 2007 by

It’s been a small minute since we hit y’all with a dope hat release, but
just this morning we received a shipment of some Upper Playground New
Era’s. 3 different styles, the first is a white/white classic Upper
Playground piece, with their signature walrus logo on the front. This is
a really clean hat, and great for the summer – just make sure to keep it
crisp and clean.

The second one is a special collab between two of Upper Playground’s
most infamous contributing artists…Jeremy Fish and Sam Flores. This
one is in a dark money green colorway, with the classic Hawaiian
‘shaka’, and they also incorporated a vulture’s head on the ‘shaka’s’
thumb. Lots of great artistic detailing.

Last one is a Sam Flores piece, with his staple character & clouds
scattered across the hat. Simple, subtle and not too over-bearing.

Phone orders are always welcome, call the shop 808.942.3100 or
stop through. Be on the lookout for more hot ish in the coming weeks,
it’s all gravy baby!!


Monday, June 11th, 2007 by

What’s really good y’all? We just received a re-shipment of the Kicks/HI x
Flip the Bird (Emirc) New Era’s. Perfect for those who missed this the first
time around and need a cap that represents Hawaii for a Hawaiian summer.
Comes in two different colorways, green/grey argyle & blue/black argyle.
Y’all know the deal, call the shop 808.942.3100 for all phone orders, or if
you’re in town, come through the shop.


Friday, June 8th, 2007 by

Real Issues, Real Culture, Real Life!!!!

Photo’s by Naone


Monday, June 4th, 2007 by

Leilow… Ohana.. you seen it before, if you missed it we got some at the shop…